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Author(s): mattioz
total rating:5.09 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 8 8 8 8
Duncan 5 5 5 5
eRIC 4 6 6 4
Gerty 5 6 5 5
Jay 4 5 5 5
Jose 3 3 4 3
Kristina 3 3 4 4
MichaelP 5 6 5 5
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 4
Ryan 5 5 6 5
Sash 4 6 7 5
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.64 5.36 5.55 4.82

Reviewer's comments

"Nothing very interesting in this short level. An easy puzzle with a moveable block and a button you can't reset (reload), a fight with a bull and some scarabs and a mirror room near the end. The architecture is very simple (connected boxes), many areas are too dark and I only found flares at the middle of the level, the textures are flat and not well applied (stretched), wrong animations for the switches, not enemies to shoot, empty rooms without objects... Really the appearance is not good even when the level is playable." - Jose (22-Jun-2017)

"Matt's second level shows a visible improvement, in looks and in gameplay. This time, we get some beetles to take care of, a raising block puzzle, a hidden blade trap room, a bullfight and a mirror room. Some nice varied coloured lighting spices things up. A bit too dark in places and there were some missing textures (one in particular confused me as I thought it was a genuine opening). No enemies, but I personally didn't mind, even though the ammo was unnecessary." - Ryan (24-Apr-2017)

"A short level , that did not look too good in the beginning with a big empty room with stretched textures and long corridors. But it gets better later on and there is nice touches with some lighting effects (don't miss the pink secret room by the way), use of the bull , a moving/raising block puzzle (that can not be reset though), a trapped room with dead soldiers , and a mirror room near the end. For the 1st secret, you will have to endure a swarm of beetles so watch out for your health if you go for it. A fluent level with the atmosphere of the city of the dead which works rather well here." - eRIC (03-Nov-2008)

"As far as 20 minute levels go this one is up there because it is just plain odd. Now some eclectic looking levels can just be grating on the nerves but for me this one although short on pretty much everything puzzles enemies and duration just struck a chord and I thoroughly enjoyed it for the blink of an eye time it lasted. The thing this does have a fair few of is secrets and I found 3 of the 4 though it felt like the area where you pick up the crossbow was a secret but didn't register so if so I found all of them. If you do like to find the secrets just let me give you a little tip for the first DON'T do what I did and retrieve it with the beetles on your heels as health will go bye bye very quickly just wait and you can collect it comfortably....if only I had waited." - Sash (29-Nov-2004)

"This is a fun level by an author who is still learning the ropes. You get a torch you don't need and weapons that you have no enemies to use them on. I think this one flows pretty well and has some clever bits. Keep at it and kick our asses next time!" - Duncan (08-Nov-2004)

"Ah excellent - Matt has made real progress since his first level. This one has definite moments of interest slightly more adventurous use of textures and a pretty good mirror room. Enemies are the bull wraiths and those ghastly beetles (well it IS the pyramid of the scarab after all). Why when you hang over an edge or drop into water to get rid of those beetles is there ALWAYS one stubborn bugger that refuses to jump? There are five pieces of armour to collect and then you can make your way out of the pyramid. Well done Matt you're really learning that level editor." - Jay (01-Nov-2004)

"This was a mixture of the old and new. Matt has been experimenting that is for sure. But it was fun nevertheless although I could have done without the wraiths but shooting at them did help a bit. The block pushing so that it can rise was a bit of a bummer as in my game I couldn't reset it. Lucky me that I saved before pulling. There are still missing textures and thin walls and what that torch was for I still don't know. Keep at it Matt. Found 3 secrets. 23-10-2004" - Gerty (28-Oct-2004)

"This is a real improvement over Matt's first and shows a good grasp of gameplay originality (I loved the scarabs pouring down the water hole). This small level is rather fun and fast moving but the textures are still very poor in many places and continually detract from the atmosphere. The download is also rather big for such a short level; but what the hey try it anyway! You'll still have fun." - Orbit Dream (24-Oct-2004)

"It's a very short level about fifteen minutes with no enemies except some small beetles. It has to be a first try judging from the stretched textures and empty big rooms. Lara has to pass blades and fires swim a little push a block and some buttons to open the doors to proceed. There is a bull to help her with one set of doors and a torch I have no idea what it was for. One thing that was quite amusing was seeing butts coming out of the pistols every time Lara was shooting. Near the end she will pick up the five pieces of the armor and swim once again towards freedom this time. I found one secret the revolver." - Kristina (24-Oct-2004)

"From the opening ball/blade drop to beetles to a bull this one is a wild ride. I didn't catch my breath until after I found the torch although I didn't find a use for a lit torch. But I did find three secrets. There's good use of light/dark areas and beautiful use of color. Especially in the fire columns and the pinkish/purple secret room. More of a demo than a full game it is short but gone are the big empty rooms. All very much improved from Matt's first try. I'm looking forward to his next one. Definitely worth the download. Good work Matt." - Bene (24-Oct-2004)

"There you go - only a few weeks after his debut Matt comes back and certainly has already much improved his building skills. What you get here is just over 20 minutes of fast paced raiding. This time more experimenting has been done with outfit textures lighting some cameras four secrets (of which I found three) and some rather interesting mix and use of enemies (beetles bull and wraiths). There is also a water flipmap and a rather cool fire effect in one room an easy push / raising block puzzle and a few blade traps and a mirror room. You get to pick up the five armor pieces near the end. On the downside while technically Matt's skills are on a steep learning curve there are still rather empty rooms around and still many unnecessarily dark areas with nothing to find in them. The occasional thin wall and missing texture still exists as well but all in all this is a definite step forward and I am sure we will be seeing more and more interesting things from this author as he continues to build his eight level series." - Michael (21-Oct-2004)
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