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Author(s): Sheevah
total rating:8.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Akcy 9 10 10 9
Danja 6 7 7 7
Duncan 8 7 8 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Gill 8 8 10 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
Jose 7 8 9 8
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Lady Lara 8 8 9 9
manarch2 5 6 7 6
MichaelP 8 8 9 8
misho98 7 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 6 6 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
reborn1995 7 8 8 9
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Treeble 8 8 9 9
Whistle 8 8 9 10
category averages
(19 reviews)
7.47 7.68 8.47 8.37

Reviewer's comments

"This is a pretty entertaining Advent level that contains a couple of quite ingenious touches, particularly making a snowball roll down a ramp to clear a path, an enjoyable block puzzle in the attic and a couple of enjoyable snowmobile rides across gorges. Otherwise, it's mostly key finding and a bit of climbing, but it's entertaining enough for the time it lasts." - Ryan (16-Dec-2017)

"Not a big fan of the beginning of the level, I lost some time wondering what to do - never would've thought to shoot the snowman if I hadn't read the walktrough. The snowmobile part wasn't exciting for me but I take is as a little intro to the actual level - the house. It's fun to explore it, you have some cool tasks to do like visit a basement under the kitchen and melt the ice outside although if you loose the torch you have to reload an earlier save since there's only one. The level shares some similarities with the builder's next release - Sheevah's home so this kinda feels like an earlier version of it. Textures and lighting are fine with some mistakes here and there, atmosphere is relaxed and chill which is perfect for a holiday level. Finished in 40 minutes and found all four secrets, good job!" - misho98 (24-Dec-2015)

"It's not too often that I find an Advent level to be tedious,but this certainly managed it on several occasions.For a start,it is filled with that uniquely Germanic style of gameplay where static objects abound,some of which are interactive while the majority are not;and you need to try shooting absolutely everything you see in the hope of getting something to happen somewhere.Then you have the 'hide an object inside another object' concept;in this case a crowbar lever hidden inside one of several dozen small bushes.Finally,the author throws in several 'backtrack considerable distances in order to do something which enables something else,right back at the other end of the level,to happen' sequences;but never mind,because she also helpfully includes some chirpy Christmasy tunes to accompany your generally aimless wandering.Counter to this the construction is perfectly sound,with some interesting pushable object and monkeyswing ideas;and the lighting and texturing is creative and diligent.Nonetheless,even with the inclusion of a few entertaining snowmobile jumps,the contrived nature of the gameplay of this Advent level singularly failed to get me into the appropriate festive spirit.Maybe you'll have better luck with it." - Orbit Dream (08-Dec-2014)

"As an late addition to the 2003 advent calendar I missed last year, it's fairly nice and sweet and very apt for the season. First you'll have a bit of fun with the snowmobile before the game moves inside a house with more pedestrian and unexiting gameplay. There are a few good usages of blocks and I enjoyed the few minutes in the attic but overall you'll often run from one point to another collecting quite a bunch of items. The looks are solid, yet most textures and objects have been used a few times too often before which doesn't add to the excitement. I still enjoyed the very charming and carefully placed sounds, a few nice flybys and a few rooms stand a bit out from the others visually. Really not a level that will expand your experiences but it remains a peaceful, relaxing Christmas level. Found five secrets in 20 minutes." - manarch2 (07-Dec-2014)

"Another good level from this author. This time was hard for me 'cause it's easy to miss something and often you'll have to retrace your steps to look for necessary items, but once inside the house the gameplay is better (except the trapdoor without handle). There are some sneaky touches here and there; no enemies, of course; and a bunch of secrets not difficult to find. Also I liked the well choosen melodies when entering in different areas, but I missed cameras in the outside area so the player can avoid the backtracking. Recommended anyway." - Jose (18-Nov-2013)

"Sheesh, even Sheevah's Christmas levels are dark. But that wasn't too distracting here, as the charming enemy-free icy environs make for a relaxing and not very taxing raid. There's a lot of area to cover (and to cover again, although the backtracking here was not overdone), so even with Moonpooka's walkthrough it took me just about an hour to cover everything. Some of the artifacts were so hard to see (the first gem and the two items you need to shoot in order to gain entrance to the house) that I would never have known they were there had it not been for the walkthrough. A nice little level." - Phil (11-Oct-2007)

"Very nicely decorated level, the rooms furnished enough to look real. Interesting gameplay, as we melt the little lake and use the waterskin to put out the fireplace, walk through a cobweb. There are some hidden trapdoors and moveable blocks, but it was easy to find them. The main quest objects are four candles, and Santa's Star. The five secrets are snowflakes, that was a nice touch. We also use the speed fuel for the snowbike, I've never seen that before, also the moveable snowball, great addition to this festive level. One odd thing, the bathroom reminded me of 2001 movie. I liked the added musics, helped ot create Xmas atmosphere." - Akcy (29-Dec-2006)

"A very nice-made level. The cobweb under the house was great! That was a cool effect. It isn't difficult to make, but it looked really so COOL! The puzzles were very good (and not too difficult). But there are some things I have to say. I will start at the beginning of the level. A good beginning, but where Lara Croft comes from? Did she use a teleport? She just slides down from nowhere. I really like levels with a good beginning, like starting in a desert and fall through the sand into a tomb for example. But this is different. But never mind. Then, there are so many levels with torches... But if you accidently throw the torch into a pit, you will not be able to pick it up any more. Then, the house. It is so huge... Looks like a gieant lives in that house. Giant cupboards so Lara has to jump to climb up. There are also not so many objects as in "Sheevah's home". That was a great level! But I'm talking about "Jingle Bells". The doors... There were some you couldn't open, but it doesn't matter. Then the cameras. They were also just good. The sounded-textures were good as well. That was it." - Danja (02-Jun-2006)

"The entire first half of this level with the snowmobile was actually semi-dull in my opinion. it's very linear and seems like "filler" just leading up to the really good and exciting part once you get to the house. The scernery though is very good and the objects and places are fun to explore. i liked the music in several places. i personally didn't like that this level was set at night though. It didn't seem to add any significant ambience. Despite the criticisms, i'm glad i played this level. Definitely worth one play for sure." - reborn1995 (25-May-2006)

"What a brilliant home level! You start off in some snow covered valleys, you eventually find (and tune) the hidden snowmobile and jump across the ravines to reach this lovely house. Your quest is to find the four Advent candles, hidden thoroughly. There were some nice touches, like dismantling the cobweb by walking through it, collecting snowflakes and melting down the frozen lake outside, but don't think gameplay is piece of cake (it's fairly easy). I got myself wondering what to do next in the attic, with the moving blocks and the jumpswitch (got distracted by the secret there lol) and the crawlspace hidden behind the tree, in the area with the Santa statue. All in all, this is one great level, I played in mid-March but I still could feel the Christmas spirit in this level. Make sure you play this one. 40 minutes, 5 secrets. 03/05" - Treeble (13-Mar-2005)

"A nice seasonal romp through the snow however no enemies to splat (it is the season of good will I suppose). Although this is a seasonal level it is also well worth plating as it really gets you thinking in parts (the beginning for one). You get your snow mobile etc and do the jumps to get to the house were you then run from room to room looking for among other items the four candles. Once all found you are allowed to eventually leave. Good use of the burning bush to melt the ice. The graphics really set of the winter scene complete with falling snow. Light and dark in the house make you look carefully and use the flares etc to get around. Good bright Xmas decorations also add to the scenario. Well worth playing even if it is now the new year." - Whistle (04-Jan-2005)

"This level is lovely and it's a must to play. It's very well laid out textures lighting and sound effects really gives you that Xmas feel and atmosphere that was expected from this level. I just loved seeing the snow falling snowballs and snowman some of which are puzzles. Then it was off again to have a ride on my lovely snow-bike which I crashed a few times before finding or realising that I needed the nitro-feeder to get you across the deep pit. After which you then came to this most beautiful house by an iced lake and as you enter this lovely decorated lounge with a fire blazing you just wanted to warm yourself up for bit after that cold bike But you can't rest for too long as there are some puzzles to solve and things to do. Your main objective is finding the four candles. The most interesting room for me was the attic this room had me stumped for bit but managed to sort out the block puzzle but had no clue how to reach the candle after wondering around thinking I needed another block that would assist me but only to find it was the cobwebs that would suffice in getting to the candle absolutely lovely touch. If you haven't played this level yet you're missing out on a lovely Xmas Lara Adventure thank you Sheevah for creating such a wonderful and interesting level of gameplay." - Gill (22-Nov-2004)

"First time around (last year during Advent) I only found three secrets but this time I had all five of them so I am a happy camper. I know I liked the level quite a lot the first time and that hasn't changed. It isn't a walk in the park but I am glad to say that it isn't that hard. I liked the puzzles and trying everything out as you never know what to expect. Memories of X-mas and that.. I always love. 09-11-2004" - Gerty (21-Nov-2004)

"I am very happy that Sheevah finally released her Levelbase Advent Calendar level from 2003. It gave me just above half an hour of a run through memory lane as I had played it back then and just did again now. There is plenty of things to do here as you make your way with the snowmobile towards the house and then get to explore the interior in your quest for the four candles and eventually the Christmas Star for Santa. The level actually has plenty of sneaky moments where it is easy to miss something if you don't keep your eyes wide open and it is set at night so rather dark and you will be lighting quite a few flares as you make your way through. The five snowflake secrets are all not that hard to find but fun to look out for. I liked all the small touches that Sheevah included like actually breaking a cobweb (great!) extinguishing a fire melting the frozen lake and the clever course under the roof. And the choice and use of music throughout makes this such a wonderful Christmas experience. One not to miss." - Michael (20-Nov-2004)

"Fun level for the season! I am so glad I could cheat my way around of the snowmobile jump as I could not make it even with the nitrous (my fault). Some new things like shooting snowmen and moving snowballs which had me stuck at first. Loved the indoor part - it was so lovely and cozy inside. Got a bit warm when I set myself on fire but I figured out how to avoid that after a few tries. All in all a lovely level." - Lady Lara (16-Nov-2004)

"This is one of the charming Christmas levels from last December's Levelbase Advent Calendar and I'm glad Sheevah has finally decided to release it 'officially'. I was only too pleased to play it again and enjoy the lovely atmosphere - the beautiful snowy landscapes the cosy house with its decorations and the fun of exploring to find the four candles for the wreath the snowflake secrets with their accompanying Christmas music - well worth a revisit. I'm feeling in a really Christmassy mood now. " - Jay (16-Nov-2004)

"I'm aware that the author explicitly says in the readme that this level isn't supposed to be reviewed by anyone (but she also says it isn't supposed to be hosted and it is now) but I'll still take the chance of reviewing it here. First of all and even though I did try to push a couple of snowballs near the beginning I never found the nitrous oxide to make Lara's motorbike run faster and jump across the first pit. But there's a way to get the bike down to the bottom of the pit without having Lara exploding each time. That's what I did. The rest of the way you can do it by foot and get to the main house. Christmas levels are always nice and this particular one is very well built. After arriving in the house and opening the door Lara must find four candles and five secrets (The snowflakes? I only found four) moving along in a Christmas ambience coupled with some darker places such as the cellar and a place full of boxes and spider webs. There was one particular web which I enjoyed because it's destroyed when Lara passes it thus giving us a brief moment of reality. There are no enemies but there are several shootable objects (including snowmen) a torch puzzle and a waterskin puzzle. Using the webs on the ceiling for monkey swinging was also nice. Very very good mini-game. Play it now for a touch of Christmas! (November 12 2004)" - Jorge22 (13-Nov-2004)

"The author warns not to review this level so here I am reviewing it. A bit late for last Christmas and rather early for the next nonetheless this is a nice seasonal offering. There are no enemies and the gameplay is straight forward. Keep your eyes open! A pleasant and enjoyable level that delivers exactly what it says it shall." - Duncan (08-Nov-2004)

"We are used to gloomy atmospheres from the author and her Christmas level makes no exception. It's a cold day in December 20 2003 and while snowing outside Lara will have to find a way to enter the warm house. She will have the snowmobile at first but after requiring the right weapon and find a gem she will be able to enter the house. There are many doors and keys to find as well as a star and a trident to finish the level. The basement in the kitchen was spooky with a cobweb there to show us that no one has been down there for a long time. We have a torch puzzle moving blocks and five secrets to find but I only found four snowflakes. I enjoyed this very much especially shooting at snowmen. The blue barely noticeable balls were a sneaky trick as well as the moving snow ball. Once again there are no enemies to find which makes the Christmas levels suitable for kids. The four candles are spread around in different areas but cameras are placed in important areas to help the player so it's fairly easy. Don't miss any of the Advent Calendar's levels this Christmas." - Kristina (01-Nov-2004)
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