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Author(s): Hochgiftig
total rating:6.23 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 8 8 8 8
Duncan 7 5 6 7
eRIC 6 6 6 5
eTux 5 5 6 6
Gerty 7 6 6 7
Jay 6 6 6 6
Jose 6 6 7 5
Kristina 6 6 6 7
MichaelP 6 6 6 5
Orbit Dream 6 6 8 6
Ryan 6 6 6 6
Sash 6 6 7 6
category averages
(12 reviews)
6.25 6.00 6.50 6.17

Reviewer's comments

"This is another older level that seemed unremarkable (although not badly made) by today's standards. There are some nice ideas about (the view from beneath the glass floor, the jumps in the green room followed by the death defying drop into a small water pool and some boulder traps), but the texturing seemed crude and the gameplay itself was rather unexciting. Not bad, just not one of my favourites." - Ryan (20-Nov-2016)

"An enjoyable Egyptian level with some new ideas. There are a lot of traps, but always with spiked balls; a lot of gymnastics, it was a good idea to place the water hole at the bottom of the room with many climbing. Many rooms are too dark, but I found enough flares. Few enemies to shoot, sometimes the wall panels with the same texture are not all climbable. Not much care with the texturization, there are many places with stretched or compressed textures. Near the end, in the corridor with the eye receptacle I had to reload 'cause I let the ball pass and couldn't go through. Not very interesting but entertaining enough." - Jose (16-Nov-2016)

"An Egyptian level which is fluent and globally enjoyable. The few dark areas do not add to the enjoyment though. I also wonder what was the use of the pushable object at the end as I could finish the level without it. Also one can get trapped for good if he avoids the last spiked ball in a way that the author has not thought of. The lighting is flat and the texturing average, but still not a bad level in this category. I enjoyed some of the camera views and there is extra gameplay if you go for some secrets. All in all a pleasant 35 minutes level." - eRIC (21-Dec-2007)

"Within Discovery of what? Probably the reason why the author added a seventh secret when it says there's only six and that it can't be picked up even though it registered as 43 secrets making my total 49! Or maybe that after about 50 tries you will discover that it is impossible to collect the grenade gun without having your head bashed in by a falling boulder each time. How about discovering that it is unnecessary to make your way around the internal pyramid and make the jumps up it where indicated but instead realise you can just jump up the corner flat spots saving yourself quite a bit of time. It could be almost discovering why this one transfixed ninja didn't give Lara the time of day and instead walked away from her to a gate that was used earlier in conjunction with a boulder to trigger open another gate but should have been of no real interest to a roving ninja's eye. Or what about being within seconds of discovering that there really isn't a shotgun in the game but the author thought he would play with your mind by adding shotgun shells well I could just have overlooked that one but it's my review so I'm gonna blame others (pokes tongue out)! What I did discover was that this was a pretty nice 40 minute Egyptian level that didn't hold any real difficulties and kept me moving right to the very end." - Sash (23-Jul-2004)

"This is a TUT1 style level with all the sorts of things going on that you would expect plus the addition of some very unusual (and occasionally rather irritating) camera angles. Nothing really different but there is some very nice climbing to be done and the long fall into the water in the green room was definitely the highlight of the whole affair for me. Lots of arms and ammo provided but I just couldn't manage to get the grenade gun. Not that I needed it." - Jay (17-Mar-2004)

"The rising technical standards of recent years have not been kind to many level builders; where once we would have found attacks by scorpions and ninja's enjoyable we now we find them commonplace and old-fashioned; where we expected nothing more than Egyptian textures we now want only the customised and original. I can happily live with all the traditional elements (and indeed value them greatly at times) but I find it very unsatisfactory nowadays to stumble upon the 'untextured climbable wall' in a new level; we all made mistakes back in the early days of building (and the aforementioned climbable wall was probably our most common) but it really shouldn't happen today. In this instance I was stumped for ages at a section that required a climb up an ordinarily textured wall where previously I would not have had this problem (I would have tried everything as a matter of course). Coupled with some 'impossible' secrets and several places where you could get irreversibly stuck this Level became one of irritation more than enjoyment for me. This is not to say that it's an unsatisfactory job; far from it! I enjoyed the climb (and subsequent fall) in the tall green room very much; the small Pyramid was fun; and the pace was on the whole rather fast. But there are too many discrepancies to turn this into another 'little gem' in my opinion. And the download size for such a traditional level was far too big. Were those new audio tracks absolutely necessary?" - Orbit Dream (02-Mar-2004)

"A level of the tutorial persuasion with the expected ninjas textures boulders and such like. Still good linear fun to play for about 40 minutes with two possible stuck situations (one if you pull the 5 levers in the wrong order and one if you jump back to avoid the last boulder rather than run in front of it). Some good camera work here and there and I really enjoyed the green platform room. Oh and I found 7 out of 6 secrets and the inventory showed 66 secrets found as the one shot trigger on the last one seemed to be missing." - Michael (24-Feb-2004)

"Egyptian level you gotta love them and I still do so for me this was a little gem to play. There are two downsides that secret one can't get and it is too short. Was a bit baffled as I was short one Hand and I am not really sure what opened up those double gates maybe that has something to step on every gray tile in the alcoves anyway that was a great way to get another Hand and the Eye. Also a Cartouche is one of the artifacts you need. Apart from some ninjas and a very lost scorpion also an encounter with a mummy. There is more than enough weapons to find I even got two shotguns and two revolvers. Best part was the jumping in this level and that long fall into the water WOW. 17-02-2004" - Gerty (24-Feb-2004)

"A more or less standard Egyptian level with straightforward progression and nothing overly memorable till you reach the final area - where there is a rather interesting camera view from the bottom a well crafted pyramid and an interesting greenery room with a grenade launcher you can try to pick up for a challenge (I didn't manage cause the boulder hit Lara no matter how I tried). Not a bad level at all - the author could work more on the looks of the levels and with some more of his creative ideas I think we might expect a very good level some day - this one is worth the 30 minutes or so that you spend here." - eTux (21-Feb-2004)

"Although a bit short you gotta love a level where you get to a secret within a minute. There's a nice set of jumps with an invisible platform that helps you access another secret. One secret couldn't be picked up - tried from every angle (the one in the middle of the monkey swing over the spikes and at that point I had a secret count of something like 135 out of 70.........don't know how but it was funny! There's nothing about this level I didn't like (except the secret bug). Classic TR with good gameplay and puzzles. You won't be stuck for long and that's half the pleasure - although I got to the end and had to go back to fnd the 'Golden Ornament'. Lots of fun without the frustration." - Bene (16-Feb-2004)

"This one starts with a wacky fly-by that makes you think it's going to rock. But it's very much a standard Egyptian level. Gameplay is standard except in one room where it is necessary to throw five switches to get a screen to drop from around a pole. I found that odd. Towards the end is a very high climb to get a token followed by a fun pyramid climb. Fun to play." - Duncan (15-Feb-2004)

"It's certainly a standard Egyptian level that resembles the tutorial one in many ways. The rooms aren't similar but the whole atmosphere is with the quest items being hands a cartouche and the Eye of Horus. I am not saying it's not a good level but it wasn't challenging in any way. The enemies were very few a couple of scorpions and ninjas with a lonely mummy at one room. I did like the area with the pyramid and the jumps around it though. I found six secrets but there is a bug at the last secret. The sound kept repeating itself and the number of the secrets in the inventory kept ascending until Lara left that narrow room. The end came with Lara running towards the light outside. The level is not innovative but nicely done." - Kristina (14-Feb-2004)
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