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Author(s): Sabatu
release date: 11-Feb-2019
# of downloads: 2193

average rating: 8.45
review count: 16
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file size: 48.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Greece

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Note: Level package updated Feb 14, 2019:
I am sorry for not finding two major errors:
Error1: At the end of level one when you used lever then nothing happened
Error2: Problem with saving through inventory (save is corrupted without Lara)
Everything is now fixed and you can now play this game

Also, there is Error3: At the start of Level 2, you can push some pushable block over the edge. Do NOT do this! I was not able to find a solution for this :(

You should be able to play with your old saves.

Story: Lara found ancient relic with and old description. Something about hidden treasure and Ancient Aquaduct buried deep under Mount Parnassus. She needs to discover this Aquaduct and get her treasure. She is hoping that Pierre will not be here first.

TECHNICAL ISSUE: Please save as often as possible because I found random bug: In some areas (random) when you save your game, then the game will crash and it will not be saved.