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Author(s): Morgoth
total rating:8.86 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Dimpfelmoser 10 9 9 8
eRIC 9 9 10 8
EssGee 9 8 8 8
eTux 10 9 9 8
Gerty 9 8 9 9
Jay 9 8 9 9
Jose 7 9 8 9
Kristina 9 8 8 8
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
Minox 9 9 8 8
Navi 10 9 10 9
Obig 10 9 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 7
Relic Hunter 9 9 9 9
Ryan 10 9 9 9
Samu 9 9 9 9
Sash 9 9 8 9
Treeble 10 9 9 9
TrueRaider 8 8 8 8
Xxenofex 10 10 10 10
category averages
(20 reviews)
9.20 8.80 8.85 8.60

Reviewer's comments

"For its age, this has held up well and contains gameplay that was remarkably inventive and enjoyable. This level uses the classic TR4 Tomb of Seth objects and textures to create a spooky and dark (maybe too dark) atmosphere. The gameplay is where it's at. A waterskin puzzle, timed runs, flame traps, swimming challenges, its all here. I really enjoyed it and think it is definitely worth taking a look at." - Ryan (21-Jul-2016)

"This level is quite long and complex. Many large pieces. It lacks some cameras showing the action of a lever. I enjoyed the use of rotating levers, very good idea. The 2 boss at the end are not very difficult when you have explosive arrows. Excellent level." - Minox (06-Jan-2014)

"Here we have a level quite long and complex; very well builded with professional touches, some interesting puzzles and well textured. The only "but" is the continuous backtracking and sometimes the confusing tasks like in the room with the spinning blades and four holes in the floor where it's not easy to think you can't touch the floor. Another times I missed some cameras, like near the end when that doors open and you can running around through another areas looking for something to do. Better play it with the walkthrough." - Jose (07-Oct-2013)

"I was a bit unsure whether I wanted to play this one or not, after getting late to the group raid at Lara's Home and realizing that this was a somewhat troublesome level, but I'm glad I still pursued this because it's undoubtedly one fantastic level. It's all done with basic stuff we've all seen before, but there's a certain freshness here that I can't even describe. It has a non linear feel to it, but generally you'll only reach the areas when you have to, but it goes without saying that backtracking is one fundamental part of this level. There are several nice touches here, such as the 1x1 corridor where you have flames and rotating spikes, the blood pyramid, the altar to Horus. The environments are neatly crafted and carefully textured and lit. Elvis had been raving about this level for a while, and I can certainly understand why! The one thing I could have used more of is cameras showing where to go next, but other than that this is one of the finest raids I've had so far. 80 minutes, 4 secrets. 05/08 LHRP" - Treeble (18-May-2008)

"Probably the best Egyptian level I've played, but it certainly wasn't a simple task. This level is made from 100 rooms but there is at least 2 if not more hours of gameplay involved. I thought all of the puzzles were clever (if not always original) but maybe a few too many of them. It felt very open ended, especially with having a choice of 3 or more different paths to take with the moving blocks, the blood pyramid and the spinning blades bit. Normally I wouldn't class that as a problem, but since you've probably played for an hour already you feel a bit fed up and tired of the same old setting. I recommend taking a break half way through for a day because it's the best way to enjoy it. In the end, I felt satisfied but only as I started on a Friday and finished 24 hours later on a Saturday. I had to take a sneak peek at the walkthrough even though I was part of the Lara's Home Raiding Party for this one. I just wanted to get the level over and done with and after a certain amount of time you're fed up of being stuck and since the playing area is huge, you don't have the desire to bother searching for the answer. A few more camera clues would have helped a lot and perhaps not so many dark areas (although with brightness high it wasn't a massive issue). But it definitely felt like a whole adventure and returning to the outside word the same way you came in was the perfect ending. The concept of this level was excellent - solving tricky puzzles eventually paving the way to offering the sacrifice to Horus and only by doing that could you obtain the final artifact and escape (but not without resistance!)." - TrueRaider (17-May-2008)

"The Sacrifice to Horus is a clever, well designed and well textured level which makes for some interesting puzzling, exploration and gameplay. The atmosphere is good and the level has a genuine feel of an Egyptian tomb. But whilst the lighting colouration is good and contributes to a convincing atmosphere, overall the level is too dark. This combined with the open gameplay makes for a long slow haul through the level. The main hinderance that thwarted my progress was inconsitent use of obscurely marked climbable walls and darkness or dull lighting that contributed to me overlooking many a path to continue with my next task. You no doubt get good value for the time spent in the level, and at just under 3 hours net, it's the longest I've ever taken to get through a single level. Unfortunately this is also a drawback, as you tend to lose impetus and get frustrated with the slow progress, or incessant backtracking, if you miss certain critical pickups. Audio tracks and camera clues were minimal, but there is a good flyby towards the end of the level. Secrets appeared to be a reward for genuine keen raiding skills, which was good. I can recommend this level if you're in a patient and challenging mood because despite its weaknesses, it is a very good level." - EssGee (17-May-2008)

"This is raiding in the grand old style, with beautiful surroundings and many challenging and sometimes offbeat tasks. The only problem is that it's all much too dark, and I've docked the lighting category accordingly. For such a fine level as this to be shrouded in darkness is almost criminal, but I was able to maintain my high level of enjoyment by boosting the gamma on my monitor. You also get nearly two hours of net gaming time with a no-frills download that's not bloated with all those extra (and in my mind needless) sound files. No NGLE, no TREP, just the basic files, and that suits me just fine. Highly recommended." - Phil (14-Apr-2008)

"This is absolutely one of the best egyptian levels I've ever played. It's very important for me that puzzles are good and environment looks good and both of them are very good in this level. Enemies which you have to face during the game are beetles, dogs, giant scorpions and harpies. I liked almost everything in the level but still I can't give full points because this level is quite common. It didn't offer many new and unforgettable game experiences for me but it is still worth to play and I recommend it." - Samu (17-May-2006)

"A great and rather challenging Egyptian level with a good storyline, subtle puzzles, immersive atmosphere, great fly bys and effects, inspired secrets, and some beautiful rooms. Can you ask for more? Oh yes more levels like this please, as this one is a standard of what custom levels should be. Nothing is perfect though, what annoyed me is the excessive darkness, and not enough flares are provided. Also the flares bug kick in at the end. But they are minor complaints compared to the ingenious gameplay and the great feeling of accomplishment at the end." - eRIC (19-Apr-2005)

"It was a great challenge to complete this level. I got stuck at many places and I had several restarts almost from the very beginning. It is very important to explode the mummies because they contain the amulets needed for getting on and later you can't go back to every of them. If you want to collect all the secrets sideways at the room with the 4 levers shoot the two vases only from the crawlspace because they are also time-switches. If you accidentally shoot them before you won't be able to pick up the revolver and the laser-sight. You have to solve many and various puzzles that are intriguing very much. The level is a little bit dark but you are adventuring in an Egyptian milieu in dark caves and temples aren't you. You have to fight giant scorpions mummies jackals harpies and two demigods at the end. Sometimes also scarabs trouble you. If you collect all the secrets you'll have many weapons too; if not that won't be a problem either. I didn't have to use medipacks not a single one. But it is true that Lara became tired a little bit to the end. :) The textures are beautiful and various. There are no added sounds although it was a fantastic adventure I can only advice it to everybody. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: the_sacrifice_to_horus.htm " - Obig (22-Jan-2005)

"I really have to admit to assuming by the name that this was probably going to be a pretty mediocre level with an Egyptian theme you know the drill but I was definitely proven wrong. Instead of an obvious looking Egypt level with loads of sand and a pyramid in the desert you find yourself exploring a temple inside of a massive cave and even if this doesn't sound overly thrilling believe me the look comes over wonderfully. Not only was this aspect of the level done rather well but the atmosphere helped along by the gloomy lighting and the extremely fun and sometimes tricky gameplay gave the entire level a really compelling feel. I was however quite disappointed by the secrets well that's only because I was unable to locate one of the five secrets and as I loved the way they were placed I wanted to get them all in this 100 minute level. This is a definite play for those who like a bit of a challenge like myself but who also like a level that gives the player a chance to get to the end without sheer frustration overload. My only annoyance was that there could have been a few more helpful cameras." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)

"I liked this level very much. It was real Tombraiding of absolute top class and this many cannot build. The level was not formed heavily however very nicely and with a really original gameplay. That's how a level should be. Bravo Gerry!" - Xxenofex (21-Oct-2004)

"This level is a showcase of what custom level building is all about. Yes it has a few customized elements but to a large extent it uses the basic elements of level editing available to us since the end of the year 2000 when the editor was released and yet comes up with an intriguing world to raid that takes you in completely. Great looking caves throughout maybe a little on the dark side at times but where should light come from down underground. You definitely need a keen eye and good sense of orientation to make your way around. Enemies are few but make sense where placed (dogs giant scorpions beetles mummies harpies and demigods near the end). The gameplay while largely based on finding your way offers a few interesting puzzle areas such as the circular blade room and the very rarely used obelisk puzzle. You get to play around with a torch quite a bit a timed run trapped passages and five rather neat secrets as well and I always like it when a level kind of ends up where it started. Classic raiding and a level not to miss." - Michael (23-Sep-2004)

"This has been a couple of marathon Tombraiding days with Matthias and I was ever so glad he was sitting next to me because on my own I would have been lost in a major way. And let's not forget the tight timed run almost in the beginning as I couldn't make even after about 50 tries. The first time around I threw it in the bin so I was ever so pleased that Matthias was here. The gameplay as such is thrilling some clever traps thrown in for good measure. The way the whole game opened up towards the end to get the torch as one still has to light some lamps. A major let down was the flare bug as we had a hard time finding that push block in the end and cheated a bit by jumping behind one statue. The author shows us that there are still enjoyable levels to make with the original textures although for a beginner this can be a bit too hard. Nevertheless it is a level to try. 29-08-2004" - Gerty (02-Sep-2004)

"Well at first I was tempted to give this a 10/10/10/10 because at times it reminded me of The Lost Valley and all the other great games I played in my early TR days. Those innocent days when every level was sourced from the original wads and there was no such foolishness as 40 MB downloads nor custom made outfits. This adventure is the best proof that you can still create excellent levels without new objects new enemies nor new textures. But there is far more to it. An utterly ingenious gameplay with lots of thrills along the way cleverly placed enemies a gripping atmosphere and a great storyline that never lets slacken the suspense for the two hours it took me to complete this. It's quite amazing what you can do with only a 100 rooms and the old tried and tested raiding formula. Well there are some minor glitches like the flare bug an unmarked pushable block or a crawlspace that is too cleverly hidden but by and large you have a pretty good idea where you are going. How long it takes you to get there is a completely different matter though as some of the tasks are fairly tricky. The rather tight timed run near the start gives you some idea that this isn't going to be a walk in the park. Right in the middle the gameplay becomes rather non linear and I found it rather confusing that near the end you get four unlit lamps that virtually beg you to retrieve the torch. Funnily enough the author has devised a way so that you can backtrack to an earlier stage of the level where you last used the torch. Are you still with me?! What I'm trying to say is that you can't return the way you came but it's possible to get back in a different way. And from there to the unlit lamps it's a rather long trip but as it is perfectly possible to do while carrying the torch it seems the most logical thing to do. All the more as there is no other reason why Gerry should provide the raider with an opportunity to backtrack. But as my understanding of it lighting the four lamps has no effect whatsoever. But back to the good bits. Bearing in mind that the setting is strictly Egyptian which is by no means my favourite environment I reckon Gerry has done a pretty good job by making this a very convincing tomb that makes you remember wistfully the first year of the level editor. Great Stuff." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Sep-2004)

"What a wonderful revelation this level was! This one is set in Egypt-like caves and temples the visuals are rather standard and actually could use some tweaking here and there but what this level is so great about is the gameplay. Though at first it really is quite confusing with all the doors you yet have to open in such a vast area and some not so obvious tasks as an invisible crack of which's presence one can guess only because of the opening around the corner it actually is quite linear and resolves if you go on and there are no loose ends left when you return back to the start after getting the scarab and get out in the fresh air. It ain't easy mind you - as the tasks are rather challenging and varied though mostly based on traps but that's not such a bad thing as they are quite distinctive! Sort of like old stuff with a fresh use/look. I do believe a beginner would get through here but this wouldn't be my first choice or recommendation for someone starting with custom levels or tomb raider (but definitely on the 'to-play-someday' list!). There are some very well made camera sequences and mostly they also let you know what you have done if it isn't in plain sight already (though once a chain did activate a door on the other end of the cave without a helpful camera hint). I also liked the nice touches with the mummy coffins and the other opening where supposedly the poor guy had slid in and lost his crossbow which Lara so conveniently could use against the pestering mummies! Overall - a great level for hardened raiders not to be missed also great for group raiding!" - eTux (26-Aug-2004)

"I am not sure if this is a first try but it sure is a great level. It's not an easy one you can place it in the medium difficult category but still there are some cleverly hidden places which might make the player get stuck for good. In a very gloomy atmosphere actually it's quite dark and the flare bug doesn't help at all Lara is searching for serpent items and a waterskin which will help her proceed. I liked very much the gameplay. It's the kind I enjoy challenging yet not extremely difficult and requires thinking. I also liked the inclusion of the pillar puzzle I haven't seen that puzzle in ages in fact I am not sure anyone has used it in a custom level before but I might be wrong. Some of the enemies are big scorpions mummies which you must dispose since some of them have items you need. I must admit the setting isn't spectacular but it doesn't have to be for a player to have fun with a level. I found four secrets and apart from the flare bug and the darkness everything was great in this level. It's highly recommended." - Kristina (23-Aug-2004)

"The author says this is a dark level. Believe him. Luckily it's also a very good level; the potential shown in his first one has been well realised here. There are some challenging clever and unusual things going on and you really will have to think laterally. I especially liked the blade room where you have to jump into depressions in the floor - I can't recall one quite like that before. It was also nice to see a puzzle involving those rotating pillars - ah nostalgia. The Egyptian setting may be fairly conventional but the gameplay certainly is not and it's one of those satisfying levels where everything meshes together at the end with no irritating loose ends. I enjoyed it very much and eagerly await Gerry's next offering." - Jay (23-Aug-2004)

"In my eyes this level was something I really liked again. Just like in the old days of Lara. The puzzles and the surroundings created a superb atmosphere in classic Tomb Raider Style which is what I still like best. The puzzle did make you think at times - like the wheels the torch and the water bottle. I found three secrets so seems I need to put my glasses on next time. ;) Simply superb. Also good graphics and sound. Too bad it is over already. Congratulations to the author." - Navi (22-Aug-2004)

"'Twas another Egyptian level where usually bad gameplay would be expected but this level turned out to be really good. In this level we have to search for a scarab to fill a room with blood and a waterskin to get some of the blood and sacrifice it to Horus to get the golden serpent. The level isn't very hard but it will give you a good raid for sure. Too bad that there weren't many timed runs here the only one was to get into a room with a glass floor and that run was rather tight but I made it. Climbing the orange hieroglyph walls was a pretty unique touch and here we also encountered a familiar puzzle from TR4's 'Great Hypostyle Hall' where we had to turn hanging pointing pillars using a mechanism above those pillars. I noticed that the beetles looked new too. The rooms were constructed well too. However I found that this level had a tad much backtracking to do and you could get confused about where you should go. There were also some good squishy block runs in here too. I really liked the chamber of Horus where you have to offer the blood you collected as a sacrifice to get the serpent. The level takes place around caves and and temples. This level took me two hours to finish and I found two secrets. The enemies in here were dogs big scorpions harpies and demigods. Gerry's level building skills keep getting better and I look forward to playing his next level." - Relic Hunter (20-Aug-2004)
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