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Author(s): Jamie White
release date: 01-Nov-2002
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average rating: 3.35
review count: 18
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file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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Jamie White

Now I will take you back to the beginning of my story. Lara discovers that the crypt that she was in before was fake! thats right... fake. that crypt that she was in was a dummy for some people to find. Tohokan thought that if his treasure was buried in with him people will dig it up and take in the modern century and stick in some lousy museum. well back in the Egyptian times Tohokan ordered another part of the crypt/tomb to be built underneath the original one. Tohokon thought that by doing this when the years reach the modern century and explorers come to look for treasure they wouldnt find anything but little did he know only Lara has been able to discover the other part and little did she know that baddies followed her in...