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Author(s): BlingBlingBrat
total rating:7.46 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Avmaster 8 8 8 8
Bene 8 7 8 8
Gerty 8 7 7 8
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 6 7 8 9
Kristina 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 8 8 7 7
Necro 8 7 8 8
Obig 8 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 6 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 7 7 8
Sash 6 7 7 6
SeniorBlitz 8 7 7 8
Whistle 7 6 7 7
Yoav 7 7 8 8
category averages
(17 reviews)
7.53 7.12 7.47 7.71

Reviewer's comments

"This is a fun debut level where you play as Young Lara; the author had that in mind so the level is built around Lara’s limitations which is good. As the name suggest you will pass through rooms each representing an element of nature, but, the level is a bit longer than that, after finishing the main quest you have to encounter a (sort of…) boss so you can get the artefact Lara and Von Croy are looking for. While the textures are pretty standard, there are used to create a very authentic feel and are very well positioned, the gameplay is well done Lara has a variety tasks to do, like avoiding traps and also some puzzles that revolve around the elements. Overall it’s pretty decent and consistent ride, recommended." - SeniorBlitz (18-Nov-2017)

"A good debut; a pain that this builder didn't release more levels. Solid design with a lineal gameplay, this adventure will not be pleasant for young Lara, 'cause she'll find very hard enemies as a hammer god, a demigod or even the powerful Seth. Fortunately you'll find enough medipacks to finish and Von Croy will help you in the last part of the level. Except the puzzle with three raising/lowering blocks, the remaining tasks are simple; only use the earth, water and fire elements and avoid the enemies you'll find. There is a good use of the cameras and musics, and the rooms are usually very well textured. Definitely a level worth to play." - Jose (23-May-2017)

"This was an enjoyable 30-minute adventure through Cleopatra's Palaces with Young Lara. The setting is rather standard, but it's not badly made at all with decent texturing and a cool lighting effect in the final room with Seth and two dogs. You get the usual gameplay from this setting i.e. four black beetles to find and some demigods to evade. Here, however, you get the added bonus of the elements puzzle, as well as Von Croy to guide you along and also some challenging trap sequences (one, in particular with some wall blades and darts, took some accomplishing). I'm glad I gave this older level a go." - Ryan (08-Jan-2017)

"This is an attractive, colorful level that I enjoyed playing. It's an older Young Lara adventure, but there's plenty of light to see and the gameplay is engaging. As the title might suggest, there's a lot of activity centered around torches, sand bags, oil containers and waterskins. You also get to find four black beetles to access the familiar pyramid. Bex's mother Kris of Lara's Home has provided a well-written walkthrough, documenting an Amulet of Horus that apparently has no use in the level. Good fun for nearly an hour. Recommended." - Phil (02-Jun-2014)

"I was surprised at how long this level was. Early on a noticed the three elements puzzles and thought that once I had soolved them, the level would end - but it was just the beginning. It was a typically designed egyptian level (which I usually like so no critisism from me!) and the puzzles are very well executed. I even liked the AI from Von Croy telling you to hurry up, although other than that, I didnt see any point to him being there. Perhaps the designer was just testing him out. Overall it was an enjoyable romp and also a welcome return to user levels for me as I have been away from the scene for a while and I'm glad it was with a level as enjoable as this." - Necro (23-Jun-2010)

"This level is a good adventure. The story takes place in Egyptian temples starring with our young heroine Lara Croft. You have no weapons but your mentor Von Croy helps you for defeating the jackals while you can't do any harm to the demigods locusts and Seth. There are numerous pickups. You have to fill twice the pans of water fire and Earth finally you can get the Dagger of Xian in the spiral of time. I didn't find Secrets on the level. The textures are great and various and there are added sounds as well. There are no too difficult puzzles and timed runs but it's good for beginners. I recommend this great level to everybody. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (12-Sep-2004)

"Young Lara tut level pretty tame you guess well yeah for the most part it was you go round using element objects to proceed then you meet Von Croy and use the element objects again in that time you meet the Hammergod but he isn't too much of a threat. Then the end comes along and oh my god you have to jump into a pit with flying Seth where there are 4 jumpswitches to pull but two are almost invisible to the eye as they are on dark backgrounds and here's young Lara with no flares just to complicate the matter further each time you pull a switch some extra nasty appears dogs locusts demigod so getting out of that pit with your ass not on fire was a nice little challenge. The only real downside to this 30 minute level apart from it being a little straightforward this though gave it a nice quick pace was the fact that not one single itty bitty secret was included but it is a debut so these are things the author will work on for their next outing." - Sash (25-Jul-2004)

"Back to a young Lara. Game play of the linear type with a few branches off to gather the required pickups. These being wrapped round the elements theme. Not very exacting but you get some good features and jumps which keeps the interest going and you should only lose health towards the end. Enemies are few and as you have no weapons best avoided (von Croy does help out once). Graphics are standard Egyptian with some good use of lighting but at time the walls etc can get in the way of seeing just what the little lady is doing. Worth a play as this is a good first attempt at a level and I await further output from BBB." - Whistle (04-Jun-2004)

"The look of the level really kind of reminds you of the good old days (Egypt Cleopal style) but the gameplay - despite being rather sequential - is really refreshing especially for a debut level. We don't get the elements puzzles all that often and here you get water fire and sand even twice each. Also young Lara is really used to advantage here not only in the sense that it makes for grande finale with Seth a demigod dogs and locusts. Two portal guardians and a scroll also mark your way during which you collect the Ankh and the dagger at the end. 40 minutes of fun - give it a try!" - Michael (29-May-2004)

"This is a Young-Lara-Level. She finds the crowbar and many jump switches. The water bag must be used more than once. Lara finds a gem. The Lara-clone was useless I found nothing to do with it or anything which helped me at the place where the clone is standing. There are puzzle items to find with them Lara get the portal guardian. The hammerguy dogs a demigod and Seth make it not easy for her. Werner von Croy kills the dogs but he can't follow Lara into the room with Seth because the doors close behind Lara and Von Croy remains standing outside the room. Open all coffers they hide useful things. Lara must solve riddles about the four elements. There are torches and a jerry can. Some treasure rooms can be found. She needs four beetles to open the pyramid. Traps are swinging axes. Floor tiles raise/lower blocks behind them are beetles. She finds the bag of sand can push vases and finds the Amulet of Horus. To get to the end of the level use the portal guardian place the scroll and get the dagger of Xian. When picking up the dagger the level ends." - Avmaster (23-May-2004)

"Oh no not another young Lara level. We do seem to have had a rash of them just lately. Actually having had that moan I'll own up to enjoying this one. There are some good ideas and the level is very well built. Basically it's the scales of earth water and fire so you need to obtain waterskin oilcan torch bag of sand and also four beetles. You obtain these in various ways including avoiding the hammer god and solving a rising/falling block puzzle. There are also a couple of portal guardians to find and you eventually meet up with Von Croy. You also get to meet Seth which is interesting as always but plenty of medipacks are provided so it's not really too painful. A good first level and I eagerly await the next one from this builder (only please can we have a mature Lara one next time please please pretty please). " - Jay (20-May-2004)

"This time young Lara with no weapons no binoculars has instead her mentor's help in a way. He does manage to protect her from the dogs. This is a first level with much promise. Good puzzles (even if I still don't understand how I got all the beetles) and an understanding of the uses of dark/light- that very effective 'hide in plain sight'. This author seems to have what it takes to become an outstanding level builder and I look forward to future work in a different setting.......spooky mansion perhaps. Anything other than Egyptian which seems too ordinary for the talent and imagination shown here." - Bene (20-May-2004)

"Although this is a young Lara level I have to say it is one of the few I really liked. Lots of stuff to gather and not in a straight forward matter but also not lots of running around and losing your way. That I like. There is a water earth and fire puzzle even twice and also some other nice puzzles. The hammer guy appears but you can avoid his blows. You also will meet uncle Werner and lucky for you he can and will kill any enemies Lara encounters like the dog. Suddenly after opening some doors for uncle Werner he leaves Lara high and dry to avoid the bolts Seth is throwing and if that is not enough a demigod joins the party. There are some nicely done flip maps here and after you found the Ornate Handle and Hathor Effigy Lara leaves this Chamber. 11-05-2004" - Gerty (18-May-2004)

"Very nice mini-game. The author explicitly warns in the readme: 'My first level so give me a break'... But there's no need for such a warning. For a first level it's not a masterpiece (that is after some first levels we've played but I guess we've been spoilt) but it's perfect in all senses. An Egyptian level that doesn't bore you easy enough but challenging enough too with plenty of good ideas and good textures. The fact that it is a young Lara level which I was unaware of (ok I admit I usually do not read the readmes) surprised me at first and several were the times when I tried to draw Lara's inexistent pistols but that doesn't in any way spoil the party. Apart from solving some perfectly solvable but still nice puzzles related to the different elements Lara has to face a couple of traps black dogs locusts a demigod and a furious flying devil on her way to find a powerful dagger. Von Croy shows her the way (well kind of she'd be perfectly able on her own and in the end she's even left alone) and there's a time when he manages to be useful by killing a couple of dogs. If you're looking for a short interesting game without any visible flaws then this is the one for you." - Jorge22 (17-May-2004)

"For a first level this is good indeed. Young Lara adventure's can be difficult to pull off but this one succeeds very well. Nowhere is it too dark and yet darkness is used very effectively; there are several threatening enemies around but none become irritating; there are intriguing floor puzzles (which I solved simply by running around a lot) and a good use of objects. What is especially commendable though is the beautiful pace of the adventure; it begins simply enough but gets progressively trickier and faster the further you go until you reach the breathless Finale. And all of this without firing a single shot! I actually forgot I was controlling Young Lara and I didn't miss the Adult version's abilities one bit. Play this enjoy it and look forward to this Author's next!" - Orbit Dream (16-May-2004)

"It's definitely an Egyptian level which I am not very fond of but this one isn't bad. The puzzles are pretty easy with two portal guardians to find a pharos pillar and at some point Von Croy appears which keeps inviting Lara to get close to him. The areas near the end are quite big with not much around and a demigod that will collaborate with Seth and try to make Lara's life a bit hard. I liked the rooms which held the black beetles especially the one with the raising and lowering blocks it was a nice puzzle. I have to mention that this level has enemies such as dogs along with the others I mentioned above but young Lara has no guns so be careful when you enter a room. For a first try it's very nice and I am confident that the ones to follow will be even better." - Kristina (14-May-2004)

"Another young Lara level this time in Egypt. In this place Lara finds objects like the Small Waterskin Jerrycan 4 Black Beetles and Bag of Sand and she has to deal with a Hammerman and meet with Von Croy. It's a nice level and looks good for her/his first level." - Yoav (14-May-2004)
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