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Author(s): StudBuddha
release date: 17-Jul-2018
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class: Egypt

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Note: Level package updated on July 24, 2018:

*7/19/18 Fixes have been made to the slide puzzle room in the red side of the main temple. If you would like a savegame to continue your adventure. In the second part of the temple. Please e-mail me.
*7/23/2018 Fix to a door in the blue side of the main temple. Your saved game should work fine.

The Earth is at the end of its cycle. Lara receives a message from the Lord God while in meditation. Bad men have created three energy filled Crystals. Energized through centuries of idol worship. After stealing the first Crystal from the Roman Drains Facility, Lara uses the key she found there to enter The Temple of Duality for the second Crystal.