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release date: 22-Nov-2002
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Fifty Italian families are escaping from Roman country by ship. They have sailed far away from the Europe, and they have found South America (unknown that time) [they have called it Atlantis] They have started new life there ! They have built a small village in the center of the jungle. One day, group of hunters have came back from hunting with mystic artifact - a star ! They have called it Mexatronus...Now, when the power of artifact is relased for five months of time, the results are tragic! People are dying in the base, and there are lot of mutants hiding in it! RAT Corp. is trying to hide the affair, but not succesfully. Lara Croft has been informed! She's going for the mission ! She must destroy the star with base ! She must reach the base by the Underground Temple (the enter is in the center of the jungle) and escape by the second part of the temple! Does she will complete the mission? That depends on you - player!