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Author(s): Nils Bengfort
total rating:7.27 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Duncan 8 8 8 7
Dutchy 8 6 7 5
eRIC 7 6 6 6
EssGee 7 7 7 6
Gerty 8 6 6 6
Gill 8 7 8 6
Jay 9 7 7 7
Jose 9 8 7 7
Kristina 8 7 8 7
MichaelP 9 7 6 6
Orbit Dream 8 7 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 7 7
Sash 7 7 7 7
Scottie 9 8 8 7
Xela 9 7 7 6
category averages
(16 reviews)
8.13 7.13 7.13 6.69

Reviewer's comments

"Here's a nice little Coastal level from the early years. The gameplay is based around nonstop jumping, with very little actual puzzling thrown in, but it works well for all that. My only gripe was that it was a bit too dark in many places, but otherwise I enjoyed it." - Ryan (19-Jan-2017)

"Here's another delightful Catacombs level from the early years, and this one's not marred by floating butts as the last one was. It provides a little more than 50 minutes of gaming fun, and the best part is near the end with a nifty extended acrobatic exercise through a couple of spiked rooms. Definitely old school, but it suffers not at all because of that. Crocs, skeletons and wild boars are the enemies of note, and Dutchy has provided a walkthrough that documents all the moves. Recommended." - Phil (01-Apr-2015)

"A truly enjoyable 40 minute level that is definitely worth playing. This treat clearly shows that you don't have to create some large, opulent odyssey to give the player a good time. While the experience itself may be somewhat standard in terms of atmosphere (typical coastal environment), the gameplay really shines through, giving some challenging platforming for the player to carefully work though. I only wish that there had been a little more light to illuminate my surroundings while playing. Other than that minor critique, a solid short level to delve into." - Xela (26-Jul-2013)

"Here's a forgotten little gem that everyone should have a look at. True,the Gameplay is exclusively about tricky but fun jumping;the enemies are skeletons,crocs and pigs;and the atmosphere is your standard Coastal stuff...but if you want an example of how to put together a fun,absorbing,shortish (40 minute level) which is solid,challenging and entertaining,then take a look at this.The layout is well devised (some apparently superfluous areas become important later on);the tasks are interesting;progression has some back-and-forth about it but in an ingenious way,and doesn't seem so designed as to pad out the duration.The only disapointment was the lack of an ultimate prize;but this remains a superb example of what can be done with a standard wad.Highly recommended!" - Orbit Dream (28-Aug-2009)

"Aim is here to find two Horsemen-Gem, with which Lara can open the door at the level end. But before, she must still find both parts of the Portal Guardian. And a key. And the crowbar. And she must fight with crocodiles and skeletons. And may dive several times. And must show her jump propertys. Sounds after very eventful 40 minutes of play pleasure. It sounds not only in such a way, it also is in such a way. Indeed, the lighting could have been better. Either it was too light, or it was too dark. And for the dark places, one has found flares a little bit late. For it the textures were processed very nicely, indeed, here and there are paper-thin walls. The sound was standard and the riddles relatively easy. Result: A good leve, which would could stand a little bit more accurateness." - Scottie (18-Apr-2009)

"This is pretty much a standard coastal style level. You'll need to avoid the skellies as you don't get the shotgun until late in the sequence of events. Your main object here is to find the Hathor Effigy/Ornate Handle and obtain two Horseman open the final gates. Sadly poor Lara goes home empty handed in this one. Although the general texturing and architecture is good, there are many texturing errors. There appears to be a dead end when you slide down into a beach area with three crocs, so be careful with your saves. Additional flares could have come a lot earlier when I really needed them but the trusty binoculars will get you through. The level could be subtitled 'Spike Death', as there is an absolute sea of these traps you need to avoid, if you get my 'point' he... he... but if you look they are all marked fairly. Just don't hang around in the one spot too long. Puzzle solving is simple in the level - mostly involving flooding a deep chamber. For me, the highlight of this level is the various slide/jump/grab/flip combo challenges that you need to negotiate; there's a couple of rippers here. The last of which I needed to use some creative saving mid-slide to save some frustration. These were really well put together and will get your fingers tappin' to get through them. Good fun and makes the level well worth playing just to conquer these courses." - EssGee (10-Mar-2007)

A Coastal ruins level, mostly inside, with some good ideas, that provides a tricky course for Lara, but the difficulty of the tasks are only average. Really a pity it's so dark in the big room where you have to perform interesting (and not too challenging jumps), that really spoiled the fun, and you don't get flares immediately. Some textures glitches. Some enemies well used, and sometimes too well used as you never have a lot of space to maneuvre in these narrow areas. Also you can grab the Hathor effigy by an unintended way, using 'banana' curved jumps. The end of the game is more fun, with two interesting rooms with plenty of little challenges to master: curved jumps, ladders, spiked and boulders. A good first try. - eRIC (20-Jun-2005)

"I thought this was a really good first level. I very much enjoyed the jumping about; some of it was quite challenging and well thought out, especially the sequence of manoeuvres in the room with the slopes, ladders, spikes and boulders. I had a wonderful time with that one. Not much in the way of enemies - just a few pigs, crocodiles and skeletons - the emphasis really is on agility with this level. The coastal setting is competently done and I had a thoroughly good time. I can't wait to see what this builder comes up with next." - Jay (07-Feb-2005)

"At the beginning there is a climbable wall, which doesn't have a ladder texture. In the room with the water around, Lara runs over the water and there are no sounds and splashing. In the room with skeletons there is a wafer thin wall. Where you put the Portal Guardian is not very real that Lara trespass the wooden trapdoor. In one of the spiked rooms, Lara can be trapped in a 'illegal slope' and you have to reload a savegame. Geometry is simple and the ambience is only correct. Few flares for many dark areas. But enemies are well, only one secret and the gameplay is very good, almost linear, with very difficult tasks sometimes for professional players. A level which most of the players will like." - Jose (04-Feb-2005)

"You don't get much coast in this mainly indoor catacomb level but it seems that some of the coastal water has seeped into the temple and made it a bit of a damp place in spots unfortunately the crocs followed that water in. The temple itself is quite well designed with trigger tiles that reconfigure the look of some areas and the two spike/boulder/jump rooms that hold the gems you will need to finish were just what the doctor ordered. I was a little confused about an area in one of the water tunnels that was actually dry with shotgun ammo in it that you could not access because it was not water filled and also a medipack that you couldn't pick up in another tight water tunnel but these were neither secrets so although they were unnecessary I still wondered why the author included them. I really enjoyed this 35 minute level though it would have been great if there were more than the one secret I found or is there?!?" - Sash (26-Jan-2005)

"A very faithful Coastal setting here although more inside than outside. This is your level if you enjoy a bit of fun and clever jumping. Especially the rooms to get the gems near the end are great. To get there you need to deal with a few warthogs some crocs in tight spaces several skeletons and need to find the crowbar a gate key the portal guardian. I thought lighting did not work very well as it was either too bright or too dark and colours were thrown in rather at random. There are also a few areas which are a bit mazelike and I did not enjoy those all that much but the jumping makes all up for it so try this one if you dare." - Michael (16-Jan-2005)

"Apart from playing together we also wrote the walkthrough for this level Dutchy and I that is and it was fun to do. And now Dutchy could see how dark it was playing on the PC and how bright the screen was playing it on the Mac. Apart from that I liked what Nils did with it some very nice jumping to get your hands on the Gems. Glad we found the shotgun as the skeletons are a menace without it. I loved the trigger tiles great idea. The typical enemies one can expect in a Catacomb level are here. Have a go at it and you will be surprised. 21-12-2004" - Gerty (04-Jan-2005)

"It's a pity this one came out right before the 'Back to Basics' challenge as its quite similar. It seems to be a first level but has got the basics right. There are some good bits such as the two rooms where Lara has to get the jewels and the big room that switches into a ramp. I thought there was a bit too much back tracking in the gameplay. However it's a fine bit of business and I hope the author will give us more." - Duncan (03-Jan-2005)

"This is quite a nice level but I did find it quite difficult in places though. Your mission in this level is to find some keys crowbar hathor effigy ornate handle two gems and the quite well hidden shotgun which you see at the very start of your adventure. Your enemies are skeletons water hogs and some crocs and during your mission you will have to do some really clever jumping from slopes to ladders to avoid spikes and boulders to retrieve your gems and I must admit in one of these room's I did have a lot of trouble in getting across. On the whole this is quite a well laid out level and I thoroughly enjoyed it but I did find it quite dark in places especially in the room where you retrieved your hathor effigy. I would say most raiders would enjoy this lovely little adventure as long as you like to doing some masterful jumping skills than you should have no problem in finishing the game so d/load this lovely little adventure and give it a bash." - Gill (26-Dec-2004)

"From what I gathered it's probably the first attempt to build a level and this one turned out to be quite good. I like catacombs levels and this is one of those with skeletons crocodiles and wild boars but trap as well like spikes boulders. The goal is to find a few items by exploring areas outdoors but indoors too. I liked the kind of gameplay this had it was fast paced and enjoyable. There are some mistakes though like a thin wall and not well placed textures in a few places also some illegal slopes here and there. It's about thirty five minutes and I also found one secret. I will be looking for the author's next level as this one left a good impression on me." - Kristina (22-Dec-2004)

"My first review the level was nice to play in a temple like surrounding too dark at points but overall it was fun in those spike rooms with the jumps the death toll was high before I found out how to do those jumps and when you finally get there you get squashed by boulders so you have to start again because I always forget to save when it gets exciting. No real puzzles but getting to the trigger tiles was hard enough. You have to find the Portal Guardian and then the search for the place to put it starts then the quest for the 2 Gems to open the final door. I liked it..." - Dutchy (22-Dec-2004)
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