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Author(s): Gabriel Croft
release date: 05-Sep-2017
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Gabriel Croft

Note: Massive rope bug in level 3 dance club fixed on Sep 7, 2017.

"Neon": a new city in a brand new time. In the year of 2180, humans are testing creations of “humanrobots” to replace workers and make jobs easier. One of them, named “Project Exe”, was the first one to be made with a real human brain. Because of that, the robot was “born” with human feelings and free will. The VCI industries, responsible for the robot creations, wants to keep the project to themselves and in secret. Of course, “Exe” will try to escape them. One of the workers in the place was a spy, and saw everything that happened. Trying to help Exe, he calls her through her wi fi system and warns that she might want to join him and escape using his spaceship, located in the south part of the city.