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Author(s): Tabsdad
total rating:6.95 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 9 8 8 8
eRIC 6 6 7 7
Gerty 7 6 7 6
Jay 7 6 7 7
Jose 6 7 7 7
Kristina 8 8 8 9
Magnus 6 6 6 6
MichaelP 7 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 5 6 7 6
Phil 8 7 7 8
RaiderGirl 9 7 8 8
Ryan 7 6 7 7
Sash 7 6 7 7
Tombaholic 8 6 7 6
category averages
(14 reviews)
7.14 6.50 7.14 7.00

Reviewer's comments

"This isn't bad for an older level, on the other hand, there's nothing really overwhelming or standout here, aside from a few rooms with inanimate Shiva statues (in Egypt? Really?). There are a few gems, golden stars and a BA Cartouche artefact to locate, as well as levers to activate and swimming passages to negotiate. It's not terrible settings-wise, although some rooms are rather empty. I didn't care for the unmarked spike traps near the end. Worth a look though." - Ryan (03-Feb-2017)

"Very long level with a lot of tasks to do, but not very entertaining 'cause there are too many switches to pull and few puzzles. The best is that the author doesn't let you advance until you've picked up the necessary items. I found enough ammo for the extra guns, but never found the uzis; enemies are well balanced. Correct use of sounds and cameras, many times I doubted 'cause the use of the "spikes" texture (harmless) in many places, but usually the aspect of the areas is good. Enjoyable." - Jose (20-Oct-2016)

"There's nothing outstanding or particularly memorable about this early Egyptian level, but it gives you a good hour's worth of solid entertainment, and that's all I really ask of any level. Everything will be quite familiar to the seasoned player, but it's well lit and fun to play. Ample armament is provided for the many ninjas and crocs you encounter along the way, many of which have a nasty habit of sneaking up on you from behind. Gerty has provided a walkthrough that covers all the bases, although I don't recall that it documents any secrets, and I didn't find any on my own. A pleasant Old School diversion." - Phil (09-Feb-2016)

"This is one of those levels which have an imbalanced pleasure/annoyance ratio;with the latter far greater than the former in this instance.So many doors to open and objects to place,in such labyrinthine areas;yet no clear way to know where or how to begin.So many enemies,yet most of them attack you from behind.So many areas (both outside and in) but far too many of them simplistically constructed and blandly textured. So many unfair 'gotcha!' moments with unmarked spikes or untextured climbable walls. Once you get to understand the authors sneaky yet simplistic gameplay style (hang levers high up in dark passageways)everything begins to plod along,from pick-up to puzzle hole;lever to opened door. Eventually,after 90 minutes or so,it'll come to an end. Alright,it has occasional aesthetic appeal;and some of the room and corridor layouts are cunningly designed...but,due to the aforementioned complaints,it completely failed to grab me." - Orbit Dream (20-Nov-2011)

"A long and well made level that unfortunately did not click very well with me. The setting is rather bland at first, but later on I liked very much a couple of rooms, especially one watery room was very nice. Imagine a costal setting with some unorthodox decoration such as statues of Shivas. I also enjoyed parts of this level, but most of the time I was a bit bored with it, too many maze like areas for my taste. And the ninjas who constantly shoot at you in the back were very tiresome." - eRIC (19-Apr-2005)

"An easy level which lasts just over thirty minutes. There are quite a few pickups and levers and also quite a few enemies. And a lot of doors. There are many many doors. Sometimes the level comes off as really confusing but after running around for a few minutes you understand where you have to go and what you have to do. The texturing is okay but a little bland and boring. Overall it's a nice little level. It's neither too hard nor too easy. It's just a little confusing at times." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"Nothing very special visually here but a pretty smart level in terms of gameplay. Eyes wide open or you will miss some well-hidden crawl spaces and jump switches. Of note is the first main puzzle set around a central pool with several branches. Two puzzles which some reviewers took for 'trial and error' actually have very subtle clues as to the right choices which keeps with the author's penchant for making the player look very carefully at everything. Some easy jumping lots of pickups (weapons and puzzle pieces) and a host of ninjas round out the level. As with this author's first level the laser sight is never used. Did I miss something?" - Tombaholic (16-Jan-2004)

"By the time I got to the Grenade Gun I remembered why Tabsdad's levels are so much fun - he gives you the guns and enough ammo to have a classic raiding experience that's a joy and not a chore. His signature sneaky crawlspaces and hidden -in -plain -sight levers (that are nonetheless difficult to spot) are here along with enemies that I didn't see until Lara was hit. There is also (new to me- maybe I just don't remember seeing them before) ceiling spikes and a lava turned into spike pit. There's two clever water puzzles. The first of which had me going in circles trying to remember what was where. Do save at the gem and lever puzzles as it took me awhile (and many medipacks) to realize not all levers are to be pulled and not all gems are to be picked up. The use of short cuts is a handy design feature that keeps a good flow to the game. The only negative was the gurgling sound of the enemies' bullets but maybe that was intentional(?). Thank you Tabsdad for another great level. The only question is: what took me so long to download it?" - Bene (11-Nov-2003)

"I've become a big fan of this author's levels - he seems to find the perfect mix of exploring traps puzzles and enemies that make a great Tomb Raider level. This one starts out where The Crypts left off and had me stuck at first with lots of doors and no way to open them but after finding the first of a few well hidden crawlspaces I was on my way and the next 90 minutes seemed to fly by. There was a lot to do and quite a few rooms to explore and climb areas that make you stop and think for a minute but nothing so hard it was frustrating. In a word just fun fun FUN! You don't want to miss this one!" - RaiderGirl (11-Oct-2003)

"This is one of those levels where initially I seemed to be everywhere too soon because all I found was locked doors. Then I started again and looked harder. Sneaky crawlspaces are the name of the game coupled with some really well hidden jump switches. Provided you keep a sharp look out for those the gameplay isn't too difficult. The areas to explore seem large and confusing initially but as you make progress and open various doors you find shortcuts provided so it becomes far more linear than it first appears. There is quite a lot of swimming to do and various objects to find - gems knot cartouche etc. Enemies are mainly ninjas and crocodiles. Fairly standard stuff but well worth a look at and it's a lovely light level which is always pleasant. 13.09.2003" - Jay (13-Sep-2003)

"After playing this I had to re-think what it was about as in the first place all I remembered was the unfair trial and error with gems and levers. You start outside and apart from some ninja's there are some very empty buildings you can explore. Finding way back some trapdoors will let you get more into this game. What does stand out it they way some jump levers are cleverly hidden as I ran around quite a bit before I found them. Getting blue gems stars a knot cartouche and timeless sands will allow you further into this tomb. There is some nasty ninja's shooting Lara most of the time in her back some crocs skeletons ad a few bats. Also enough weapons to deal with the enemies. What I did like was the way you had to travel through this game and ending almost at the place you needed to be to place a star or where you opened a door. There is also a lot of swimming to do and do make notes as although it is not an underwater maze some openings are very well hidden behind plants. The timed run to the moving blocks was luckily not too frustrating to do and without that I would never have guessed about that lever there way up there LOL. 07-09-2003" - Gerty (10-Sep-2003)

"What a wonderful level this was! I have to say I enjoyed it very much even though it doesn't have any custom objects or extra sounds and doesn't look like a space lab or anything out of the ordinary is unique in its own way. That only proves that the only thing you need to create a fun level that people will like is a brain. I have heard lately that the standards are very high nowadays and everybody is looking for something that will surpass the others. Excuse me but I had more fun with this simple coastal/catacomb level that I have ever had in some fancy levels with weird looking creatures and locations. The author is talented no doubt he can hide switches and crawlspaces perfectly it's under your nose sometime and you can't see it. You will find a knot stars gems and a cartouche. The enemies are always sneaking behind you that would be ninjas and some skeletons later on. The underwater tunnels especially the second ones made me think 'oh! No this has to be more complicated than before'. Well it wasn't and I really liked that thrilled the level gave me of expecting something really complicated and then finding out it's simpler than I thought. The same thing happened with the textures that have spike holes; I was holding back and walk carefully only to find out they are harmless in most occasions. This is a level you just have to play; it will be a memorable one." - Kristina (09-Sep-2003)

"If you've played 'The Crypts' you'll be used to the fairly stark texturing this time coastally inspired but still almost clinical in nature this though pretty much fits the feel of the level and helps in disguising some hard to spot jump switches and crawlspaces. This level can be described mainly as a hunt you need to search for a whole lot of objects the aforementioned hard to notice switches and crawls and secrets well actually don't go hunting for secrets because there aren't any grumble grumble. It may take the player a little while finding the first object pick up after having probably passed all these doors and receptacles but once you do find it the level starts to fall into place and opens up quite smartly just make sure before you play this that you like swimming because there's a fair bit to be found. In this hour long level I felt at times some real accomplishment at working out something to help me move along but on the other hand it didn't fully grab me all the time and that possibly had to do with the look of the level and not the game itself. Whatever the reason this is still a very worthy level and had it had some secrets for me and maybe a bit more pizzazz in the way it visually looked it would have been even worthier I still liked it nonetheless." - Sash (08-Sep-2003)

"'Outside looking in' is the in game level caption and this describes nicely how I felt while playing for a long time. I just did not get into this level very well. It is a fairly classic coastal WAD setting and it was utterly confusing for me initially with almost maze like character and finding lots of receptacles first and nothing to put into them. Once you managed to find those two or three sneakily hidden crawlspaces and jump switches though you should be nicely on your way and the flow through this 80 minutes adventure is quite logical and cleverly done as we have come to get used to from Tabsdad so my comparably low rating should not keep you away from this level. You get a short timed raising block a few objects to push many trap doors and levers spikes (some without any warning or hint) and have to find and use a knot two stars a portal guardian several gems a cartouche and then take the timeless sands as your prize to the end. Way too many ninjas around plus a few bats crocodiles and skeletons and shiva statues that do not come to life. What I also did not like at all were a few 'try-die-reload-try-again' moments when choosing levers exits or pickups. I don't call this a puzzle and find it highly annoying. So again this one did not work so well for me but it is good clean classic raiding so decide for yourself." - Michael (07-Sep-2003)
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