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Homage for Satan


release date: 15-Oct-2020
# of downloads: 311

average rating: 6.31
review count: 4
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file size: 4.75 MB
file type: TR1
class: City

author profile(s):

Natla's patience has been rewarded. It is the day she has eagerly waited for centuries. No, the world hasn't been cleansed from every shred of Lara's DNA. And no, Natla hasn't achieved a total world domination with her horde of horrible mutant abominations. No no no... this is a much, MUCH more sublime moment: she and other hated, notorious double- and triple-crossers (Doctor Neo Cortex, Revolver Ocelot, The Dalton Brothers to name a few) have gathered together at this nearly divine event. They are going to spend the night playing "Civilization II: Test of Time", The Greatest Computer Game On The Face Of The Earth.

Delicious meat juice flows and tasty-looking Creamy Raisin Cakes are savoured as the absolute timeless enemies enjoy a well-deserved break from their downright sinister duties. But when would anything blissful last long? After five minutes of fun their stereo system bites the dust. An overdose of music too marvelous, they think, agreeing that a backup device must be fetched (as we all know playing The Greatest Computer Game On The Face Of The Earth without sound is like supporting populism; you pretend there's nothing wrong but deep inside it damages your soul). They draw straws on who's going to pick up spare hardware. The shortest straw is pulled by Natla. Tantrums and censored words later she rushes down the streets towards her white Mercedes, so that she'll get home faster than a laser bullet and grab the audio apparatus. The car is parked near the back door of Pierre's bear mannequin shop which he runs when not working his arse off at Cafe Metro. Unfortunately that dolt Dalton, Averell, ate Natla's Atlantean energy-gun and Save game-ability (probably thinking they were soap pasta and marshmallows, not necessarily in that order), so she has to survive the alleyways barehanded AND flawlessly. There are sickoes loose on the streets and if you see anything that looks dangerous... well, it is.

*This time there are NO secrets.
*Don't even think of using cheats or I'll know.