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Author(s): Hochgiftig
total rating:5.23 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 7 7 7 7
Duncan 5 5 5 5
eTux 4 4 3 4
Gerty 6 6 6 5
Jay 4 5 6 5
Jose 4 6 6 6
Kristina 3 4 3 3
MichaelP 6 5 6 5
Orbit Dream 4 5 4 4
RaiderGirl 7 7 6 6
Ryan 4 5 6 5
Sash 6 7 6 5
Yoav 5 5 6 6
category averages
(13 reviews)
5.00 5.46 5.38 5.08

Reviewer's comments

"There are several annoying aspects to this level which really spoiled the enjoyment for me, namely the extremely tedious dark maze and the fixed camera angles (I know this latter aspect can be used in the right way but not here. Otherwise, the gameplay is simple but underwhelming, with a few neat touches in a mixed sort of setting." - Ryan (22-Sep-2017)

"I found bad things here, like the unmarked climbable walls, the unmarked fiery tiles, the totally black maze without flares, the trapdoor you can trespass... But the worst is that you can abandone an area even if you left important items at your back. There are some original ideas, and many fixed cameras, but the fixed camera in the dark maze so you can't see the star was another error. Found the portal guardian, but not a real use for it. Playable but better follow the walkthrough instructions." - Jose (17-Oct-2016)

"This has 'first level' written all over it and as such should be approached with a reasonable degree of caution. It's perfectly playable,but contains a great many 'mis-judged' moments which severely hinder the enjoyment factor: camera angles which obscure important pick-ups;a preponderance of 'unmarked death tiles';a trapdoor which you can fall through;and my personal non-favourite...a large pitch-black maze crawling with crocodiles and with very few flares provided for you too see where to go. There are neat ideas (the water chamber near the start,and the rope-burning sequence which commences the level) and fun gameplay elements (the tall platformed room)but the whole thing is very anti-climactic and generally disapoints.I've never yet encountered a Tinnos level which I've particularly enjoyed,and regretfully this has done little to change that." - Orbit Dream (21-Feb-2007)

"Quite simple and short level. The only things that you need to do is pick up many objects on the way and avoid boulders traps some of them was rolling easy for Lara. First time I see wild boars and skeleton's dropping objects after Lara kills them. Well after all it's a fun level." - Yoav (04-Jun-2004)

"I wasn't sure what to expect from the title of this level but I ended up really enjoying this cute thirty minute adventure because of the new ideas and fun puzzles the author put into it. I found some well done boulder traps a puzzle with fall through floors and skeletons interesting camera angles and water effects and even the maze was a fun challenge with it's pitch black tunnels and crocs around every corner. I found four secrets along the way and am still wondering what to do with the Portal Guardian." - RaiderGirl (28-Oct-2003)

"There are some really irritating fixed camera angles in this level which almost made me go away and play something else. Also I have to question the logic of keyhole doors that open without a key pigs dropping coins and crocodiles that apparently have the climbing abilities of mountain goats. Yes all right I know it's only a game but do let's try and make it reasonably realistic shall we? Amongst other tasks you get to explore a pitch black crocodile infested maze and a dark room full of skeletons and hidden pitfalls definitely designed to prevent you picking up the various items in there. This is a first time level and I have to say it shows but there are some inventive touches and it is a short easy level so you might want to try it. If so I would definitely recommend giving yourself extra flares. 21.09.2003" - Jay (22-Sep-2003)

"Well I quite enjoyed this little level though at times it is clearly one by someone who is still getting to grips with the editor. Starts off with a very original setting and camera view making your way free to visit mostly inside gameplay with a lot of boulders to outrun keys and stars to find and skeletons to blast. Yes there are the occasional wafer thin walls and no you don't need the revolver and lasersite to shoot the targets and you're not supposed to get one set of the gem and pharao knot - but you can - but all in all this author manages to make it all a joyful runaround. I thought the area with the four doors and stars was great with the two dark areas breathing a bit of a spooky atmosphere (labyrinth and fall through tile room). It's over before you can say 'aha' (with three rather easy secrets too) but play this one certainly after a frustrating level." - bERT (15-Sep-2003)

"This was rather entertaining apart from the fact that I couldn't find the token first time around. Had to outrun a skeleton and a bit later I was standing on a block picking up a gem saw the warthogs and thought that I could get easily onto another block without killing them.... wrong. The rest is rather straight forward with quite a lot of reloads on my part as there are boulders and boulders. The textures the author used are a mishmash but it didn't bother me. Found a lot of artifacts a token gems knots Portal Guardian keys stars and crowbar and Lara left this level with several in her backpack. Today was also my lucky day as I never got lost in that maze and it is important to pick up the keys and a star. The crocs I encountered there were the pits as the maze is pitch black and by pulling the gun you drop the flare better pick it up as there aren't that many flare pick ups. Found 4 secrets. O5-09-2003" - Gerty (10-Sep-2003)

"Although a debut and only 30 minutes of game time this was a really cool little level set in an icy temple. The first half is spent on the search for the crowbar and at one point you can either set yourself alight or take a longer route in a tall room with a lot of platform jumping to get to it. The second half has you collecting four stars behind four gates in one room two of these little adventures were quite interesting with a pitch black maze and a room with hidden holes in the floor but the other two were fairly uneventful once you place the stars you pretty much finish the level not long after being chased by a rolling ball. With four fairly easy secrets to find the first being the most helpful when it comes to getting rid of the skeletons this was a good first start for this builder and not a bad way to spend half an hour." - Sash (07-Sep-2003)

"I liked the way the level started with Lara behind the glass having to burn the rope. I then hated the way the camera stayed very remote while Lara was being chased by a skeleton trying to find the way out. So there are bits to this level I really liked (such as the room where the floor hides a deep maze and the skeletons show you the safe way across) and bits that I thought were poorly chosen (such as having a crocodile on a narrow ledge halfway up a very high room). I really liked the little Egyptian style targets. There was one odd place with three skeletons; and having the laser sight I then had three headless skeletons running around in the snow dodging palm trees. I like to think it was a deliberate laugh. So I think it was all in fun and TR is not a medium for comedy so the author should get some kudos for that." - Duncan (07-Sep-2003)

"From an interesting start with a variation of the 'burn the rope to drop the boulder'-puzzle and an early secret this turns into a busy and quite linear run through an environment with Tinnos textures and Coastal WAD objects. Quite an amount of enemies (skeletons crocodiles warthogs) and you have encounters with boulders more boulders and then some. It is clearly a debut level with an occasional thin wall and spikes set up the wrong way once so you can easily get the extra gem and knot that you don't need but it is still pleasant to play through. The four secrets I found all offer weapons (grenade gun shotgun twice and crossbow). A number of camera angles were quite interesting but the one that prevents you from seeing the star to pry off the wall in the pitch black maze was clearly not funny. Speaking of the maze the level certainly could have done better without it. Five keys four stars a knot a gem and a coin and a portal guardian (that I did not use) and after about 30 minutes or so you will reach the end." - Michael (05-Sep-2003)

"I don't know if this is a first try but it sure looks like it. The setting is something like caves but I couldn't actually tell because of the outside areas as well. The textures are awfully stretched and you see paper thin walls everywhere. Lara has to pry off four stars get a knot a gem and a token. I had to re play the level because is didn't kill the wild boars so I missed the token. Now I have to ask how the heck did that boar carry a token don't tell me it swallow it because it certainly doesn't have pockets. I never understood why some builders put pick ups in animals I mean unless you place a kangaroo they don't have pockets and let's say that the token is round and small how can they swallow weapons and stars etc. Anyway I should have killed all the enemies only it wasn't a very good level and I got a little bored so I admit I was trying to get through it quickly. The traps are boulders with targets to shoot sometimes that don't work as soon as you get close they roll down so I think the author should work some more in that area and in fact work with the whole level again. I hated the pitch black maze with an annoying camera while you had to get a star and on top of that no flares so yes I added some I wasn't going to torture myself. Other enemies were skeletons bats and crocodiles. It really needs work." - Kristina (05-Sep-2003)

"An interesting debut level in which I spent 25 minutes. The setting is arctic using coastal objects but not rather successful cause the Egyptian decorations at one point seemed a bit odd - out of place - otherwise you can cope with whatever the level gives at you. Found 4 secrets - liked the placement of the first one but the others were a bit too obvious. The part where you branch out for 4 different short quests is interesting but they were not very eventful and I had to revisit the pitch-black maze with no flares again because I didn't see the star due to the fixed camera - very unfair in my opinion as the maze itself. The part with the fake floor was inventive but too enigmatic and Lara had to walk all the time to not fall through the fake floor. A nice use of the rolling balls thorough the level though. The designer undoubtedly has potential but more thought and care should be put in when building the level and the results will be better - it's not bad as it is but there's always place for improvement." - eTux (05-Sep-2003)
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