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Author(s): Marksdad
total rating:7.40 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 7 7 8 8
eRIC 8 8 8 7
Gerty 7 6 7 7
Jay 8 7 7 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 8
Jose 7 6 7 7
Kristina 7 7 7 8
MichaelP 8 6 7 7
Moonpooka 7 7 7 6
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 6 8 8
Sash 8 7 8 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
7.58 7.00 7.58 7.42

Reviewer's comments

"This is more of a shooter than anything else, and a bitch of a one too. It does have some enjoyable timed runs (one with an aggravating fixed camera) and a couple of fun box puzzles to compensate for that. There were moments that I didn't think I would complete this due to a lack of medipacks, but I pulled through and there were times when Lara was down to just a sliver of life and I was able to use a scarce medipack. I thought the first flyby was looping but it turned out that it was simply showing the objective of our quest up close...Try it if you dare." - Ryan (25-Apr-2017)

"The first two levels have a "city of the dead" style and it's not easy to survive 'cause the machine guns and the lots of guards; also there are few medipacks and ammo. The last level is an egyptian level, and it's a bit easy, except the hard timed run in the room with the deadly floor. Not enough ammo for the revolver; even in the room with two machine guns you can arrive out of bullets and it'll be very hard to continue losing a lot of health; also in the final room with the T-Rex and many enemies, I had to run for my life and as I could escape. I think there were excessive enemies in all levels, secrets were not hard to find and there are some texture defects in small surfaces, but the level is well playable and entertaining with some interesting puzzles with moveable blocks. Enjoyable." - Jose (17-Oct-2013)

"For three levels you get a little over an hour's worth of gameplay, and it's a pleasant enough romp. It's marked by a couple of my pet peeves--fixed camera angles (of which there were more than a few here) and cutscenes where enemies start chewing on you before you're allowed to regain control--but the engaging timed runs sprinkled throughout this adventure more than offset those minor flaws. The environs were suitably varied but not inspired enough to win any prizes. In short, a competent release from the Olde School that's fun to play. After all, that's the main reason I'm here in the first place. Try it for an entertaining diversion." - Phil (06-Jul-2010)

"The beginning flyby lets you know Lara is in for a battle. The hand of Sirius is well protected and you see a large medipack inside a gated area right behind Lara(there is a reason I am mentioning that medipack). So, if this is a shooter and IT IS for a great deal of the journey from town, to base, to desert....where are Lara's weapons? Ammo? Sufficient medipacks? Oh yeah, there is a revolver.... with scant ammo and there are medipacks......barely. By the time Lara made it to the aforementioned large medi, she was running on memory dreams of health. The health bar was black, not a single, itty, bitty red stripe to be seen. Didn't know she could do that and I never want to see it again. Nice jumping and timed runs relieved the constant search for Lara's next bit of health before the next onslaught. Silly me, I gave a sigh of relief when Lara got to retrieve the Hand. Little did I know that before this was over there was let me see...can I call it a Boss fight when there is a scorpion chomping on Lara (with a fixed camera, so no defense there) only to be released from that to have a TRex in her face and Ninjas dancing on her almost dead body? Maybe I can call it a multi-boss little get together.....a fun little gathering. If this sounds like fun to you then this is a must download. Next time, Ian, if I'm going in then please give me a nice little grenade launcher. Actually, this was a lot of fun(at times) - with invisible tiles, a really great timed jump sequence over hot tiles, and a very sneaky place to pick up half of a cartouche - that was a nice, if only I had a grenade launcher." - Bene (03-Nov-2008)

"Return to San Marco (9 9 7 7) This City level is a very good one with plenty of action, some of them require some observation and thinking which is certainly a big plus. Watch out for your health! A lot of thought has been put in the use of enemies and in the clever placement of objects. Some good shimmying/jumping in a tall room and the timed doors are not only simple timed tasks but puzzles of their own. Excellent! The abuse of power (7 7 8 8) Short but rather exciting army base level with fun yet not too difficult tasks and a couple of movable blocks puzzles. I noticed a good lighting in this one. I had to add some revolver ammos with the Savegame Editor otherwise I am not sure it is possible to go beyond the sentry guns. Also I bumped into one invisible block before the first timed door. Nevertheless a good level with good use of fixed cameras. The Healing (6 6 7 6) Very short. A nasty puzzle with a timed door and trigger tiles aggravated by the use of a fixed camera. I understand this is to help the player to better see where the good tiles are (and perhaps to hide the way to the secret), but controlling Lara's moves is really a pain. Many and many instant deaths here, which is not very fun. On the other hand there is another timed door with a bit of jumping which is a very good puzzle that the guys of Core Design would have been proud to have designed. I like also the room with the rope, the hints for the invisible blocks and I was glad to see the TR1 texturing for this Egyptian level. I notice that the two parts of the cartouche become a canopic jar which is funny, but I guess this was intentional as a prelude to the strange ending. For what I understand, there is some kind of redemption taking place in the land once Lara's mission is completed. All in all, a good adventure with actions, baddies, and puzzles (with a couple of irritating bits). The author has tried and succeeded to tell a story, and I like the frequent views to the blue sky." - eRIC (30-Jul-2005)

"The Return to San Marco - The first of three levels Lara is of course on the hunt for the Hand of Sirius in a city environment but some nasty SAS have taken control of it and whisked it away. Now I don't mind a bit of action in the levels I play but geez Louis Ian I started getting a bit of a complex with the amount of guys shooting at me let alone the evil automatic guns doing what they do best giving me the poops with their incessant volley of shots. Actually I really enjoyed the thrill of the down and dirty nature of the violence in this level as I've played quite a few levels recently where enemies were kept to a minimum and my bloodlust had needed an outlet. Oh yeah there are some cool timed runs and a timed swim to add to the mix as well. 30 minutes 1 secret. The Abuse of Power - Well me thinks the title could refer to Ian's vengeful omnipotent abuse of us lowly players as he unleashes yet more SAS by the battalion load. Finally the Hand will be in your possession at the end of this base level but to get there you have much more shooting to do as well as you guessed it some more timed moves and a couple of automatic guns to send to the scrap heap. You even get a small bike ride but it was maybe a little bit underused. 25 minutes 1 secret. The Healing - We've made it all the way to Egypt now but still those darn SAS have a way of dogging poor Lara. Thankfully though there are only a spattering of them the meeting with the T-Rex is where the enemy thrill factor comes in but alas with one revolver shot the big bad boy goes down like a sack of you know what. And oh my god how surprised was I to find some timed jumps here (insert ironic tone) actually I love timed moves so the more the merrier and the ones that have been included in these sets of levels have all been great. You end in a couple of eclectic rooms that for some reason felt a little anticlimactic but hey who cares it's all about the journey not the end and I really enjoyed the journey. 15 minutes 1 secret. So maybe these levels don't have the most gorgeous settings and maybe there is a slight repetitive nature to the gaming I for one really had a great time with them and think you will to." - Sash (11-Nov-2004)

"When Ian was at my place a friend of ours played this level and he was busy with another one. I remember clearly that we cursed him as Lara got shot while doing the monkey climb and having hardly any medipacks in Lara's back pack. Ian laughed yeah right.... in the meantime he was cursing the builder of the level he was playing for the same reason. Serves you right Ian. Of course there are timed runs swims and even more runs in this level trust Ian to do just that. Lots of guards shooting at Lara and you better hide as some of them are shooting behind a fence so you can't get at them (yet). I love to take out the sentry guns and apart from the ones at the monkey climb the one inside the building is rather sneaky to do as well. I had a good laugh getting to the T-Rex as he and I stood face to face and he just kept on roaring. 12-10-2004" - Gerty (28-Oct-2004)

"My first impressions were I was back in the first level editor days but in a nice well done way. Throughout the game you keep that impression but there's something newer hard to define too at the same time. Lara has to find a star and then make her way to the end of the level. It isn't always obvious but it's also never too complicated and it involves a lot of shoot'em up scenes even though the medipacks are scarce - so you'd better watch out for those medipacks! In the very end Lara arrives in a room with a lever where she's simultaneously attacked by a scorpion two soldiers two ninjas and a T Rex! I did shoot at the T Rex for very long but didn't manage to kill it so I decided to try and proceed without condemning the creature to extinction. Then there's a psychedelic ending and it's over. Nice level to relax while killing a whole lot of baddies along the way. (October 13 2004)" - Jorge22 (15-Oct-2004)

"This starts off interestingly with some nice sneaky touches and a good timed swim which involves avoiding fire tiles. Prepare to be well shot up by various guards and sentry guns. It's a lovely satisfying moment when you finally get the revolver and can start to take your revenge. I do so enjoy sneaking around behind sentry guns and blowing them to bits. The whole thing starts out as a bit of a shooter gradually evolves into a base type environment and ends up in Egypt which gives a nice bit of variety but the guards are omnipresent and you really will need to watch your health. The gameplay is good with some entertaining puzzles and well conceived timed runs which I thoroughly enjoyed and I can't believe I just said that. OK nurse you can take me away for my medication and lie down now. Seriously I think this is the best thing Ian has done and I'm jolly glad he decided to carry on building after all." - Jay (09-Oct-2004)

"I tested this for Ian and it was an absolute pleasure. I like lots of shooting and this is what you'll get guards a plenty as you search for the Hand of Sirius. There are three levels to wade through and each has its own atmosphere so it doesn't get tedious and of course Ian has added his wonderful timed runs and timed swims one of which is an absolute killer over some gold fire tiles there's a secret in this place as well and it's likely most will miss it but I liked its location. You'll get to shoot out sentry guns guards ninjas and scorpions then at the end a T-Rex scorpions plus ninjas all in one room. I don't think I've ever encountered that before! Rooms were nice though a tad empty at times but block moves and a bike ride plus all that gunning down cheer it all up. Save your health though because this is a tough Ian is always mean with his health packs but I'm not complaining it all adds to the challenge. A very nice set of levels and fun to play. Thank you Ian." - Moonpooka (03-Oct-2004)

"I almost wished I could rater this higher as it is very obvious how much work Ian has invested in this little series. But there are a couple of reasons why I scored it the way I did. First things first though. This opens up with a nice little flyby intro (very well done) and then another flyby as the first level begins. Both show you the heavily guarded infamous Hand of Sirius and draw you into the story. And the first of the three levels you then get to play was really rather well crafted. I had played an earlier version of this at the TR Meeting in June so was able to zoom through it pretty quickly in half an hour but it is good fun with a couple of quite original ideas such as the timed swim clever use of sentry guns that you have to eliminate an interesting high room with jumps and shimmy passages the timed run with the three trigger tiles. Good stuff. The second part is more Base- than City-oriented and due to SAS and sentry guns you will actually need to be careful about your health and make sure you keep a spare revolver ammo (I didn't and had to go back to a save game). Found the only secret here (are there more?) and had a bit of fun with the movable block puzzles some pillar jumping and platforming another timed swim (the underwater maze is not too bad) and finally managed to get Lara's hands on the Hand of Sirius and make an escape on the bike with a few interesting camera angles. The second part was only about 20 minutes long and the last one is then even shorter - in a desert/Egypt scenario with a tricky timed run/jumps over tiles a hunt for two cartouche pieces a funny battle with a scorpion a T-Rex two ninjas and a SAS guard (what a combination) and a rather psychedelic ending that I thought looked great. All in all just over an hour of fun raiding not too hard on the brain cells but requires some taking care with all the guards around. Definitely worth playing!" - Michael (15-Sep-2004)

"A new level from the author and it's nice to see he's still building. It was a nice surprise to play three levels in one game since we're not used to this kind of game from him. The gameplay is straight forward with base like settings a sort of an Egyptian one with light coloured textures and a bastard timed run. The only difficulty I had was in the last level with the burning floor and the timed gate not to mention I had to reload a savegame because I couldn't understand what triggered the gate to open the first time. The golden tiles give you the solution which ones to step on to in the next room but it's not easy to jump exactly on the first one in a position that will allow you to continue without delay. That isn't the only timed run in the game but the other was easy enough. I like this simple gameplay were Lara transfers from outside areas to indoor ones and one can feel relaxed playing. I don't like SAS and sentry guns though but that is a general preference and doesn't concern only this game. There are a few glitches such missing textures at the loading screen and the 'end of the world' bug. Nonetheless it's a game worth playing." - Kristina (15-Sep-2004)
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