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Author(s): Leo Sheng
total rating:5.77 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 7 6 8 7
Blacksheep 7 5 5 6
Duncan 4 4 5 5
eRIC 6 6 7 6
G.Croft 6 5 5 6
Gerty 6 4 7 7
Jose 5 5 6 8
Kristina 4 4 5 5
MichaelP 5 4 6 6
Obig 7 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 3 8 8
Ryan 5 5 6 7
Sash 5 4 6 5
Whistle 5 5 7 6
category averages
(14 reviews)
5.57 4.79 6.36 6.36

Reviewer's comments

"For a first attempt this is quite competent. There's nothing overwhelmingly original and nothing that you'll remember for long time after, but it's clear that this builder has mastered the basics and constructed a well made classic setting and a couple of nice gameplay mechanics involving boulder traps (I liked the one that was reminiscent of TR2, intended or not). The enemies are the usual ninjas and scorpions and the Star Gate theme didn't really come into effect through the course of the level, but that aside this is a solid effort and it's a shame that this builder hasn't made anything else to date." - Ryan (21-Apr-2018)

"Easy to play this small Egyptian level without difficult tasks, few enemies to shoot and well lightened and textured. I found a couple of situations where I had to reload: in the wide ramp with all that spiked balls if you let the balls run to the bottom, when you go there it's impossible to get into the hole in the wall 'cause the spikes and the balls; and in the room with many spikes where I got the second eye piece, if you go out of the block before the last ball stops, there's not a way to go up outside 'cause the spikes in the tile under the ladder. The remaining parts of the game are playable but not very interesting though. At the end the game crashes." - Jose (07-Nov-2016)

"A very pleasant tutorial level that alternates a few dark inside areas and bright outside places. Not very long, not very spectacular, not difficult (it is hard to get stuck here) but it gave me a good time. Not enough flares though." - eRIC (19-Apr-2005)

"Rather a short level with fairly easy gameplay with a few surprise blade traps. No overt puzzles and few enemies-two ninja and a few scorpions. The graphics typical Egyptian but reasonably put together without being spectacular. Lighting had a good mixture of light and dark but more could have been made with sound. The outstanding and novel feature (but only a flyby) was the rolling ball sequence and the spikes. I guess this is a first attempt at writing a level and the author should feel as such he/she made an excellent start." - Whistle (02-Jul-2004)

"The story takes place inside a pyramid. Your objective is getting Pieces till the end Lara exits with a Star Gate in hand - although her target is unknown yet. There are a couple of enemies: armed men scorpions and a mummy. I don't know exactly how much secrets are there on the level I found 2: the Revolver and the UZI. Congratulations for the author as this is his/her first level and is great though a bit short. Unfortunately there are no added sounds and spectacular textures but it was a great Egyptian adventure. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (02-Mar-2004)

"An easy short level that mostly takes place around one main room where the star gate is. You have to find the two pieces of the eye to open it up and end the level. Good surroundings and gameplay but nothing special." - G.Croft (10-Feb-2004)

"A competent first try that I enjoyed playing. I liked the room where the spiked balls coming rolling down the ramps toward Lara but they aren't the real danger. It's a little too short but worth a look. I hope the author returns with another one - not in Egypt." - Duncan (27-Jan-2004)

"Firstly by the name you probably assume this will be the first of a series but it isn't the author states that he may get around to updating this level with some changes and if so it will then be 1.1. To the game well it's set in and around a pyramid and although the level itself wasn't tricky and ran smoothly I still really enjoyed the feel but at only 20 minutes it was gone too soon. Along the way you have to find 2 Hands 2 halves of the Eye of Horus and 2 cartouches note one of the cartouches is dropped by a ninja and as he stands near a jeep if he dies under it you then can't access the cartouche I also found 2 secrets and thought that the boulder spike flyby was just excellent. If the author does happen to tinkle with this level again the only thing I can say is simply make it longer." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)

"This is a first and I have to admit there is plenty of potential to find in here. This starts outside and you need to find a Hand to enter the building. Once in there there are more artifacts to find like the Eye two Cartouche and another Hand. I was stuck for a while above that star gate and the only way down is also the only way you should go without being killed in the fall. There is some swimming to do and some climbing. There are some traps and the one with spikes and a rolling balls never saw that well done. Enemies are scorpions and ninja's. I liked the way that you come back to the place you needed to be. Good flybys to show you where to go they could use some tuning though. Keep on building Leo. Found 2 secrets. 20-01-2004" - Gerty (24-Jan-2004)

"Nice little Egypt style level with hands cartouche and ring pieces to be found in easy to medium challenged gameplay sequences involving slope jumping escaping from spiked boulders and monkey swinging. Author shows he can handle the camera (good fly-by and nice static camera shots). At least two secrets to be found (not too hard but one you may overlook easy and may be lead to your death after finding it nice touch). Some settings show some imagination though the end effect was maybe not really successful like with the room with slopes and many spiked boulders: nice but not really challenging. Enemies are placed adequately (though two appear out of thin air) and also the flare/binoculars bug appears because of the use of many fires. Nevertheless an author who could have something up his sleeve if he would continue building although the readme file suggests he may not have time on his hands to produce some more levels. Definitely play this one to take a breath in between big or extremely hard levels." - bERT (23-Jan-2004)

"I guess that this level is the first work of this author. So I can say this author's working from now is promising. The design of this map is so wide its linkage is very good. There is no puzzle no maze no disgusting enemy in this level. This adventure is a bit safety but if you will be off guard you will be a victim of spikeball traps. Thanks." - Blacksheep (23-Jan-2004)

"Ok it is kind of standard tutorial it is less than 20 minutes long and basically you only kill a few scorpions and ninjas and find and use hands cartouches and the Horus eye to open the 'Stargate'. But I really liked it as it is solidly put together has a few nice ideas thrown in and with simply means still conveys the little storyline. Worth a quick look to see how a first level of an author can look like - basic but fun." - Michael (22-Jan-2004)

"A modest but enjoyable Egyptian level which attempts a few good rolling-boulder sequences (especially the final one) while sticking resolutely to the tried-and-trusted formula. It's 25 minutes of good old-fashioned raiding fun which no-one should deride. It doesn't have a long duration (and therefore gameplay although enjoyable can't be scored too highly) it involves no original textures nor wackily-modified enemies and as a result there will be many people who will do no more than sniff disdainfully at this; but they will be missing the point: that Lara is despite enjoyable excursions elsewhere ultimately about raiding Tombs; and I for one am glad that there are still builders out there who occasionally appreciate this. Pity the ending looks like a rushed afterthought though." - Orbit Dream (22-Jan-2004)

"It's sure is an Egyptian level but as dark as one would think. I actually liked it but it was too short just fifteen minutes. There is a cartouche two hands and the Eye of Eve to find by exploring areas with scorpions and fire spike ball traps as well as spikes at the last part of the level. There is a ninja or two to deal with but somehow I thought it was a pleasant level although there isn't much challenge in it. I guess I have missed a level with a desert like outdoors setting and have become a little tired of the complex puzzles in lengthy games. The end is the link with the title other than that there is nothing extra terrestrial in it to see. If the author finds the time to build another level maybe we will get to play a nice classic adventure preferably with no Egyptian elements other than the location." - Kristina (20-Jan-2004)
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