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Author(s): Camel
total rating:2.77 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Catherin 4 4 3 3
DJ Full 1 4 2 5
Gerty 1 3 2 2
JoeTheCrazyGamer 1 1 1 1
Jose 1 2 1 3
Kristina 3 3 3 3
MichaelP 2 4 1 3
Moonpooka 2 3 2 3
Obig 3 4 3 4
Orbit Dream 2 3 2 3
Ryan 2 3 2 3
Sash 1 2 2 2
sonnyd83 7 6 6 8
Staticon 2 3 2 2
Treeble 2 3 2 2
Whistle 3 2 4 5
category averages
(16 reviews)
2.31 3.13 2.38 3.25

Reviewer's comments

"JUST DON'T" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (17-Jun-2019)

"Well, I know why I didn't finish thislevel in the past. Now with the help of DJ's walkthrough and using the flycheat I was able to finish it. The only challenge you can find here is a tight timed run, but doable if you sprint fast; once you use the flycheat, get all the weapons and unlimited ammo, fight with the enemies is not interesting. Very short level not worth to play." - Jose (23-Apr-2019)

"Another colourful level from this author containing harmless traps, various enemies and and another irritating bug to DOZY past (the push block animation locks up). Don't bother, move along, please." - Ryan (03-Nov-2016)

"The first thing you notice here is how it looks a little like Lara's home, but with aliens spotted around the place, there's a lava pit to jump, scorpions, a floor blade which causes minimal damage, darts, and a pushable block which causes Lara to animate incorrectly and cause the game to be reloaded. Textures here are quite bright although the floor and lava is rather nice. Lighting is rather average, quite bright in rooms where it should be dark etc. The objects are well crafted, Lara statues, and plants for example. Gameplay is simple, pulling a switch, fighting a demigod, a timed door, jumps over a deep pit whilst being attacked by a beautifully made harpy, Again texturing is attractively coloured but broken up by skull textures, or patterns, it has a TR1 feel to it. Some rolling blades in the next room but they're unrealistic in that they travel through walls, then we have a giant scorpian and bats, in a water room, water is animating perfectly. This level is overall very bright but not in a bad way - stone is very polished and realistic, gameplay is good as something can be done in most areas, but perhaps architecture could be less blocky. 15 minutes net gameplay (too short!)." - sonnyd83 (19-May-2012)

"When you try to pull or push the block, the game locks up in the middle of the anim. So the only one way to finish this level is to stand next to E or W side of the block, push it till Lara is unable to move and hit DOZY to free yourself. Then, you also need to dozy to fit between the block and the portal. When you finish your business in the alcove, you need to dozy for the third time to get out, through the block. Urrrrhhhgghhh.... I love such games. Pretty texturing, nice objects, fine boss, useful secret... and DOZY. EO&S get 1 extra point for great cooperation. SUMMARY: Nice little try. A bit unfinished, but nice. Recommended, as long as you don't mind dozying." - DJ Full (28-Oct-2010)

"Another short and colourfully vibrant level with an interesting mix of enemies and a quite ridiculous bug which makes it unplayable without DOZY'ing.A short timed run and some block jumping and then it's over. Irritating and ultimately pointless." - Orbit Dream (12-Apr-2008)

"Difficult to review such a short level with a big bug. Run round over ineffectual blades (double or triple would have been better) and then try to move the block-justs seemingly keeps on moving but the animation does not (uses side jump or DOZY) to get round the problem. Then bump off the demigod, scorpions and a couple of"condors" and avoid (easily) a few traps. The graphics come textures are rather bog standard with no real change in lighting. All in all one to avoid-and wait for a 2nd level from the author." - Whistle (24-Feb-2006)

"Well, this was one strange 'level' (more like a test level), there's a great variety of objects (scorpions, aliens and a devil-like demigod all in the same level?) and a few of them are glitched, like the whirling seth blade which is quite incomplete and the movable block which won't move. All in all, such a short level, not much to play nor to say. Hope the author manage to make levels that last at least a quarter of an hour in the future. The outfit was nice, though the pistols animation was not. 6 minutes. 02/06" - Treeble (11-Feb-2006)

"I really don't think I can add anything to the comments already made about this level. It showed promise but didn't quite deliver the bacon, though I still managed to miss the secret. :-D I did, however, finish it in five and a half minutes despite the immovable movable. I got behind it using the jumping-in-the-corner method but was totally unable to exit the room without using DOZY. If the author can sort out the animation problems and enlarge his levels a little, there is much promise of a satisfying and solid adventure from him/her." - Staticon (28-Jan-2006)

"Good textures, objects and enemies, but actually it's hard to evaluate such a short level (6 minutes). You get one secret and Lara's wearing an interesting outfit. Besides from the movable block bug it was nicely done." - Tinka (28-Oct-2005)

"Another one that has been released with some quirks, this time a pushing of a block. You can fly over the block going back is a bit more difficult. Also I have no clue whatsoever what that lever did and to be honest I wasn't in the mood to find out. There is a small timed run and one secret to find. 18-08-2005" - Gerty (25-Aug-2005)

"It is unfortunate that this level is so short, moreover at the beginning, when pushing the block, it always freezed, so I had to make use one of the game-bugs; that you can force Lara through the movable blocks at their angles. The textures are interesting, and the added sounds are also good. The enemies are scorpions, jackals, a demigod, bats and giant scorpions, but we get the Uzi against them too. There's also a timed run on the level, but other difficulties, puzzles are unfortunately not presented. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (16-Feb-2005)

"Second level by the author and already establishing some trademarks: very colourful textures no lighting nice variety of objects and enemies uninspired architecture nice outfit chosen for Lara a secret under collapsible tiles and unfortunately - again a missing animation (this time for the block pushing/pulling) which forces you to use dozy to proceed. Oh and it lasts for 5 minutes or so only. Still I am sure the author will continue to learn and the creativity is there. Just get rid of the bugs and expand the levels a bit before releasing them." - Michael (28-Jan-2005)

"Pretty much in the same vain as the first level from this author. Short gameplay 8 minutes not much to do but one fairly easy timed run a handful of enemies of which two major ones you can just outrun and a bad bug with a movable block that you can't move with a lever behind it but you can get around it with the corner bug and if you shoot as there is also a window behind the block. The most intriguing feature of this level in my opinion would have to be the demonic horned eagle and sadly that doesn't say much for the level. Fingers crossed there can be a great leap of ingenuity to the author's evolvement with the Editor and something really worthwhile will next be produced." - Sash (26-Jan-2005)

"I must say that this level looked a bit better than the author's first. I specifically liked Lara's outfit very nice. Unfortunately we have a problem again and the animations aren't the right ones. There's a problem with a moving block so Lara can't pull it. If you want to finish the level you have to use a bug move to get behind it and use a switch. There are scorpions and a condor-like enemy with a retextured head. Also there was a demon but in my opinion it was out of place. The room with the collapsing tiles was nice but nothing too difficult. I think the author must ask for help because there is something wrong with the wads. I'd say it's better to fix the ones that are already released and definitely solve the problem before releasing new levels." - Kristina (23-Jan-2005)

"This is the second level by this author and yet another silly problem to get around by using dozy. There is a movable block which you will get stuck in but thanks to Gill who pointed out that using dozy can get you out of this scrape; I was able to proceed and finish the level. Deep blue and red textures mixed with TR1 textures again. Enemies are few large and small scorpions dogs bats and a demigod. One room has quite a large pick up but really you won't need them. One spike ball roller poison darts floor blades and door slicers are active and the timed door was a nice touch. I do hope this builder asks for help next time both with building and testing as nothing seems to have been learnt from the previous levels errors :-(" - Moonpooka (23-Jan-2005)
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