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Author(s): triso50-12
total rating:6.88 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Duncan 6 5 7 5
eRIC 8 7 8 7
Gerty 8 7 7 7
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jose 7 7 6 6
Kristina 8 7 7 7
Leeth 5 5 6 7
MichaelP 8 7 8 6
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 7
Phil 8 7 7 6
Ryan 8 7 7 7
Sash 7 6 7 7
Sutekh 8 8 7 6
TimJ 8 7 8 7
Zhyttya 5 6 6 6
category averages
(15 reviews)
7.27 6.67 7.07 6.53

Reviewer's comments

"Hey, who turned out the lights? Seems like Tioram's Manor has been having power problems recently, as it was very, very dark. It is a real shame that the darkness was so intrusive, because I quite enjoyed the gameplay actually. Pushable puzzle, a couple of nifty jumping gauntlets, sneakily hidden crawlspaces and effective enemy usage (wraiths notwithstanding). Provided you can bear the darkness, you'll have fun here." - Ryan (05-Sep-2016)

"Overall it's an average level, with the typical 'find the right lever to open the obvious door'. A few traps, a few enemies on the way, but always in the same atmosphere. I was expecting to see something resembling more a manor in the second level...well the outside area sure is nice but the rest it's dull in my opinion. Not really recommend it, but if you wish to try it out be aware of the block in the water at the beginning; you can go through it and skip a good part of the level." - Zhyttya (03-Apr-2016)

"A pretty average level. The gameplay wasn't that bad and it was quite easy to go through every puzzle. There were no real challenges, unless a climbable wall that was a bit to hard to see. I accidentally skipped more than half of the first level but it was from two jumps that seemed a bit to easy to do, so i took that route. Never the less, all the area were enjoyable, the enemies were a bit repetitive but fun to kill. Not a bad game, but could have a bit more of creativity, nothing new here. But recommended for a easy and casual gameplay" - Leeth (03-Apr-2016)

"I'm usually quite partial toward cave/catacomb levels, but this one is so abysmally dark throughout that I didn't enjoy myself very much despite the unusually complex gameplay. The two parts together took me nearly an hour and three quarters to complete, but I was so tired of lighting flares by that time that the finish trigger was a heartfelt relief. Sutekh, bless her sweet little absent heart, has provided a thoroughly documented walkthrough that took all mystery out of knowing what to do next. Along the way you deal with various horseman, tinmen, and push a lot of levers. There's also an extended block puzzle that shows quite a bit of ingenuity. It would have been a fun raid had it not been so damned dark." - Phil (24-Aug-2015)

"A good 1 hour 20 adventure with two levels set in some Scottish Catacombs with the occasional outside area by night. I found it very entertaining, but the darkness spoiled the experience a bit. The gameplay is rather diversified with pushable objects puzzles, jump rooms , explorations , flipmaps, and the usual actions to perform. The pace is rather fast without being too furious except when one has to return in haste to get rid of some wraiths. Other enemies are skeletons dogs and tinmen. The setting is quite solidly made, although the lighting could be more pleasant. With a better lighting this level would have been twice as good. I notice that in the 1st level the quest for the Pharos Knot was not necessary as you can go upper without triggering the expanding blocks. A good first level with the editor , I had a good time playing." - eRIC (07-Jun-2008)

"There are only two problems with this otherwise excellent double-level set - the annoyingly abrupt and arbitrary ending (75 minutes of exploring a huge castle;for what ultimate purpose?) and the omnipresent darkness.This latter problem is sadly inevitable but regretfull,as the darkness is generally highly effective and contributes greatly to the atmosphere. To this end,plenty of flares are provided so the player shouldn't really complain; but when you need to negotiate a pretty complex collapsing-platform gauntlet in absolute pitch-darkness and are obliged to perform the jumps with flare in hand in order to have some idea of where the next collapsing platform is located...well,it all becomes just a little unfair! This is a shame,as everything else about this adventure is pretty much spot on.The texturing (inasmuch as you can see it) is clean and immaculately applied;the atmosphere is highly effective;there are many pleasing architectural flourishes;and Gameplay is continually fun and varied (although some of the flipped rooms are a little contrived). The block puzzles need a little thinking through,the enemies are very well placed and the pace is generally fluent and fast-moving. For a debut adventure it really is highly impressive.Definately one to be be played,but preferably with the lights down low." - Orbit Dream (14-May-2008)

"For his first level, triso50-12 has made a nice work. The level is rather easy to play so everyone can try it, but with an increasing difficulty during the game. There are two small bugs but nothing which prevents the player to play. The builder used a customised catacomb wad. There are some skeletons, wraiths and others enemies like horsemen. The atmosphere in this dark manor was quite good. The secrets were quite easy to find. :-)" - TimJ (20-Jul-2007)

"I've come to the realisation that I don't like complaining about darkness in levels as part of the problem could be my shonky ancient computer as no matter how much I try and lighten the screen nothing much changes, so I won't complain but I will just say that this is definitely a dark level and for me I had to pretty much have a flare going at most times, thankfully enough are supplied. Apart from the darkness the level has a nice Scottish castle feel to it, though I have no idea if it is Scottish but the textures lean me into thinking that way, where most of the gaming involves hunting down levers and fighting all manner of ghoulies. For most of the level it plays rather smoothly but I found myself in all matter of strife at the end all because of jumpswitches that I couldn't find because of the darkness factor and it seems some of these switches also appear magically out of thin air once you trigger some levers so if you have inspected some areas and found nothing a second viewing may be necessary. All in all this set of two levels that took me 70 minutes to play was quite enjoyable but hard on the eyes, I also hope next time the author places more secrets as I only found one. Good job nonetheless." - Sash (26-May-2005)

"There are some wafer thin walls in certain areas. In the room with the Pharos Knot the 'light bug' appears (the entire room sometimes turns totally black, without any light, only objects can be seen). Level is quite good, first easy and when you advance through the game notice increasing the difficulty. Atmosphere isn't good, the author only put certain kind of light in all rooms and only the burning torches give a change to the very dark ambience; this do the gameplay more slow and bored. Rest of the characteristics are only correct. Is not a bad level, but could have some new features to make it more interesting." - Jose (24-May-2005)

"Well that was nice a debut - it could have been even better, if not for the darkness throughout that was simply a bit overdone in general, even though it did serve to improve the atmosphere in a few places. What you get here is an hour long raid in two parts with a very pleasant flow, ie you will almost never be wondering for too long what to do next, at least when you remember to look for a few crawlspaces and jump switches. I like the Highland Castle texture set, but of course you don't see much of the textures because of the darkness. Enemies are skeletons, wraiths and a few dogs in part 1 and added to that a bunch of tinmen in part 2. Found only one secret and that one is rather early. Overall, enjoyable if you don't mind running around with a flare in hand most of the time." - Michael (08-May-2005)

"A dark and skeleton infested manor it is too. I would recommend playing this level in a darkened room; sod's law decreed that I played it during the day with the sun streaming into the room so I needed a lot of flares. The skeletons aren't a problem since plenty of explosive ammo is provided, but those damn wraiths really eat into your health and there's never an owl close to hand when you need one. Apart from that, you get zombie dogs, tin men and a horseman to deal with. Despite the moan about the darkness, I enjoyed this level and it's certainly a very good first time offering - well constructed rooms and entertaining action. There's nothing difficult to achieve but I didn't find myself becoming bored at all. Definitely a builder to look out for in future." - Jay (07-Apr-2005)

"As a first release this is a very nice one. The atmosphere is rather gloomy going to dark and although it is a bit a lever galore I had a great time to get to the finishing trigger. I specially liked all the rooms, they looked real good. Be aware that the builder hid some levers very well, so in case you think you are stuck, better look again. There are skeletons, howling dogs and tin men in this level, but they don't pose any threat as there is enough ammo and weapons to find. Of course Lara is hunting down artifacts so she can proceed through this Manor. Hope the author will keep on building and will try to make the lighting a bit brighter as IMO a lot of the hard work, like admiring the texturing in this entire game goes amiss. 22-03-2005" - Gerty (01-Apr-2005)

"I liked this game although it's quite dark at places. It has some interesting areas and even though the puzzles and tasks are simple it keeps the player's interest at all times. There are skeletons, tinmen and a horseman you'll have to face but nothing too difficult. Some exploring is in order though lava rooms, dark caves with a collapsing stone bridge but unfortunately there is at least one unmarked ladder in one area and the textures suffer. A timed run might give you some trouble because of the lever that resets itself and you need to use it twice after the first unsuccessful try. A lot of doors and switches have been placed in this game and at the end it was a little confusing. Not bad at all for a first attempt which makes us more 'demanding' for the author's next level. It's a good level that you have to try." - Kristina (27-Mar-2005)

"A first level from a new builder. The level shows talent and promise, and at the same time shows many of the mistakes first time builders make: it's too dark, there are too many predictable enemies (how many pair of knights and/or skeletons does Lara have to kill?), there are too many long climbs, and there are too many rooms that are just for one or two switches. There are some good ideas, and I liked the block puzzle. I would say it's the author's need for experience that makes the gameplay a bit annoying, as this is not a hard level. Nevertheless, it shows competent handling of the editor, and with a bit better game planning, we could have a first rate author." - Duncan (21-Mar-2005)

"Here's a really, really nice two-part level, with a classic and well designed catacombs atmosphere and some solid gameplay to boot. I was indeed extremely surprised to learn it's a first attempt (or at least a first released one). Nothing extraordinary or original but a lot of good ideas and a sense of balance in the way enemies and obstacles are staged. Here you'll meet skellies, ice wraiths (tough pests, these ones, since you often have to run a looooong way to the saving Holy Bird) and even a good load of tin men, including a riding one. There are some nice puzzles here and there and research, while not very challenging, remains interesting from beginning to end. Unfortunately, the whole two levels suffer from a major flaw: they're terribly dark. Not pitch black, but dark enough to have me boost the gamma on my screen without which I could hardly play at all (as I don't consider constantly playing with a flare in hand as acceptable). This said, and considering it's a first one, it is very promising, and I think we can expect some real masterpieces from this author in the future." - Sutekh (21-Mar-2005)
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