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Author(s): justin
release date: 11-Dec-2001
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average rating: 7.97
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file type: TR4
class: City

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London is besieged by darkness and evil. The streets are dark and deserted and once beautiful ancient buildingsa nd landmarks now lay in ruin. Lara is determined to find out why! Two months ago, someone, or something has found and removed two ancient artifacts from their sacred resting places.The first, the Eye of Apollo is reputed to have the power to create day! It was hidden deep beneath the Pindus Mountains in a cavern called the 'Alabronicus Hall' after the priest who consecrated the ground. It was here that the Eye of Apollo was to remain hidden for eternity.The second artifact, The Hand of Deimos was buried deep within an ancient glacier in the uncharted regions of the Arctic Sea. It was thought that by secluding this dark and evil device in such a remote location, that no one would ever release it's malevolence upon the world of man!Someone did! The Eye of Apollo when placed within The Hand of Deimos gives the possessor the power to cause terror and panic by his or her destructive powers, but to stop the very sun from rising! So far, since London is the only place effected by this new menace, Lara must retrieve the two artifacts from the evil-doer and return them to their rightful resting places, before the evil spreads to encompass the entire world!