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Author(s): alan
release date: 07-Feb-2020
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Note: UPDATE on Feb 11, 2020: Fixed a bug in a puzzle room in level 3. Reason: Lara got stuck in a corner between a block and a door and couldn't get out unless using a bug. The doors have been removed.

It was a normal day in Surrey, England: Windy weather with lots and lots of rain. Lara found herself in her library, sitting on her couch in front of the fireplace, enjoying a cup of tea while reading an archeology magazine like the proud British girl she is. She examined the many interesting archaeological sites, wondering what destination she could head to to find a new tomb to raid.

Suddenly, Lara hears a loud cry coming from the kitchen, followed by things shattering, which was soon cut off. She is startled at first, but then she rolls her eyes, supposing that her butler, Winston tripped over his own feet while he took his morning walk, again. She puts the magazine on the armrest of the couch and the half-finished cup of tea on the small table in front of her. She stands up and decides to go and check on Winston.

When she gets to the kitchen, however, Lara gasps and looks horrified at the sight in front of her widened eyes. She finds Winstons beheaded body lying on the floor, blood spurting out everywhere! There is a message written with blood on the wall next to the broken window, it reads: "This is my revenge. M. B." Next to the message is Winstons head, stabbed onto the wall by a knife that pierces his forehead; Lara can see his right eye is still twitching a little bit.

She is so confused with everything that is happening around her, that she cannot think properly. She looks at the initials written on the wall but she cannot figure out who in the world is M.B. She calms down and decides to look for clues. She looks down at the floor and notices some bloody footprints that lead to her artifact chamber. She follows them there, and when she finds the artifact that is missing in her collection, is when she knows who was the one responsible for this: Marco Bartoli.

He has returned. But had Lara not killed him already years ago? Well, whatever trick Marco has used to come back to life won't last forever because Lara, always the adventurer, sets up for a new adventure in search of corrupted Marco Bartoli, to take the Dagger of Xian back with her and erase him from this world once and for all! Oh, and also to avenge Winstons cruel death.