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Author(s): DeathMelody313
total rating:2.53 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 4 1 3 6
eTux 1 2 2 3
Gerty 2 1 3 3
Jay 2 2 3 4
Jose 2 2 4 6
Kristina 3 2 3 3
Lady Lara 2 2 3 3
MichaelP 3 2 4 5
Obig 1 2 2 2
Orbit Dream 2 1 2 2
Ryan 2 2 2 3
Sakusha 3 2 1 2
Sash 3 1 3 2
Treeble 2 2 2 3
Whistle 3 3 3 3
category averages
(15 reviews)
2.33 1.80 2.67 3.33

Reviewer's comments

"It does not surprise me that this adventure was forgotten. The level is very short, and there's an error in the gameplay design that prevents you from finishing the level. But the texturization is not bad, and there are a couple of flybys too. Very simple tasks, only place movable objects onto marked tiles and pull a couple of levers. Few enemies (a couple of mummies) and nothing to shoot except the vases. Unremarkable and, of course, forgettable." - Jose (26-Jan-2018)

"Don't expect a lot from this as it's only a test. Move a few statues to their designated tiles, watch the shakiest camera flyby ever (you'll see what I mean when you see it) and pull a few levers. Took me a grand total of 2 minutes dead." - Ryan (04-Sep-2016)

"Err... wh... ph... frrr.... That was my reaction when it appeared I can't move the statue. First, I found this game the most disappointing I've played since long time ago. The feeling was so intensive because the texturing and lighting are good, and the atmosphere and gameplay made me think I'm getting into some serious raid. Disappointment left me in the moment I realized there is nothing but finish trigger behind the last grate (what meant I didn't miss as much fun as I previously thought). And immediately feeling the incompletement and wondering why the author started the level so good only to make such a pitiful ending took over. Then... I read another reviews, found the fragment about the appropriate order and I realized all the negative emotions the level generated inside me was my own fault. SUMMARY: So what can I say? I was wrong. The level is pretty good, as for its length. Nice little try. Shows the author's talent. Recommended." - DJ Full (26-Oct-2010)

"This is a test for the author and no one else. He's simply experimenting with TRLE and this project shows how skillful he is. The lighting is decent and the textures aren't stretched. The only flaw (concerning level designing) is a bugged flyby and nothing more. We can't blame the author for the slow movements of the mummies. I hope he didn't find his level a hopeless case (cf title) because it shows that he has potential. Or maybe it's a forgettable adventure since Lara doesn't receive anything after ending this level. Gameplay mainly consists of pushing statues towards marked squares and triggering the two boulders at the right moment in order to drain the pools so that Lara could pull a switch which gives Lara access to a room that has a finishing trigger. You need to push a statue backflip (so that you could avoid being flattened like a pancake because of a boulder) drop down push the statue (don't pull the switch in the previous floor for now. Otherwise you won't be able to push the statue towards the marked square) towards a certain area go back to the previous floor pull the switch and drop down again. This author can make a great level someday." - Sakusha (20-Aug-2004)

"This is a test level as its own legend says. Not much to do here although there was an interesting (albeit buggy) puzzle with rolling balls and flipmaps to drain rooms. 5 minutes and you'll reach that lever that seems to be inoperating and a door that blocks your passage to a dead end. No finish trigger as I can tell but I could be wrong." - Treeble (11-Apr-2004)

"I am sorry for this level but I am sure the author is going to fix it or the next level will be superb. Unfortunately there are 2 bugs in the game. One of them can be fixed with loading the save if you can't solve the puzzle in the appropriate order. But letting the water down in the lowest chamber and pushing the lever the grate doesn't opens. So you can't continue the level. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (01-Mar-2004)

"I got rather a shock with this one as I hadn't realised it was a demo so I was somewhat startled when it ended after only five minutes. Perhaps the fact that the word 'test' appeared at the beginning should have warned me. However. Treat it as a demo and you will see the potential. Obviously the gameplay is extremely sparse but the rooms are certainly well built and it shows definite promise." - Jay (26-Jan-2004)

"A quick painless well if you don't get stuck because of being an eager beaver with one of the levers 7 minute prelude to a level though this isn't a prelude more a demo. Those 7 minutes are set in a tut inspired tomb where you have two tasks to complete the first to push a couple of statues while slow and slower the two mummies have after you then you finish up with a nicely thought out puzzle involving draining by levels a water filled pool like area. I definitely see potential with this young builder and spur him on to make more puzzle based levels like this in the future just please add a whole lot more game time." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)

"This starts in a cave and Lara has to find her way by jumping into the opening in the ground. There are two mummies pestering her but if you are clever you can trigger them at the last moment and they won't bother you at all. Playing the revised version so 'the bug' should be fixed and if the bug was pushing that last lever and the gate opening....then it is fixed. The level however ends there as well. As the level itself has only 21 rooms so it is a small one. There is still the matter of that statue so first push the statue and do whatever you have to do and then climb up again and push that lever. As Elvis pointed out in his review there are some beginner mistakes but we learn from our mistakes I hope. Keep building as there is potential I would say. 01-01-2004" - Gerty (14-Jan-2004)

"A very difficult 'level' to rate as it is so short a couple of rooms or so and that is it. If this were to be developed further then it could turn out to be a reasonable level as the author shows some promise in what has already been achieved." - Whistle (08-Jan-2004)

"It's only a Test level so don't expect more than a few minutes of gameplay (and be sure to do the tasks in the correct order!)." - Orbit Dream (02-Jan-2004)

"As the caption at the start says 'TEST' this is what you get: a 5 minute tutorial style game by a new and very young level builder. And he started nicely as all the basic skills are there including room structure textures lighting fires mummies vases to shoot and then became a little overambitious with a rather complex puzzle with two waterlevels and two spikeballs which only works if you get the sequence right. I liked the concept though of trying something out and with growing editor skills I am sure we will be seeing interesting levels from this author in the future." - Michael (01-Jan-2004)

"The bug that prevented me from finishing the game is fixed so I can rate this properly. From what I saw though it's a first attempt to create a level and it's based on the tutorial level therefore the textures and rooms look nice. There are a few problems like in the room with the second statue. If you make the mistake and make the spike ball fall then you can't move the statue and you need to load a savegame if you have one. There are two lower floors you need to drain to proceed and when get passed the gate the level ends. There are mummies in the early rooms but by the time they get close to Lara she can have launch dinner and the next morning came to have breakfast lol; we all know how slow they are. The author seems to know some of the basics of the editor but more work is needed to create a good playable level. This has a nice feeling no matter if it's short and easy it gives the idea that a new talent has surfaced. There must be puzzles and enemies in a level to challenge the players though something which has to be considered for any future levels. I would encourage him to continue experimenting until he gets it right it certainly worth trying. Best of luck from me keep going." - Kristina (01-Jan-2004)

"Well this level started out quite promising - the texturing was ok (not artistically beautiful but ok - even thought there were some non-textured surfaces. Lighting needed more work too) the author had put in some cameras worked around the flybys - there were no terrible (except for one) beginner mistakes and the one puzzle that was there seemed very logical to me. But the author should've tested his/her level more thoroughly as if you drop the 2nd ball before moving the 2nd statue to its place you are stuck for good as the ball blocks the statues way. And another mistake - the lever at the bottom of the drained pool didn't work and didn't open the door - and thus the level lasted less than 5 minutes and thus the low ratings as otherwise it would've been quite a decent level I think. If there's a fixed adventure where the adventure goes on I'll revise my review but for now it stays like it is." - eTux (28-Dec-2003)

"Well what a disappointment that there was a bug! This level looked very nice - and I liked the sequence of draining the rooms by letting the balls drop. I even didn't mind the chance of making a mistake in the order. (I did the first time and had to reload.) Please please fix the bug so we can see the rest of the level! I'll revise my ratings I am certain." - Lady Lara (28-Dec-2003)
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