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Author(s): Mikel
total rating:3.01 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cory 3 2 1 2
DJ Full 4 2 4 5
eRIC 3 3 5 5
Gerty 3 3 3 3
Jay 2 2 3 4
Jose 3 4 4 4
Kristina 2 2 3 3
MichaelP 4 2 3 3
Mulf 1 2 3 3
Obig 3 3 3 3
Orbit Dream 2 2 2 4
Oxy 5 3 2 3
Ryan 2 3 3 3
Sash 2 2 3 3
Scottie 5 4 5 5
Torry 4 4 6 5
Treeble 2 3 3 3
Xxenofex 1 1 1 1
category averages
(18 reviews)
2.83 2.61 3.17 3.44

Reviewer's comments

"Using the unmodified Costal wad and TR3 “Coastal Village” textures to build an environment that doesn’t look particularly dilapidated and consists of an assemblage of walls rather than a structure with a particular character or purpose, the builder takes his habit of placing keys or puzzle items on the floor a few tiles away from the place where they’re needed to its extremes here, thus rendering this undertaking particularly pointless. Skeletons as used merely as props, which leaves a few warthogs as your only enemies; spikes are present, but ineffective; torches are present too, but puzzlingly superfluous. The best sequence—when the ground opens up in front of another puzzle item—is undercut by the fact that the circuitous route you’re now supposed to take is entirely redundant, as you can simply jump across the gap instead. The rest is just tedious running through door after door in a monotonous environment. Although the builder allowed himself to tinker with the editor for a few months rather than a few weeks this time around, the result isn’t any better for it; it rather looks like a clear demonstration of the fact that the builder had lost his spark." - Mulf (25-Nov-2019)

"Another short ten minute level that offers little in the way of exploration but for what it is worth it's not that bad. The only real enemies you face are hogs so finding the shotgun in the dark alcove is not really necessary. I have no idea what the torch was for as you did not need it at all." - Torry (07-Oct-2019)

"Very easy to play this short and lineal level. Some crowbar doors to open, some animals to shoot and some traps. The good detail was that the author gives to the player an alternative way if he/she misses the star (very difficult to miss, of course). Not a great level, but well playable anyway." - Jose (29-Jan-2018)

"You'd have to be incredibly inept at Tomb Raiding to get stuck here. The keys and items that you need are located very close by and there is no real "thinking" to be done. A flame trap gauntlet may tax inexperienced raiders a bit, but otherwise everything is very easy. Not really an immersive experience, but it doesn't look too bad." - Ryan (21-Nov-2016)

"Texturing and lighting varies from the most primeval in some places to quite advanced in other areas. Occasional special tiles enrich basic patterns - here with a tree trunk, there with a semi-transparent vine, somewhere else with a ladder. Atmosphere is generally convincing - this game might rest near the bottom but often feels like close to the rooftops as the impression of fake open space is captured quite well. Puzzles are quite obvious and we don't make great effort but I liked the task density - a key here, a crowbar there, a star somewhere else... it seems items are treated similarly to graphic spots mentioned earlier. Intro, goal pickup and outro are marked properly and occasional music helps a lot. SUMMARY: All little things and not too much of them but they're dense and comfy." - DJ Full (31-Jan-2016)

"15 minutes of straightforward linear gameplay. The only things impeding your straightforward progression are a handful of wild boars and a couple of fire traps;while a torch and trident make an appearance yet serve no clear purpose. I rather liked the 'hidden-in-plain-sight key',the apparently impossible to pick up Small Medi-pack,and the chosen textures.Other than it,it's one of those levels where important items are invariably located in extremely close proximity to whatever it is they're needed for. One for completists only." - Orbit Dream (11-May-2010)

"It is a pity that the level builder does not have triggerd the skeletons. Because the inclined player could find the shotgun, this would have been quite a nice variety. Unfortunately, thus one had only a few wild boars and the crocodile as an opponent. I have liked the level, however, nevertheless. There were no stretched textures, a few light duties and for the few dark places enough Flares. The sound felt well and the level had a Finishtrigger. It is everything in it for the small level hunger occasionally." - Scottie (10-May-2010)

"This level is some kind of castle ruins with dead skeletons on the ground. They were killed by traps during the quest. Enemies are wild boars, scary alligator, spikes and darts. Architecture is nice and simple. I didn't like textures very much though they are placed good except on some castle walls, where they gave wallpaper effect. Game-play is straight forward, puzzles were too easy to find. I liked the dark areas and burning fires and missed some sun lights to brighten the silence. In the end you walk toward the light." - Oxy (04-Nov-2008)

"A very short level with no good points of gameplay, the only thing to note is the fire ladders which can be avoided by climbing close to the ground. The texturing is not good and lighting is practically non-existent. The best room was on the roof with the spikes. The level ends after 10 mins." - Cory (02-Nov-2008)

"Very short and linear level. Progression is very simple, as the keys you need are most of the time in the same room. There were two torches that seemed to serve no purpose, though. It looks solid and textures are not bad, but lighting is generally on the bland side. You can get through without even using the key, since you'd actually need it to collect the star, but you can just jump over the trapdoor gap. The end of the world is also within reach in a few areas. 10 minutes. 11/08" - Treeble (01-Nov-2008)

"A nice level with the coastal ruin atmosphere and some textures from the South Pacific. There is no challenge except maybe for the fire burners at the end, it's all straightforward and with the key objects lying on the ground , it is the perfect level for people who have never played Tomb Raider, of for players who want to have an easy raid. At one point, there is a draft of a true puzzle with the golden star, but mainly it is all pretty obvious." - eRIC (09-Sep-2005)

"We are adventuring in a castle; our goal is to gain the spearhead. The level can be completed in some minutes. The enemies are only wild-boars and a crocodile because the skeletons won't wake. I found the level a little bit empty; bare walls no challenges no difficulties. You can neither lose you way on this linear level. It seems to be incomplete. The textures are average no extras and no added sounds either. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (08-Dec-2004)

"I don't really like saying this out loud but this is not a very good level. The author has placed items such as keys crowbar gem near the receptacles they are used in so you don't have to even think for yourself. There are only a handful of enemies and apart from one croc the rest are warthogs which although take more to kill with the pistols are not very challenging enemies. And finally the look which seems to be in some kind of temple was all uniformly textured and came across very blandly not to mention the architecture was very basic. Lasting 20 minutes with no secrets and two unnecessary torches this I'm sorry to say could have been much better." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)

"A quite boring level badly textured badly lit and no gameplay to speak of as required keys lie directly before the doors to be opened. And this is already the third work of the author...Maybe the next level gets better." - Xxenofex (15-Oct-2004)

"To the best of my knowledge Mikel is a very young builder and I think it's great that he sticks to it. This level is a fairly linear 15 minute run through a coastal/castle setting in which you will be shooting a few warthogs and crowbar a few doors open to pick up a trident (with no use for it) gate keys a gem and avoid the usual suspects in terms of traps (darts spikes boulders fires). The fun pieces were getting the torch across (although you don't actually need it at all) and the little quest for the star near the end. Keep going Mikel - I for one will be happy to play more of your work." - Michael (18-Aug-2004)

"This was short and sweet. So short that while playing I was writing the walkthrough at the same time this is a first for me though LOL. Still puzzled what that torch was for though. I am sure with a bit more thought and patience Mikel can build a much better level. 07-08-2004" - Gerty (15-Aug-2004)

"Well not much to say really. Short linear coastal level with a few irritating pigs to shoot and the odd key gem crowbar etc. just lying on the ground where even I couldn't miss them. I quite enjoyed getting the torch across the fire tile area but it turned out to be completely pointless as I never found a use for it." - Jay (15-Aug-2004)

"A first try no doubt and a very short level to play about seven minutes We have empty rooms here with just a few wild boards for enemies and a few items to gather such as a gem two set of keys and the crowbar. Not much else to do but the few boulders and fire traps were well placed. It's always nice to see new builders appearing it makes one think that custom levels have a long way to go still." - Kristina (09-Aug-2004)
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