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Author(s): Gerbil
total rating:6.71 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Drakan 8 7 7 6
Dutchy 6 5 6 5
eRIC 8 8 7 8
Gerty 6 6 6 5
Jay 6 6 6 6
Jose 8 8 6 5
Kristina 6 6 6 5
MichaelP 8 6 7 5
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 7
Phil 7 7 7 6
Ruediger 8 7 9 8
Ryan 7 7 8 6
Sash 7 7 9 7
Talos 7 7 7 5
category averages
(14 reviews)
7.07 6.71 7.07 6.00

Reviewer's comments

"Dark, this level is too dark, it does not give a good impression (and I play in a black room). The textures are asked a little quickly, no matter how. Water textures still not animated. That said this level is interesting in some places like the big room with the ropes, or the end with the bike (it passes easily through some objects.) I would have liked to find the revolver to explode the sentry guns." - Drakan (16-Dec-2018)

"In the readme, the builder warns about this being a very atmospheric, but also very dark game. The latter is rather a shame, as some rooms and corridors are generally pitch-black (I know plenty of flares are provided, at least in this version, but it still annoyed me greatly as I would have liked to sewn the surroundings a bit better). But the gameplay has some clever ideas and I admired the way that the geography connected throughout different parts of the level. If you are aren't done in by the darkness, you might find some fun here." - Ryan (08-Oct-2017)

"I discovered this level thanks to another player, and among all those of the class "Cairo" Perhaps is the best. It all recovers the gloomy atmosphere of the City of the Dead, with something of the entrance to the Citadel, but with some embarassing errors. Textures putted randomly and many rooms created badly (except the city outside)and walls "a cheese". Same talk to the big room with the ropes... a minaret inserted in the middle of a closed room? It doesn't make much sense. We are talking though of a very old level, and for the time it was well done. Not excellent, but playable. Too dark in certain points, don't waste you flares or you will need to shoot to have some light. Overall, a nice level for those who want to take a leap back in time, at the time of TR4" - Talos (03-May-2017)

"During the dry spells, when no new level has been released for nearly a month, one is forced to dig into the archives for raiding enjoyment (and to be reminded how blessed we are to have access to the archives). I've been working my way through the older levels in reverse order of their ranking, and this one was next on my list. Those familiar with my other reviews will know that I intensely dislike dark levels, and The Very End of Set is a very dark level. I suppose that 99% of the time a level is dark because that's the way the builder wanted it, but that doesn't render the builder immune to criticism of his aesthetic choices as Gerbil has requested in his readme. Without a walkthrough and unlimited flares I would not have even started this level (which the builder, by the way, also anticipated with approval in his readme), but with Dutchy's clear and concise road map I was able to get through in about an hour with only a little difficulty. There are some nice touches along the way that I would have enjoyed more if I'd been able to see them clearly, including a nice motorbike ride at the end, but it's now time to move on to the next level and put this one out of my mind." - Phil (27-Aug-2016)

"The author has really tried to convey the storyline into the level , but imo did not quite succeeded in the crucial last part to give the illusion that the amulet is brought into the chopper and was destroyed. That was due to the limitations of the resources at that time and the effort is saluted nevertheless. The level , a dark city of the dead map , plays well , and I enjoyed it. Fluent and well inter-connected progression , good atmosphere and decor , not too many enemies , not too few , enough medipacks and flares. There is the taking over of the card that disables the sentry guns , not very spectacular but not often seen in custom levels , a good adrenaline run away with stunts to escape a wraith , search for a few objects in convincing environments, a couple of tasks that may require a few tries but nothing to frustrate the player, and the use of the motorbike near the end over pits and to destroy a wall or a floor with it. A couple of flybys go a bit through walls , and the 6 jump switches at the end was not a good idea. A good level, that is if the screen gammas it boosted so to see something. [ 54 minutes ; 3/3 secrets ]" - eRIC (01-Jan-2011)

"Another under-rated level! The only real fault I found with this was the placement of the vital Crossbow,which I quite overlooked and whose absence in my Inventory ensured that I had to replay much of the level.This was all rather touch-and-go,and for a while I considered packing up and deleting the whole thing,but I perservered and was ultimately repaid with a splendidly exciting final five minutes. Although the exact meaning eluded me,I was nonetheless extremely entertained by the climactic action - so frequently do I find myself complaining about anti-climactic arbitrary endings that I was happily surprised and impressed by this. In fact the entire level is of a high quality. Generally linear,but not obviously so,you spend the entire time becoming aquainted with a nocturnal arabic town;and its physical layout is pleasingly cohesive,with a real sense of believability in the layout of the streets and houses (seemingly haphazard,but not so.You get to explore every alleyway and building)and plenty of moments when you arrive back at a familiar location from an unexpected direction. The big climb inside the building was a little confusing,as there were at least two ways of reaching the top,but the variety of actions (here and in almost ever other building) ensured that boredom was never going to be an issue. I failed to encounter the Box that seemed so pivotal to the story,but hardly missed it;and the improved distribution of flares (rather too many,IMO)enabled the atmosphere to be realistic without ever becoming irritating. Time for a re-evaluation,I think." - Orbit Dream (10-Nov-2006)

"Gerbil takes us into a dark city-wad level here. Darkness & sound are used to great effect, if you sneak down a dark corridor and suddenly hear an evil voice laughing. Equally admirable is his great sense of heights. You have to slide down into a room full of SAS men, or drop deep into oily water (eek!), but also climb up to the rooftops again. Much more interesting gameplay than in the mostly horizontal next-door-down-the-corridor games. The way you have to go isn't too obvious, let alone visible (LOL), and I ran around in vain quite a few times, but since the enemies and traps were placed well, even if it was only a little bat along the way, it never became boring. Only thing missing is a final enemy (where is Set?), since you heard that voice say "Have you come to destroy me, my child?", but never meet the one who uttered these words. Nevertheless, well done to the author, especially for the terrifying atmosphere!" - Ruediger (06-Nov-2005)

"Like all other players I found that the darkness was a little overwhelming at times, especially as you only have the three flares to help along the way, but I did find that it suited the feel of what the author was going for, a spooky desert city, and I really appreciated it, the author has now though updated the level and added more flares as for most players the darkness was too much. The game itself is a bit of an explorer going down into the sewers and reaching atop the buildings of the small city but my favourite area was inside this huge room with some nice climbing and swinging trying to get to the top, though I found the only place I got stuck in the whole level was here. You don't find many enemies here on your travels but that is the beauty of the lighting as there is always a sense of foreboding without the level just turning into a shooter. So for the type of level this is it worked really well but it isn't a puzzler if that's what you are looking for. 40 minutes, 3 secrets." - Sash (26-May-2005)

"The author said that players don't talk about the darkness, but I have to recognize that this is one of the very dark levels I've played (I don't like levels so dark). But I continue playing 'cause the level was enough good, though half-lineal has a good gameplay, without bugs, atmosphere is horrific, few kind of enemies but well situated, objects quite good, secrets not very hard to find, perhaps I missed some more camera (when you shoot the vase you don't know what it does), correct textures and sounds. But darkness does more difficult the gameplay so my rating can't be very high." - Jose (24-May-2005)

"Well the readme warns about it and yes indeed it IS a very gloomy city setting. Initially I actually thought it was not too bad, but as the game progressed the darkness did become rather annoying. Not sure if I would recognise this city as being Cairo, but I did like the way the course is nicely interconnected, the nice little sound effects (evil laughter and such), the moderate acrobatics that allow for an interesting pace throughout the 45 minutes you spend here. Enemies are the usual bats, guards and a wraith. Some of the flybys could use a bit more work as they cut corners and the three secrets are not overly inspired. The short bike ride at the end was fun and needed a few tries to get it right and the try and error six lever puzzle was a bit pointless, but overall I did enjoy the gameplay experience and I am sure the visual experience could have been nice too if I could have actually seen the visuals." - Michael (20-Mar-2005)

"There's a dark and brooding atmosphere in this city, which is effective and, coupled with the occasionally spooky sounds, makes for a nicely unsettling feel, which is just what the author was trying to achieve, judging by the readme file. Yes, you will need to play it in a darkened room, but if you like the city style levels it's worth persevering. Pickups are few and far between and with things like wraiths about you really will need to find every medipack you possibly can. It's a big city and takes some exploring, including quite a lot of swimming, bike riding etc., before you reach your objective - the amulet of Horus. Apparently this is to be the author's last level, which is a shame as I feel he has still untapped potential." - Jay (18-Mar-2005)

"Now one of the things I don't like one bit is so dark levels that even at night you can't see anything and that's exactly what this is. It's one thing wanting to create an atmosphere and another to make a level where players can't see where they are going. It has the feeling of the city we played in TR4 with the SAS guards and the bike jumps plus the sentry guns. You have to be very careful when you explore an area so you don't forget anything and have to go back, especially the crossbow like I did it. It would be a nice game if the lighting wasn't so bad with those nice underground areas and the climbing-swinging in the higher level of an outside area. The secrets were nicely placed and I found three of them which surprised me, imagine finding secrets even though you can't see where you're going, hilarious. There are flares around to find but still it's annoying to light one every step of the way and they don't help much anyway. The textures had problems as well. I believe the gameplay has been improved since the author's last level but the atmosphere got worse. Now that you've been warned you can load this one up and good luck." - Kristina (13-Mar-2005)

"Excuse me for breathing, and for using flares, but this was a headache level for me. It is dark and that is no fun. It is a shame as a lot of hard work goes down the drain as you can't see the environment properly. This also called for cheating in a big way as the flares provided weren't enough. And in future if Gerbil doesn't want any comments on the darkness, the level should be brighter. I didn't used the revised WAD, in the first place, but Lara had a peculiar movement at a certain point. But trying the revised WADs sent my game to my desktop. Finding the feeder and the crowbar is a must and then trying to get the bike is a different story. I rather had more flares than the Uzi, mind you. It is a shame to read that this is the last level as Gerbil for sure proved to make good levels with not much fuss. I hope the author will reconsider. 08-03-2005" - Gerty (13-Mar-2005)

"[quote Gerbil]: *But if you act according to the previous points, you'll find this custom not so dark (even without using flares!).*[/qoute] Well I don't agree here. The level can be dark to give a certain atmosphere, but you can overdo it as well and that's what happened here IMHO. In a lot of places you were totally in the dark. A few flares would have helped and wouldn't have been a setback for the level. After the Valley of the Kings I played just before this one I thought it to be a lesser level. The Amulet in the (crate) block in the end was not really clear and you had to go over the Read-me to find out why the block was gone and what happened to it. Found the 3 Secrets." - Dutchy (08-Mar-2005)
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