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Author(s): Lady_Wise
release date: 14-Apr-2020
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Based on a film As Above So Below.

Lara goes in search of the infamous Hidden Stone, said to turn base metals into gold and bring about eternal life. Lara does her research and finds a man called Nicolas Flamel a renowned alchemist of the 14th century.

"Underneath heavens rain, Brightest light and darkest day, what is lost shall be regained. Half way twix the darkest gate this tablet laid a top a pered fate."

She also discovered that Alchemists believed hell was 741 feet below the surface of the earth and Paris was the assumed location. After seeking help from french locals she is led to one place she can get entry to start her decent into hell.

Abandon all hope ye who enter here. - and they shall be made to crawl on their bellies to enter the kingdom of darkness...