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Author(s): austriawing
total rating:5.81 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andzia9 6 6 6 4
Blue43 5 5 6 7
dya1403 4 4 9 9
Gerty 5 6 7 7
Jay 6 6 8 7
Jose 4 5 6 7
Kristina 6 6 8 7
MichaelP 6 6 6 7
Orbit Dream 7 8 6 6
Ryan 5 5 6 7
Sash 7 7 8 7
Treeble 6 5 7 6
Xxenofex 1 1 0 0
category averages
(13 reviews)
5.23 5.38 6.38 6.23

Reviewer's comments

"Well, despite encountering plenty of bugs throughout this set of levels, I was actually able to make it all the way through. But since I was required to make use of the savegame provided in the walkthrough to get round the problem at the start of level 8, my stats had reset themselves, so I have no idea how much total time I spent here, but it must have been close to four hours. As others have mentioned, there are glitches that cripple your experience here and somewhat spoil the impression that this game should have had. The screen went blurred when I encountered Larson and Pierre about halfway through the Greece section, forcing a reload, a few of the textures disappear at random depending on what angle you view Lara at, and a few of the sounds are messed up. Despite all of the bugs, there is the germ of a decent game in here somewhere, it stays true to the classic style of Tomb Raider 1, and the texturing and lighting overall isn't too bad. But overall, I think more beta- testing would have flagged up these problems and made this game more enjoyable. A shame, really." - Ryan (18-Jul-2018)

"I liked the old locations, but unfortunately this adventure has too many bugs. The first levels were not very entertaining; only pull some switches and shoot some enemies. The Egyptian leves were a bit better, but the tasks were very repetitive and sometimes I had to reload an old savegame 'cause there wasn't a way to continue playing. When I arrived to the Greek levels, the screen turned totally black and there wasn't a way to control Lara (I think she was out of the map); in the walkthrough there were a couple of links to download a tom file and a savegame, but today that links don't work so I had to abandone the adventure. A pain. The best: lights and textures." - Jose (18-Jun-2017)

"Well I normally do not write reviews about games I did not finish, but since I played this for a while I thought I'd still write one. I was able to play until level 8 (Greece) when my game quit working. I had read about the bugs and was able to avoid all of them by carefully reading the red highlighted part in the walk-through, but my luck ended with level 8. I tried everything possible to get this game going again, but was not able to use those downloaded files successfully. Also the link to the save-game was dead. So this review is only for about half the game: It starts in a Peru setting with mainly TR1 texturing. I found the builder did a good job capturing the TR1 spirit, look and feel. There is an interesting storyline, where Lara falls asleep and re-lives some of her earlier adventures, which were all in an Egypt setting after that. The game play was very simple with logical and easy tasks. There are several puzzles, but none are complicated, just a bit of lever pulling, block pushing and trigger tiles. I found the 2 rooms where Lara is running against a raising floor and the spikes really well made. Background sounds, camera work and atmosphere were excellent, but unfortunately there were a lot of other sounds missing. The zip-line, the quad bike and many other things were completely silent. The enemies were big and fast crocs and very annoying bats, which they always attacked when climbing and to makes things worse, Lara was unarmed and couldn't get rid of them. Texturing and lighting was nicely done. In the first Peru level thought it was a bit flat at times. Conclusion: A nice game and I think it can be recommended for TR1 fans, but keep in mind that it is buggy and you might not be able to finish it." - Blue43 (21-Oct-2010)

"It's nice to come back to TR1 style, but there are lot of bugs. Some traps and enemies are not doing hurt to Lara. Nice textures, easy traps and puzzles." - Andzia9 (27-May-2009)

"This is a level full of bugs that will give you many headaches. The level itself is quite good, and so is the story behind it. It's just that you have lot of tricks to pull to make it work.And I think raiding is not what this is about.I think Lara had a really bad nightmare from wich unfortulatlly she has woken up." - dya1403 (15-Jan-2007)

Lara's Home (not rated, 10 min.): The author provides a separate script so that you can play a home level to get started with the series but there is really not much to do here, so you might rather want to get right into it. The Falls of Kayan / The Hidden Village / The Leader of Kayan (3/4/5/7, 5+5+5 min., 1+1+0 secrets): An intentionally simplistic start to the series in a TR1 style Peru setting. A few bats and wolves, a bear and some spike traps and many levers. Some rotating blades spice things up a bit. Already a few minor bugs here with missing textures and some graphics issues when you meet the bear. Also none of the sound samples seem to work throughout the whole game. Impressive though was the way the storyline is built in with flybys and text. The Library / The Great Halls of the Pharaos / The Valley of Kings / The Tomb (7/5/7/7, 20+20+10+10 min., 2+2+2+2 secrets): The setting changes to Egypt and the gameplay revolves around a series of push block puzzles that are not too difficult and thus mostly entertaining and not tedious. Enemies are bats and crocodiles, which are tough when they appear as Lara has no weapons. Raising sand is used a few times in combination with spikes and the quad bike adds a bit of fun. Also there are four artefacts to find in 'The Tomb'. Greece / The Temple of Zeus / In the Trap (8/7/7/7, 30+30+20 min., 2+2+3 secrets): I also had the bug with the level jump to Greece not working and thus modified the script and started these levels as a New Game. Setting changes again, enemies are gorillas, grinning lions and crocodiles. Tightrope walking has been added and remains a rather tedious exercise whenever it occurs. There are four keys to find and some rather crude attempts at cut scenes involving Larson and Pierre. But the storyline still works nicely and keeps the interest as you move along. In the last part you get a lot of rubble falling from the ceiling and plenty more blocks to push around. Back to Atlantis / Atlantis / The Lost Tale (7/7/6/6, 25+20+10 min., 2+2+3 secrets): For that final stage of the adventure Lara has another outfit and makes her way in a rather linear fashion through the three levels, picking up several gate keys, battling centaurs, crocs, rats, bats and eventually all the prehistoric wildlife and the TR1 mutant. Many traps spice things up a bit, including burners, boulders, spikes, darts, steam and more. There are also more timed sequences but none of them is really very hard to accomplish. I liked the use of the gearwheel puzzle as this is rare in custom levels, but this last section felt a bit rushed with many texture errors and 'end of the world' problems. All in all this is quite a massive series even though each individual level is short and not difficult. Maybe the project scope was a bit overambitious and focus on only one of the worlds may eventually have led to a better result, but despite some of those bugs in the game, I applaud the author for the effort, although the ending with the lava rising is a bit of an anti-climax. - Michael (03-Jul-2005)

"To download and install this level I needed longer than to play it. The first level still ran normally however there were such mistakes that it was impossible to play further. I could also not begin a new game and hence this series was already over after about 10 minutes for me. I have also read that it can come in the course of the play to more and more problems and therefore I can only recommend to the author to build a better level." - Xxenofex (28-Nov-2004)

"Where do I begin? This has been one of those gaming epics that I genuinely wondered if I'd ever complete whilst nonetheless persevering with a dedication and singlemindedness (probably rooted in insanity) that almost caused a family rift in the Smith household. The root cause of this frustration are the bugs many of which are totally crippling and (even with the help of savegames and patches) seriously cripple every players progression. Yet progress I did determined to see this through (even though out of unfortunate necessity I had to replay huge stretches at a time) for deep down beneath the myriad flaws it possessed a spark of originality of undoubted flair which kept me battling heroically on. It certainly wasn't much evident in the first few levels (Peru) which are as run-of-the-mill as they come; but the Egypt section was an improvement (in a fast moving straightforward kind of way) while Greece was a positive joy. Indeed the Grecian section of the adventure was actually one of the finer level sets I've played with some clever gameplay design impressive architecture and unexpectedly novel moments (the tightrope walking for example). It collapses in quality somewhat with the Atlantis set although the final level (actually two conjoined) was certainly an epic. Nevertheless those bugs were painfully ubiquitous and managed to successfully scupper moments of potential enjoyment in particular the absence of a vital dropped Door Key at a crucial moment. Replaying the level (having charged blithely ahead in ignorance of the missing object until halted in my tracks at an unopenable door) the key in question materialised on my second attempt but by this time the enjoyment had faded. Incidents such as this were depressingly manifest throughout these 12 levels and I fear that too many people will write this adventure off as a bad deal. But they would be wrong to do so! For beneath the errors lies an enjoyable challenge on a rather epic scale which charges along from location to location (aping the settings of TR1 without ever being too plagiaristic) and providing a succession of enjoyable (and occasionally startling) moments. The outdoor areas never convince and (aside from the excellent Greek section) a certain rushed sloppiness tends to prevail (the bugs in the gameplay are an obvious manifestation); nevertheless I recommend this to those with the patience to persevere as it's a brave and worthy effort. Not a great level series by any means by without doubt a noble (flawed) attempt to create an Epic. This is Daniel's second Level release. I'm hoping third time lucky!" - Orbit Dream (25-Nov-2004)

"When you download the zip and open it, you see lots and lots of toms to be converted. You begin drooling at the thoughts of having one long game like TR1. But what you get isn't exactly that... To start off, I am not sure why the author has supplied so many samples when they never work. Pretty much about everything is silent on ALL of these levels. A shame. There are several bugs along the way, some of them could have been easily ironed out. A shame. And to tap it all, gameplay is rather simple as is the lighting, so not even a greatest story will save it. A pity. The Falls Of Kayan: The introductory level. We're in Peru, and in this level gameplay can be simplified to the push-push lever progression. The baddies (wolves and bats) make no sound and the doors also have a problem with sounds. Generally good use of textures but lighting is almost non-existent. Level ends when pushing a lever. 9 minutes, 1 secret. The Hidden Village: Level starts exactly where the first one left off. I wonder why this wasn't implemented into the first level, as it only has a few different paths on the same level. Baddies still didn't make sound, there were three of those spinning machines (one with 8 blades) and I came across at least two bugs: if you cross one door the game crashes and when fighting the bear the screen went mad. Enter the darkness and the level is over. 9 minutes. The Leader Of Kayan: Starts with a short cutscene of the leader himself waking up (nicely done) and the level is pretty short, just the battle itself and two texts explaining the next adventure. I actually enjoyed when the skeleton dodged one shot by jumping sideways, but he didn't do the trick twice. And it was a nice surprise to kill him with the Shotgun. 3 minutes. The Library: This level is set in Egypt back in 1985, so there you have the grown up Lara, but unarmed. Her best weapon here is her brain. But she won't need it that much, as the gameplay revolves, basically, around pushing blocks to the marked tiles and finding two keys. There were some pesky animals to outrun, and the giant crocodiles were really mean by not letting me pick up that secret (but I managed to get them 'dizzy' by running in circles and gaining enough time). Pity they're just as silent as the wolves and bears back in Peru... 20 minutes, 2 secrets. The Great Halls Of The Pharaohs: In theory, Lara SHOULD be unarmed here, but for some strange Force, she can draw invisible guns and fire. This is useful against the only enemy here, but it shouldn't happen. Just another bug. Speaking of which, if you use the corner bug in the first room, you'll find two secrets in the level, whereas the author points to exist only one, so I am not sure if the author forgot it or what? Rolling balls didn't roll here, instead they floated around, and that was really weird. They even stopped in mid air! A bit of block pushing here and there and the level is over. 20 minutes, 2 of 1 secrets. The Valley Of Kings: A cut shows Lara dreaming (I suppose) and the dream reveals her next location. This level is pretty much a racing level, with a MUTE quadbike. A few levers to push and soon you reach the place to use the scroll you got in the Halls. Then the level ends. A few design flaws I found here, and the quadbike could easily get stuck in practically any corner. 8 minutes, 2 secrets. The Tomb: The final level of Egypt. A little quest for the four Artifacts of Death. There's a useless torch around too, and once again, an additional secret. I am beginning to think Daniel has rushed this game. The puzzles are pretty easy and show no treat to anyone who ever played Tomb Raider before. Lara was supposed to find guns in the end of the level, in that cutscene, but she can use them even without having them yet! 10 minutes, 2 of 1 secrets. Greece: The first crucial bug I ran into. I didn't know I had the wrong version till I got near to the finish of the level and found that the doors wouldn't open. Thanks to Kristina tip at the forum I went to the Levelbase and downloaded the fixed version, along with a savegame (previous ones won't work). I had to replay the whole level again (for the sake of having the walkthrough correct), but then that wasn't really a bad thing - since I knew my way through, I finished it up sooner than expected taking another route. Still, the puzzle with the raising platforms doesn't make sense. There were more levers to throw, more blocks to push and tightropes to walk. Somehow the gameplay is getting repetitive. A cutscene plays at the end, where Lara kills Larson (supposedly, I guess). Funny thing is that the level is set in 1962 - and Lara's still the same as nowadays. Gosh, doesn't this woman AGE? 20 minutes, 1 secret. The Temple Of Zeus: It's Zeus temple, but you actually meet Thor here. Your quest is to find the Star Of Zeus, which as soon as you lay your hands onto it the level ends. In this level you actually kill Larson and Pierre (with a couple of bugs, indeed). One tricky jump to a monkey swing you can't see from the slide and several swinging axes. The degree of difficulty is indeed growing, but levels still aren't really long. 20 minutes, 2 secrets. In The Trap: The level already starts with you over a falling platform (and a secret a couple meters away from you). Certainly this is the most defying level of this series yet, even if it's not really difficult. There are two timed doors, one with jumps which is easily done (you don't need to step on all of them, make two running jumps and you'll get past it with good time left). Nothing really we all haven't seen before, with the exception of the crossed tightropes, and triggering doors walking on them. That was a nice touch, the level ends with a cutscene of Lara diving into the ocean, and so are over the Greece levels. 20 minutes, 3 secrets. Back To Atlantis: Again, like in Greece, if you don't want people swimming around in the Ocean, use sinks instead of death squares. It keeps player sane and pushes possible frustration away. Cameras didn't work here properly. I came across several untextured spots, some badly designed areas and rats walking on the lava. Must be a new breed. Maybe too many levers to throw specifically in this one, which is a bit longer than the rest. It wasn't explained at all why Lara came back to Atlantis? Oh yes, and in the very first room you can take one illegal shortcut by just jumping up. Nice touch was the flood/drain room. 30 minutes, 2 secrets. Atlantis: This one has better gameplay than the rest of the set and flows nicely. Even the huge experiment of TR1 - Humongous - makes an appearance here, in a room smaller than him, but oh well, he still could move and attack. And fall miserably after four shots of the Magnum. Basically gameplay is about finding the Gate Keys and using them, there are five of them if my mind serves me. You get the First Soul Of Atlantis, and off to the valley we go looking for the second one. 20 minutes, 2 secrets. The Lost Tale: The final level, and as short and easy as the first bunch of levels. This is a lost valley, so expect several dinosaurs here. There are raptors, pterodactyls, T-Rex and prehistoric versions of the ahmet and crocodiles. The atmosphere really isn't bad here, but the level is pretty short so you don't get to experience it that much. Your quest: find the three cogs to open the door to the T-Rex swamp, from whom you'll get the Second Soul of Atlantis. Combine both, return to the previous level for a one minute action, use the artifact and the game is over. Really over, like, you get a 2 second animation of Lara standing up and that's it. 10 minutes, 3 secrets. Bottomline: This was not a bad idea, but it will leave you desiring that it was what you had hoped for. And indeed I must agree with Kristina, I am even bound to believe that Daniel himself has not played his own game thoroughly to spot some bugs that pop into your eyes! Combined total of: 3 hours, 22 secrets." - Treeble (16-Nov-2004)

"Oh what could have been! When I realised that this download contained 13 playable levels plus a home level (I never call them playable) I almost wet myself with anticipation so I got myself a drink and a little snack and hunkered down at the pc (it was a weekend and my boyfriend was at of one his mates talking cars and other testosterone things so I knew I could play for hours well there was some housework to do also but really priorities!). As the game started and I saw it used the much loved TR1 textures I got even more excited (dreamy visions of similar levels to Loren Golden's Tomb Raider Peru sprang to mind) then after 10 minutes the first level finished okay I thought that was just a prelude like taste of things to come then bang after 12 minutes the second level finished and had included a room that made the level crash and a meeting with a bear that turned the screen into a kaleidoscope of unwatchable pixels that could only be fixed by exiting out of the game and restarting again. The game itself also showed signs of being fairly basic even without the problems I had encountered but I played on. The next 6 levels happily played through fine with no problems apart from short durations and easy repetitive puzzling usually involving ziplines and movable blocks but then the ending of the Greece level hit and it was all over red rover. After using a couple of keys a set of gates remained closed and so did the rest of the levels for me. Reading there was a fixed level out there I downloaded it only to find my saves didn't work even one from the previous level to Greece didn't let me load into the Greece level so as I wasn't going to replay the whole thing I decided the next best thing was to rename each remaining level tut1 and play them singularly. Playing this way I at least got to see what I would have missed and found that it was pretty much more of the same though now you got a lot of tightrope walks instead of ziplines but the movable blocks stayed there en force. I do have to congratulate this author though as after Lara's House in Paris or whatever that catastrophe was called I really was surprised that something on this grand a scale (even if they were short at no more than 30 minutes for the longest there still was all those levels) was accomplished for the most part and that there was a storyline to join them all together helped along by text intros to some levels. I just wish that there had been some more testing and that at least the key-door problem had been spotted so that I could have played through as intended. If you're lucky to get a revised totally fixed game you will get about 4 hours of easy to moderate gaming and 29 secrets of which I collected 24 to find. By the way the levels revolve around Peru like Egyptian Grecian and an Atlantean theme with each getting about 3 or so levels." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)

"This is a series of very short levels which I found just slightly bitty and disjointed but then they are supposed to be dreams. The big plus point for me was the excellent TR1 textures and atmosphere. It all felt so authentic and was such classic TR1 raiding that it almost seemed odd that Lara was able to crawl and sprint let alone use zip lines and tight-ropes. It started off very gently and gradually became just a little more challenging as the levels progressed. I especially liked the Atlantis section - it was lovely to see those visceral textures the centaurs and the boss baddie again and the gameplay was interesting. Admittedly there are bugs going on. I had to get a savegame from the author to access the Greece level and use the level skip cheat to get to Atlantis. However if you like TR1 levels and you can cope with a bug or two there is a lot to enjoy here." - Jay (15-Oct-2004)

"I loved to see the textures of TR 1 again specially the Cistern ones. What I don't get is why there were so many very very short levels. Anyway this could have used some thorough testing as there are some mishaps in here like the horizon and some of the animation. As I recall I didn't had that much problems with this game apart from the last level and had to play a big part without saving as some animation didn't went too well. A shame really as this could have been a much better game altogether. 01-10-2004" - Gerty (10-Oct-2004)

"I think it was a good idea to create a game with a TR1 Lara and setting but somehow it didn't turn out as expected I guess. There are far too many bugs which if I were to list here it would take me a long time so to give you an idea there are texture bugs horizon ones animation and object bugs as well. I liked the kind of gameplay this game features and if you are a TR1 fan this is definitely for you. Given the fact though that I encountered bugs which prevented me from finishing a couple of levels (I actually needed savegames from the author to proceed which were kindly provided) I am afraid it spoiled the whole thing for me. It is nice though to see Lara being able to balance on a tightrope and generally have TR4 moves. As for enemies crocodiles bats rats and centaurs are some of them but I liked the idea of disposing a skeleton with a single shotgun shot and not having to find water or a big gap to force him into. Most of the levels are just too short and I think the author could have provided fewer levels but longer ones. The letters at some point in the game are so fast that by the time you see them appearing they're gone already. In general it is a nice effort but in my opinion it should have been tested thoroughly since there are many things that need fixing. I found twenty secrets." - Kristina (20-Sep-2004)
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