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Author(s): Android18
release date: 12-Nov-2001
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class: Egypt

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One day Lara had just came back from TR3 and TR3gold, and was very tired. But Winston ran as fast as he could to show Lara the news he had read in the Newspaper. He said,'Ms. Croft, Ms. Croft come read this. Lara said, What is it Winston? Their is an archeological site in Egypt, and Von Croy is leading it!. What!? Let me see She started reading and it said. Today the world anound archeologist Von Croy is looking for an artifact called The Star of Cleopatra. It is said it has the power to see in to the future. As soon as Lara read this she ran over to her libery to lookup any information she could find about this artifact. She looked in every book she knew of that had informaiton about Cleopatra. As soon as she could find all that she could about the Star, she told Winston that this Star is in the same place as when she was back in '96. So she left on her Adventure, yet again.