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Author(s): dantheraider
total rating:4.86 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 4 4 5 5
Gerty 4 6 5 5
Jay 4 5 5 5
Jose 5 6 5 6
Kristina 4 5 5 6
MichaelP 4 4 3 3
Orbit Dream 4 5 4 6
Oxy 6 5 7 7
Ryan 4 4 5 5
Sash 4 5 5 5
Selene 6 4 5 5
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.45 4.82 4.91 5.27

Reviewer's comments

"A pleasant enough 35 minute raid, although I felt more could have been accomplished. Both levels take place in similar Egyptian settings that are solidly enough constructed (although music was sorely lacking and could have added a great deal) and are mainly based around pulling floor levers and underwater switches (liked the long passage in the second level, as you would probably be close to drowning), collecting a few items and taking down an abundance of irritating yeti, bats and dogs. More of a quickie raid." - Ryan (25-Oct-2017)

"A definite improvement from the builder in question, through this two-level release set within Egypt once again. And while the overall gameplay formula is about as simple and straightforward to accomplish as always(with a few missing textures, not many objects present within the reasonably-sized environments and a fair amount of glitches present such as buggy meshes on Lara's TR Legend-style model whilst holding a flare or the reflection coming out of the mirror room if you get close enough to it among the host of issues), this is not enough of a deal breaker to make this levelset worth being played through at least once. So in conclusion yet again, if you liked the builder's past few releases up to this point in time, then you'll enjoy this one too as its more of the same, but with an improved coat of paint." - Ceamonks890 (11-Jul-2015)

"Each level is about fifteen minutes with a few items to collect and enemies like yetis, dogs, bats and eventually the Ankh. I didn't understand why this had to be divided but whatever. Basically you just use levers and avoid or turn off fires and spikes. There is a problem with the second level, if you save and reload at the start then you find Lara in a flooded room without using the underwater lever. It was a nice effort though." - Kristina (25-Mar-2006)

"Well, those are the better levels I've played by Daniel. This builder is getting a little better with the time. I don't understand how the levels aren't linked, so the player can keep all the items in the inventory when finish the first level. There are a couple of monkey swings which are not necessary too. Geometry is not very good, but correct. Puzzles aren't innovative. Enemies are well, but in second level I coudn't get guns to shoot them and neither flares to light the dark areas. There are some distorted textures and could be more sounds, but the level is playable." - Jose (27-Dec-2005)

"There's an utterly distracting dark bar linking Lara's hands from time to time in this level; it looks as though she's taken to wearing bondage gear. That apart, she's a very pretty version of Lara. This very short, two part level is easy and straightforward and moves along at a lively pace. There are objects to move, quite a few underwater levers to pull and yetis and jackals to kill, plus a couple of ankhs to find and bring home as souvenirs. I found a revolver and laser sight right at the end, but never found anything to shoot. Perhaps we will get a sequel." - Jay (18-Nov-2005)

"Two short levels in warm, nice surroundings. Levels are suitable for beginners, very easy straight forward play. Enemies are dogs, placed very well - they were howling and was very nice to get the scary feeling in the game atmosphere, mummies are funny (you just must see them :-)))) ), and also funny angry yetis and some bats. They are placed well and they give you some challenge. Also the mirror room was excellent, funny for my opinion. :-))) Puzzles were very easy to find, so in levels wasn't much to think, just to play. I like timed flames to pick up objects. In levels are also some flipped rooms, the author tried to build very nice game play. I missed static objects, I think there aren't any, and also flyby cameras would enlighten the game play. Lights are placed well and earthquake before the end completely emptied my head. :-) Lara has some artefacts in possession before she leaves the cave and temple. I'm looking forward to play the next level of this author." - Oxy (16-Nov-2005)

"Made up of two short simple levels, 30 minutes all up, this game didn't really hold any great pull for me but I can definitely see the work put into it. As with most easy levels there is a lot of switch or lever pulling and not a great deal more, though I was surprised and a little shocked, all in a good way, when I met a big green yeti as I sure wasn't expecting that in a tomb level. Apart from the ease of these levels there are also a few things that seemed odd, such as some ammo pick ups but no weapon for them to go with, a mirror room where Lara's reflection can actually breach the mirror and come into the real room (the reflective room isn't as big as the real room so this seems to be the logistical problem there), and that you have to start both levels from the start menu as they aren't combined in game. I hope the author can progress forward with their next project and I definitely hope some secrets are added as there were none here. Oh yeah, watch out for the floor levers that suddenly move and then raise from the ground as if alive, well they are sort of, they are attached to the backs of some mummies...definitely an unexpected highlight moment." - Sash (15-Nov-2005)

"A pleasant two level game, pretty short though with some minor bugs but nothing that did interfere with gameplay. I saw some missing textures and I had a problem getting out of the water at one point, the room went all funny, but swimming to the other side cleared that one up. Overall the enemies were very well placed and Lara is off again to find artifacts, some of them she take home with her. The mirror room was rather funny to watch as the mirror isn't placed properly. But Daniel does show progress, so keep them coming. 06-11-2005" - Gerty (13-Nov-2005)

"Daniel keeps refining his building skills and these two short levels show a definite improvement versus his initial efforts. They are still fairly straightforward and there are still a few rather squeezed textures, but particularly the final areas in both levels do involve a bit of puzzling which is quite fun. Before that you get to kill plenty of bats, some dog, some of the funny yeti guys and pull plenty of levers above and under water and eventually collect an Ankh." - MichaelP (10-Nov-2005)

"Well, what can be said about these two levels? Both of them are very short and easy to play. Considering the gameplay maybe that's for the best. Part I: You run around in a catacomb/tomb. Many small rooms and little to do in each of them. Very linear and not difficult at all to figure out anything here. You find lots of pickups: some ammo for weapons I never found and also two pieces of the Eye of Horus which you never get to use. I only found one item of particular use; a Guardian Key. There were no secrets in this level(that I could find), few traps that mainly consisted of some spikes, lava pools and burners, lots of levers to pull and for enemies there were half a dozen bats, some Hulk-like giants(revised Yetis?) and a couple of dogs. By far the easiest level of the two. Part II: The same setting as the part before, but a bit longer. Some stretched textures and also textures thar seemed out of place. Still the same type of gameplay: running around finding objects that you won't be needing, having to re-find some of the weapons as you have somehow lost all of the ones you found in part I and pulling lots of levers. Still not many traps(mainly spikes and burners like before) and still no secrets, but this time there were far more enemies(though still of the same species as in part I). I also encountered a nauseating earthquake, which purpose I'm still unsure of, but it sure wasn't pleasant to go through. The builder obviously knows how to create a level, but what he should concentrate more on for the next time is to work on the gameplay and the atmosphere. Also, the puzzles should consist in more than just finding items and pulling levers. It's an easy level for beginners, but personally it wouldn't be the first one I'd recommend." - Selene (08-Nov-2005)

"This is one of those levels where you get the impression that the builder has really tried to do their best and you subsequently feel reluctant to criticise. In this instance it's mostly all there structurally and in terms of playability,but even the author himself admits (via his Read-Me) that it's nonetheless flawed. The Mirror room is a case in point: the author advises us that he was unable to get the puzzle idea to work properly,and yet doesn't attempt to substitute it with something else.By great serendipity,though,the resultant room is actually rather fun and worth running around in. The 'new' Lara is well-chosen,the Yeti enemies are also well selected and the various baddies are all soundly placed;while the author shows a good all-round understanding of the various tricks and effects that the LE can perform. He even shows an occasional sneaky flair with Gameplay (I enjoyed the underwater lever sequences,as you could never be sure what consequences were about to befall you),but the two short adventures are predominantly easy and straightforward with far too many pick-ups,occasionally missing textures and little atmosphere (a music soundtrack would have gone a long way here). This is a better effort than his previous works,but there's still a long way to go!" - Orbit Dream (08-Nov-2005)
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