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Author(s): Dhama
release date: 27-Jul-2001
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The year is 1998, a couple of years before the Millennium. Location London England, and Tower Bridge is undergoing a major overhaul in time for the year 2000. There have been rumours that great treasures from Egypt had been stored in the towers of the bridge long ago and there are those who would like to get their hands on it. With this in mind, England's finest SAS soldiers were drafted in to protect the artefacts at night, but unbeknown to them a strange power had descended like a mist, enveloping the bridge and all who protected her. The SAS soldiers were instantly transformed into vampire like creatures, whose goal it was, to take away the artefacts and use it's immense powers for evil purposes. The power of these relics only came into being when all five parts were collected together. Legend has it that if this power were allowed to get into evil hands then only terror would reign. Lara Croft has found herself in difficult situations before, and even after her training session on the facsimile of Tower Bridge at the SAS training facility could not have prepared her for what she will have to face. The time is a little after midnight, and the whole of London has been plunged into darkness by the very forces that now possess the bridge. Lara has been flown in by helicopter, and dropped on the top of one of the iron gantry's that support the two towers. Little is known of what she will find and where she should go but it is understood that, to enable access to the first tower will require two people, since the switch for this door is to be found on the other side of the bridge. Lara will have to use anything that she can find on the bridge, to help her achieve this seemingly impossible task. It is also known that explosive have been rigged on certain parts of the bridge; so careful footing will also be necessary. Reconnaissance has revealed that some of the rooms in the towers have been rigged, and Lara will have to have her wits about her. In the event of Lara collecting all of the artefacts, the evil power will diminish leaving Tower Bridge safe once more.