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Author(s): Jamie White
total rating:6.34 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Avmaster 7 7 8 7
Gerty 7 6 6 6
Jay 7 6 6 5
Jose 3 6 5 4
Kristina 6 6 6 7
MichaelP 7 6 6 6
Navi 6 6 7 5
Obig 7 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 6 6 5
Phil 7 6 7 7
Ryan 6 7 6 6
Sash 6 8 7 6
Staticon 6 7 7 6
Yoav 7 6 7 8
category averages
(14 reviews)
6.36 6.43 6.50 6.07

Reviewer's comments

"This is another of Jamie's rather haphazardly textured efforts, but it represents an improvement over his fledgling efforts. Rather too dark in places, but you do find enough flares to withstand it. There's more than enough ammo to fend off the ninja, dinosaur and scorpion attacks and you have to find a few Cartouches and Hands of Sirius and Orion, plus use plenty of levers. A playable effort." - Ryan (10-Sep-2017)

"Good attemp, but not funny for me to like. Even when I found enough ammo, guns and flares, after I got the second hand I realized that I couldn't go back to the pool room with the bridge using the same way, and I got many problems to find my way looking for the monkeyswing path in a totally black room. Very simple architecture, not much care with the texturization, nude rooms without objects or furniture to decorate, very easy secrets, many traps to avoid, many levers to pull and no puzzles to solve. Not a bad level, but not very interesting for me 'cause the annoying black rooms and the tedious tasks. Sorry." - Jose (21-May-2017)

"This isn't one of the earliest custom levels, having been released in 2004, but its appearance is rather crude by the standards of that time. Still, it provides a good and exciting raid for the 50 minutes or so that it lasts, with quests for various artifacts and surprise visits back to previous explored areas in order to place them. Along with this level is also the clearest and best-written Hungarian walkthrough I've ever seen, which allowed me to make it all the way through with little difficulty. Still, phrases such as "find Secret #5" with no other direction are not very helpful, so I didn't bother with the secret that was apparently beyond the grate I couldn't open above that pitch-dark room. From the title I was expecting multiple nests of pesky snakes, but the eponymous cobra is just a retextured dragon that appears at the end and doesn't cause nearly as much danger as the accompanying locusts. Not one to recommend, but still a decent level." - Phil (01-Nov-2016)

"Hmm a challenge! Jamie in the readme states there's a mini game in this level and that is to find the crowbar which may in his words bust your balls to find excuse my French (blush) well it must have been because I'm a girly girl without those unwanted dangling accessories that I had no trouble in locating it so challenge one done challenge two for me was getting through the meeting with the giant serpent and it's minions those blasted locusts while trying to push a movable object quite a distance to access the bike. At this point I had had a pretty easy run through the level avoiding boulder traps spike floors and raptor attacks but this part of the level was just sadistic and frustrating. If you are lucky though you should have accumulated enough health to get you through this spot but it's not much fun having to hit the '9' or '0' button time and again while pushing a lumbering statue around. The level aesthetically has Jamie's look all over if you have played his other levels you will know what I mean and this is not a bad thing as the familiarity of his creations for me made me feel at home I will say though that there is a boxy look to most areas and some places like the giant hut areas are quite basic looking. It took me an hour to finish the level with 5 secrets and the crowbar in my inventory." - Sash (28-Jul-2004)

"This is a very good level. You have to fight with armed men dinosaurs finally the huge cobra who lets a swarm of locusts on Lara. Meanwhile you have to collect pieces of the Ba Cartouche the Eye Piece The Hand of Orion and The Hand of Sirius. In the dark room don't forget finding The Hand of Orion as you won't be able to return for it later. You can get over the cobra without using a Medi Pack if you save your game before the attack of the swarm of locusts. After having loaded the game they disappear but you must repeat this method after each swarm. I didn't need a Medi Pack through the game. :) You will also get 2 bikes although you won't need the 2nd one. The end of the level is a bit strange for me as a rolling stone is smashing down and there's no place to hide even you can't climb back. In the next chapter it may will be found out what happened to Lara. The added sounds take an important role in the atmosphere and the textures are also great. Nothing special but they fit well to the level. Although there's a bug in the level. In the first room with water one of the armed men is walking underwater then he followed Lara to the building when she is attacked by the first dinosaurs. I killed him there. :) I found 5 Secrets on the level but I could not get the Grenade Gun in front of the cobra. I recommend this great level to everybody. You can find a walkthrough savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (11-Jun-2004)

"This level is perfect for people with less time. Find the puzzle pieces for the Ba-cartouche combine them and use them. The same for the eye of hours and find the stars. There are two bikes waiting for Lara. You need the Nitro to use it on the bike and to do the jump over to the other side. Without the bike or Nitro it is not possible to do it. Opponents are easy to beat; just the big snake is invincible. Also a push-riddle must be solved. In the room with the cobra locusts attack Lara. The level ends before the rolling ball kills Lara." - Avmaster (23-May-2004)

"Well - certainly this is Jamie's most solid effort at building a level and despite a few thin walls rather boxy rooms fairly linear progression and a ninja walking around under water it offers 45 minutes of solid raiding fun with a few levers 5 or more secrets (could not get the grenade launcher under the cobra's nose) four hands three cartouches and a Horus Eye to collect and use a few statues to push around and a bike jump. The Cobra is nice (and tough with all the locusts) and there are way too many pickups and raptors but the boulders are well used and two funny audio tracks and a few nice fixed cameras spice things up. Definitely a recommended play." - Michael (13-May-2004)

"I don't know what gave me the biggest shock the dino who crept up behind me on the bridge or the ninja walking about underwater slashing at me with his sword. Whilst this is one of Jamie White's rather strange looking hybrid levels I was very pleasantly surprised to find it a definite improvement on his previous offerings. The gameplay seems much more coherent than usual even at times quite exciting. Pickups are lavish; there isn't much in the way of weaponry that you don't find and really all you need is your pistols. Having said which I was quite glad of explosives to blow up the mummies and stop that ghastly coughing. The sequence with the cobra and those horrible locusts was a bit irritating but the short motorbike ride was fun. Not quite sure what the second bike was for apart from running over a couple of dinos. Not at all bad in fact quite playable. Keep up the good work Jamie." - Jay (01-May-2004)

"I think this is the best from Jamie so far and it is a fun one as well. Between all the epics we are seeing this is even a little gem. A minor point is however the many weapons one find two revolvers two uzis two shotguns two grenade launchers and even three crossbows I would call that overkill. The raptors still scare me every time I encounter one and in this game you even can meet three of them head on in a very small room. So I was grateful to have the sight and revolver. As the readme said try to find the crowbar and it must have been my lucky day as I found that and five secrets (and getting that crowbar isn't obvious at all as you need to climb a wall and there is no indication that you can). You need Hands Cartouche and even the Eye and as many of you know I hate bike rides but this one had me going. I had a great laugh seeing that ninja underwater but shooting him was a tad more difficult. There are however still a few thing to learn for Jamie. Story wise it is a solid one now loose all that double hardware. There is however a bug in the Cobra room as I jumped over that block to get the Hand the door for the bike was open. Played that part a second time and now I had to do it the way it was intended the pushing of that statue. But keep them building Jamie as I will keep them playing. 13-04-2004" - Gerty (30-Apr-2004)

"Aside from an annoying Statue pushing sequence there is never a dull moment here. That said I felt that this adventure went on a little too long for its own good as there's only so much you can do with Raptor attacks and Spike Ball traps alternating with one another for an hour or more. Combined with a fairly unsophisticated approach toward texturing (which prevented the build up of much atmosphere) and a tendency to go for large boxy areas instead of convincing locations and this ended up as the sort of adventure that (while often very exciting indeed) failed to engage as fully as it should. The dragon (presumably 'Cobra') sequence was rather annoying as you had to pull yet another Statue while being bitten by dozens of mosquitoes; although getting past on the bike was something of a thrill. Why was Winston (identity confirmed in the Read-me) jive talking? What was the purpose of this quest? And what exactly happened at the end? So many questions; but I suppose the uncomplicated speed-driven gameplay negates the need for any specific answers. It's fast moving unsophisticated fun. Go into it with the right frame of mind and I'm quite sure you'll have a ball." - Orbit Dream (11-Apr-2004)

"An enjoyable little romp around an almost Egyptian setting being chased by some cute raptors that fortunately aren't too difficult to polish off. As the eternal beginner I thought I was doing quite well - I had found plentiful pickups I was in good health and was armed to the teeth - then I met King Cobra. I must admit that despite the frustration of several re-loads I quite enjoyed the statue pushing puzzle which gave access to the motorcycle that sped me to the last part of the level. In all I had a good afternoon and evenings entertainment (though game time was 1 hour and 40 minutes) and I found 4 secrets including the crowbar. The lighting was bright enough but a little flat there were a number of twisted and missing textures and the end is a little abrupt but the camera work was reasonable and the gameplay progressed at a good pace. It also has a fairly good mix of shooting and puzzle solving during the play." - Staticon (11-Apr-2004)

"Well not much to say. The only thing I really liked was the bit with the Cobra. This were Lara has to watch out a bit. She gets the bike and then has some fun ;-) Apart from that the puzzles are fairly simple. Lara finds three cartouches and a few stars; there are a few traps and levers to pull. Not hard and flowing fairly well. Graphics is not very remarkable sound and camera appeared at the important places. Enemies were mainly dinosaurs but Lara finds the needed weaponry. The end...Lara places a star drops into a walkway and a boulder starts rolling...and that's it. Still enjoyable if you choose to play it - have fun ;)" - Navi (11-Apr-2004)

"We already played many levels like this - but it's always interesting and funny to play one more. This is an easy level - need to find some objects, kill a few dinosaurs, ninjas and mummy. Funny thing happened here when the big Cobra snake made the sounds of a dragon lol." - Yoav (11-Apr-2004)

"I was pleased to see that this level was well lit with its dark places here and there of course something that we're not used to from the author. It is one big hunt for secrets and hands as well as cartouche pieces and finally the Eye of Horus. The traps used are mostly spike balls fire and occasionally spikes. The level is straight forward with raptors and small scorpions to deal with until the time comes to meet the big cobra. I'd say it's an interesting level even though there isn't much excitement in it. There were two places that left me baffled. In the pitch black room with the monkey swing there was a room above that needed a hand well after placing it one door opened but the other one behind it didn't so I couldn't get the goodies. Also in the area with the cobra there was a statue you needed to push in two marked tiles but nothing happened so I wonder about those two places. I found four secrets with one of them being the crowbar I never used. The end was abrupt with Lara dropping down a hole and a spike ball that starts to roll down but when it reaches a certain point the level ends." - Kristina (10-Apr-2004)
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