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release date: 13-Jan-2002
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Castle Doomsday was a legend come true for Lara, the thought of owning the Golden beetle was more than she could have expected. The inherent powers of the Golden beetle is said to enable the raising of the dead, and how true this is for Lara, when she enters the castle from an underground cave. Her objective is to find the Golden beetle and deprive Lord Doomsday of his most treasured possession. Without this artifact he can never rule his 'castle of the walking dead'. Be aware though, for he will not give up his prize so easily. He will push her to the limits with his devious tricks and traps, and will hunt her down with his faithful guard. The dead will come at her from all sides, relentlessly seeking her 'bloody' end. Not everything is to Laras disadvantage though, as she will discover certain objects that will help her, like the 'Holy prayer' scripture. The eyes of all the lost souls of the castle will be on her, as she attempts to retrieve the artifact, hoping that she will succeed.