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Author(s): Pedros
total rating:7.88 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 6 7 9 8
G.Croft 8 8 8 7
Gerty 6 8 8 7
Jay 8 8 9 8
Jose 4 7 7 7
Kristina 7 8 8 8
manarch2 9 8 9 7
MichaelP 9 8 9 8
Moonpooka 8 8 9 6
Navi 8 8 9 9
Obig 9 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 7
Sash 8 7 9 7
Yoav 8 8 9 9
category averages
(14 reviews)
7.57 7.79 8.57 7.57

Reviewer's comments

"Tense, exhilarating and far and away one of Pedros' more accomplished efforts. The only things that soured the experience somewhat was a rather unfairly tight timed run in the second level that took me far too many tries to be enjoyable anymore, a bit too much darkness in some areas, a secret pickup that seemed possible to trigger but impossible to actually pick up without dying and the earthquake at the end, the additions of which are always unnecessary (having said that, the exit is fairly obvious so it shouldn't be much of a problem). All that aside, this was a well executed game. The atmosphere is very well caught, the use of textures mostly work well together and the gameplay is otherwise really enjoyable and at times ingenious. The block puzzles are well thought out, the torch sequence was excellent, the target shoots were sneaky and the route through the huge lava room was nothing short of inspiring. Definitely worth a go if you're not put off by the difficult sections." - Ryan (26-Aug-2018)

"The first level is not bad at all; the caves area with the small doors is too dark, the unmarked tile to escape was not a good idea, and the flare bug appears near the end. I only found interesting the tasks with the torch, but rest of the game was not very funny for me, except the traps. In the second level, when I found that impossible timed run near the beginning I said: "Jose, this is not a level for you" so I, simply, threw the pack to the recycle bin." - Jose (22-Jun-2012)

"Searching for the Ancient (9-7-8-8) - 30 minutes: This level didn't impress me right from the rather dull start with a lot of base areas and some libraries to explore (but with a nice timed run for a secret which was well indicated)and some doors where you might think they never open but soon picks up once you leave the base and enter an underground temple as a hub room with several side quests for five gems to do, which were nicely put together; a nicely put together torch puzzle, smaller pushable puzzles, tricky jump sequences and a surprising fight against a few invisible ahmets. The mirror room was a quite demanding task as it's nearly impossible to see in the mirror what you have to do but thanks to the walkthrough it wasn't a bigger problem, but the overall gameplay is superb in my opinion since the builder just found the right mix of all elements a TR level needs. I found the atmosphere was als picking up the longer you play as the base didn't feel that nice with its white textures and flat lighting, but the cave areas even if maybe a little on the dark side were highly atmopsheric. Found two secrets, the one mentioned above and another one that also was nicely hidden with plain architecture.
The Way of Hell (9-8-9-7) - 30 minutes: The gameplay in this part is much harder as the first one, but I wouldn't say it is not that well as the tasks were quite satisfying once you're through all those tasks. The double timed run (that starts after another of those timed sequences...) near the start was quite challenging and you need to find the - or a, I don't know as I only found one - perfect way to manage it, this could cause problems though even with the more experienced raiders. I loved the flipmap that transports Lara and the lever she just pulled in a huge lava room, and also the atmopsheric final touches with another triple of invisible ahmets and a spooky audio usage, but I must say I wasn't so appealed by the texturing e.g. the lava room didn't look so good on a second glimpse as there were a lot misplaced, streched or squeezed ones that could have been easily avoided. Also, the movable block at the very end is practically invisible and only findable by fortune or the walkthrough. The end was quite well done with Lara climbing up a slope room but the earthquake and the fixed camera were a bit annoying, especially the latter, which caused me to use binoculars everytime I couldn't run further. One secret in this level which wasn't that well hidden as it's easier to find than the actual way to progress; it also provides a huge shortcut that skips half of the actions in this area. I don't know if this was intended or not, but if yes, this is a nice add-on. If not, well, this is a design mistake.
Summary: A well-rounded one hour long level with a great variety in gameplay; however the textures didn't quite live up with it but it's interesting to see a game that is hugely atmopsheric even without good texturing. Recommended." - manarch2 (17-Apr-2012)

"Thank You for wonderful time, builders - this review ends my Easter rampage. Yes, I know this game has nothing to do with Easter itself - maybe except searching for a god (actually, we find two on our way, plus one demigod) - but overall struggling with life made me finish it over two months after completing the walkthru update Phil requested from me. Now it's all over and I must say I will remember this game, for its many remarkable places - a timed burning storage, dog cages, a riddle of colored switches, invisible fights and - of course - eyes staring at me from the wall - all fitting in nice lighting, density and variety of fogbulbs, and all surpassing unfinishment, what makes the contrast and sets this work as recognizable. Unfortunately, the execution, not done as well as it could have been, leaves some dark spots, as attention to detail is poor really often. I can't confirm the exact reasons for this to occur, but from the fact no texture is misplaced, anyway many of them are rotated wrong and/or stretched, it seems Piotr had not enough time to finess the level. And/or he probably started from creating the central chamber of the upper temple, imagined so clearly that he managed to polish it from the bottom to the top, and then progressed with places he had more blurred vision of. These reasons could have also explained multiple paths allowing to reach a goal in lava room, and I don't think any part of this multiplicity was intended. In that place, I kept wondering where to go, which direction is fro, which is back, what is a shortcut and what is a planned fragment, what am I supposed to reach and what I should forget about. There's a particular hole in a certain wall, and I can't seem to be able to get inside - however I have all secrets collected and there shouldn't be any missed places left. The hole is accompanied with a slope. Was it once an alcove the author wanted a player to pass through and then slide down the slope, possibly to a water replacing lava? Did he skip this vision and left the alcove unchanged? Are there any items to collect, now inaccessible? With all those questions, I feel like a confused National Geographic reporter, feeling uneasy when doing research about some ancient disaster. And just like most of such documentaries, I can only say many factors together have resulted in the event to happen. I understand conditions ruling presence of such flaws, but I also wish my countryman was more accurate, and more devoted - because the overall effect is filled with a lot of wasted potential, disturbing the more, the more I progressed. The extinguishing flipmap bringing excellent classic raiding memories again is just a finale, lasting for too short to reward the struggling. The place we find our goal artifact is just a dead-end corridor behind the pushable. The secrets are marked with misplaced sounds - till now, I don't know where I found the first one. But hey, it is not a tragedy at all. The most important thing is that, no matter of overwhelming feeling of leaving the work in the middle of creation, the game is atmospheric and I felt comfortable there, surrounded by railings, sculptures, ornated floors and wind moving the draperies over my head. Lighting is really good - bright in the base, dark and gloomy in the corridors, safe and heating in the chamber. Fogbulbs rather overused and disturbing, anyway improving the atmosphere, which deserves an extra point from me, as its elements make stronger impression when cooperating than they would've done if separated. The same relates to lighting and texturing, as the flaws I mentioned high, high above leave a bright side except the dark one: actually, aren't ruins supposed to be ruined? So there You go! You have one half-destroyed ancient temple to search through, and definitely a nice game to play, especially if You're a lava fan. Before I leave You, hopefully prompted to take a look, just like the game left me with Lara escaping towards the bright light of hope, I need to warn You about a torch puzzle in the first level, with an unfortunate invisible floor tile and a possibility to get stuck forever. Watch out there and may God of Open Doors lead You!" - DJ Full (16-Apr-2012)

"With one more level to play I can say (as I already did have a go at Mysterious Underground) this is his best. Apart from the annoying flare bug (and I am sure something can be done with that) and a bloody fiendish timed run that for sure gave my keyboard a beating this is a nice two part level. It starts off in a base finding finally an underground building where Lara needs to find gems. There are enemies and those invisible ahmets scared the hell out of me. The mirror room is not fair as the flare bug is present so no way one can use the binoculars and how on earth can one find that level behind that burner (had to look that up). After placing the last gem you get into the second part. And almost at the beginning is that timed run. I needed help and I needed it vast. Well I (or rather a friend of mine) made it. It did put me off quite a bit and although there was still some raiding to do I was not in the mood anymore. That really spoiled it for me though. The earthquake later on also didn't do my peeved mood any good. A pity as I am sure that that timed run will hinder quite a lot of people to finish this one. 27-05-2004" - Gerty (06-Jun-2004)

"Search for the Ancient (9/8/9/8 45 min. 2 secrets): Initially this is a bit of a weird mix between Base and Library setting and also a bit 'buggy' it seems with some of the doors opening only after certain waiting times (?) a few SAS dogs and bats to kill. But as soon as it changes into a cave setting it demonstrates great atmosphere a nice lava room tricky jumps and the hunt for five pink crystals keeps you busy. I like the combined puzzle with movable and raising blocks and the torch involved - very clever. Solid camera work as well and a variety of traps provide some action. You even get a mirror room and the only downside is really the flare bug that occurs and incorrect animations with some of the buttons and switches. The Way of Hell (8/8/9/8 45 min. 1 secret): This part is very solidly designed as it eventually brings you back to the start for the final pickup and then lets you escape into daylight with your prize. It has a few timed sequences and one short one is really tough to master. A Portal Guardian and a gem are your quest items along the way and of course the big lava room is truly remarkable with a great course of jumping climbing shimmying crawling all around it. Great camera work as well with two really impressive flybys a good fight with three invisable ahmets and again the only gripe is the occuring flare bug. Bottomline a very solid adventure with great moments and if you cannot manage that timed bit there is certainly a savegame handy somewhere - just ask at the forum." - Michael (12-May-2004)

"Another great work from Pedros. This is a 2-parts level. The first takes place in a library the second one on a base finally you will visit deep caves. Finding the 2nd Secret was quite difficult for me in the burning store-room. The enemies are dogs bats armed man and invisible monsters. Sometimes I was just running around in the cave till I found out that I must pull the lever once more. You have to find and light 4 torches there. You have to collect 5 Pink Crystals on the level for getting on the next one. The 2nd level also takes place in the deep. At the beginning you must get over 2 difficult timed-runs then you have to find the exit in a huge room with lava finally you will find your target: the Statue of the God of Life. Here you must fight with jackals a demigod bats and 2 fiery wraths. But they are not dangerous I didn't use a Medi Pack in my second walkthrough. A skeleton also appears but as you not ought to head back towards him ignore it. There are quite enough weapons: Shotgun UZI Crossbow and the Revolver. The textures are nice and various the puzzles are witty the added sounds adds plus to the experience. I found all the 3 Secrets but just in my second walkthrough. I recommend this great adventure to all of you! You can find a walkthrough savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (28-Mar-2004)

"Lara starts in a Base and finds her way deep into a cave. Graphics in both levels were not bad at all. The only annoying thing was the flare bug. Puzzles were not so tricky but I needed a few tries with the two timed doors. Not many enemies but I thought they were well placed. Lara does find suitable weaponry. I found 3 secrets. The end was triggered by an earthquake when Lara picks up an artifact and then finds her way into the open. Give it a try." - Navi (01-Mar-2004)

"Starting off in a base environment full of guards and dogs the atmosphere rapidly becomes somewhat more exotic as you descend into the ancient ruins on your quest. Why is there always lava? Initially you need to find five pink crystals which involves block pushing lever and torch puzzles and a room full of invisible enemies which I only realised must be ahmets when they burst into flames as they died. There is a mirror room with an extremely well hidden switch and a really fun boulder/spike/slicer dicer sequence before you finally make your way into the second part of this level. Ye gods timed runs aren't easy with jackals snapping at your heels. Actually this particular timed run was jolly hard even without the jackals. There's an enormous beautifully lit lava filled cavern to negotiate and it's not always easy to see your route. I must admit however that I could have done without the earthquake at the end. They always give me a headache." - Jay (26-Feb-2004)

"Start off in laboratories work your way down into the underground ruins where the search for the statue 'The God of Life' begins. (I expected a huge statue but it was rather small ;). ) Enemies are guards dogs bats invisible ahmets and timed doors. Yes I say that these doors are enemies because one of them is so d*mned hard that I couldn't do it myself... Fun but sometimes confusing level. 2 hours net raiding." - G.Croft (28-Jan-2004)

"Opening into the first of these two levels you can be forgiven for thinking it may be just another base level from Piotr but give it about 10 minutes and you will be in anything but. After the base you are thrown into an underground area that gave me the feeling of a castle going by the textures but obviously as it is underground it wasn't here you go on the hunt for 5 red gems each with its own puzzle or battle my favourite of the bunch was the exceptionally smart torch puzzle which is combined with a few other elements such as movable blocks and lowering or raising blocks you also get a trap gauntlet on the way to a gem but although it looks frantic you can actually take your time and avoid most traps easily. After placing the fifth gem you go further underground where you start the second level. Now this one held some really unfortunate things for me and be I so bold as to say for a lot of other players. The main one was that to gain half of a portal guardian you have to complete a couple of short timed runs the second of these so tight and unbelievably difficult that I had to call for help off Val to get a savegame and by the forums was by far not the only one to do so. Having dealt with that you come to a huge lava cave after a lever puzzle well I was just confused beyond belief there seemed so many routes but you really only had to use a very small part of the whole area which made the other areas red herrings and having spent a while there I was quite irritated to find this out maybe if the flare bug wasn't present it would have been a little easier to cope with but as you couldn't use the binoculars you really only found out you were going somewhere unnecessary once there. Finally when you collect the God of Life statue this triggers an earthquake now don't we love them and with the added demolished surroundings finding the exit was a little bit of an annoyance. So I say to these levels I really enjoyed fully the first level which lasted 45 minutes with two secrets in it but found the 40 minute second level with one secret more a chore to get through than anything." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)

"Piotr has built a lot of levels.Personally I think these two levels is the best until now. Lara starts in library rooms kills dogs and soldiers and continues through a small base area. There she needs to pull a switch to open the door and slide down to the catacomb (now the textures change to Rome - I like this) there she needs to search and find five gems. It's not going to be easy: invisible monsters many puzzles to solve timed run in the second level there is double timed gates and a long flyby and the end of the level is a little different. Play and see." - Yoav (14-Jan-2004)

"We all know Pedros by now and his style but I was surprised by seeing a kind of Roman setting in this level. Not that the high tech element is missing but that's only at the start with the disks and SAS dogs that wander around. The first level is something like an introduction of what will follow only it's longer than the second and has the most puzzles. There are red gems to find in lava rooms rooms with all kind of traps from stargates fire boulders spikes being all around you so needless to say how many times Lara got squashed in that room. The area with the torch puzzle was a difficult one too much confusion in it. It seems that if you follow the wrong path after you get the gem you'll be going around circles and have to open certain doors again in order to reach the area with the exit. I am not sure if the door which has the gem behind and the exit door are timed but I do know that the first time I got lost and wandered around for some time which resulted in finding the door to the gem closed as well as the exit. Maybe by following the wrong path I stepped on triggers again that close those doors I am not sure. I am sure though that in order to find your way in that area you need to have a compass. The secret with the Uzi was very challenging but the door along with some others remained closed for quite some time until they reopened again for Lara to exit or enter a room which I found very strange. The second level is a huge lava area with quite a few jumps but the flare bug made it nearly impossible to navigate the binoculars were useless so one had to either proceed blindly and get lucky to find the right way or add flares and throw every now and then to light the path; something that I did. One other area that was difficult to explore because of the binoculars' problem was the mirror room how could we spot that switch behind the fire when we couldn't see; thanks to doc for his help on that room. There is a very tight timed run that hold me at that place for at least five minutes until I succeeded and I am guessing many will have a serious problem due to the fact that Lara has to turn into a corner to catch the door open. A portal guardian is required in this level another pushing blocks puzzle is present and last we have an annoying earthquake I never liked the kind that continues until the end of the level. Luckily it didn't take me long to find the exit. Skeletons bats dogs are some of the enemies the players will have to fight. I found two secrets and missed one in the first level. I liked the overall atmosphere but I hated the second level's lava area because of the bug. In my opinion that is a very serious bug and when the level is as dark as this and has places depending on good eye-sight then I find it necessary to fix that bug before releasing the level. Should you decide to play this level make sure you realize the risks you'll be taking." - Kristina (13-Jan-2004)

"I have to say I enjoyed these two levels immensely and am happy to say I only had a few problems along the way. You begin in a lab type environment and a few battles erupt with guards and dogs. Here I have to mention the secret because that was fabulous and so different. Here you have to go into a room to collect the secret whilst outside a guard is at a switch he's going to set the floor alight and Lara has to pick up the secret and escape before she burns wow great stuff! There are disks to find to open doors and there are also some slight door delays but stick with it because it's all gonna be worth it. Ok so moving on and there are pink gems to find so make your way through dark underground hallways with some push blocks to find light the wall torches and open doors raise blocks and do some bat and dog shooting there's also some invisible ahmets to deal with. This was all very dark cave areas and it can make your eyes sore so take the torch along with you for light but despite the flare bug it was a great task I'm only sad my lighting rating had to be low because of this factor. Now for my niggle! In the mirror room there is an invisible switch I hated that and do not feel that's a fair thing for an author to do I spent hours in that room and thank god for the help thread. Ok so onto the rest still very exciting and I'm getting even more attached to these levels as I go. Some timed runs to do and although I love them one had me totally stuck as my KB can't accommodate such tight turns thanks to Kris who sent me a save! The rest is pretty much the same dark rooms dark caves bats and a demigod to deal with this doesn't tell the whole story of course and do expect traps along the way. I had a very strange happening with a pink gem; I was able to pick it up from above the ledge without going inside its hiding place! Now onto the most fab room of the entire levels the big lava room woowoo I loved it in there I now know the reason for having the FX stuff on because the smoke filled room was awesome and the atmosphere was tremendous. With the huge pillars and the torches burning plus the jumps across the whole huge area everything was marvelously done later on a scary hallway with invisible ahmets and eyes in the walls making spooky noises really got me racing for the door. Collect the Statue of God of Life and an earth quake erupts here Lara simply has to find her way out which isn't too far away but the exit was wonderful with the light at top of the tunnel shining down. Brilliant levels and a pleasure to play." - Moonpooka (13-Jan-2004)
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