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Author(s): Tomo
release date: 18-Jan-2002
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After the last survey a meteor from the Stone Age has been found in a volcano. This meteor is is said to be the source of the extinction of all dinosaurs. Lara has to find this meteor as rumor would have it that a fragment of it possesses mysterious powers. She has to travel first to Greece (Last Sage 1 - Athens) and to the Temple of Time (Last Saga 2 - Temple of Time) which could bring her to the Stone Age. Luckily Lara does arrive short for the crash of the meteor but unfortunately in the wrong place. Now she has to find the volcano and a fragment of the meteor. Then she has to find a way back into the future, but in doing that she need the Stone of Time (found in the Last Sage 2 - Temple of Time) but can she find this Stone also in the past?