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Author(s): Satanoff
total rating:7.15 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Dutchy 8 8 8 8
Gerty 8 7 8 7
Jay 7 7 8 7
Jose 6 6 7 6
Kristina 7 8 7 7
MichaelP 7 6 8 7
Orbit Dream 3 5 6 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ruediger 8 7 8 7
Ryan 7 8 8 7
Sash 7 5 8 7
Whistle 7 7 8 8
category averages
(12 reviews)
6.92 6.83 7.67 7.17

Reviewer's comments

"I quite enjoyed this 31 minute little puzzler of a lever. There is plenty of flames around the place, hence the title, and it is quite a route to turn the ones in the initial room of, the highlight being the sequence of raising blocks. The longer section takes place in a huge (but rather bland and dark) cave with many skeletons. Luckily the Crossbow and explosives turn up soon so they pose no threat. There may be a lack of thinking puzzles and secrets, but the enjoyable timed runs made up for it." - Ryan (13-Oct-2017)

"Here's a one-shot from about 10 years ago that plays remarkably well today. There are some tricky jumps and traps, a timed run, skeletons galore, and of course the ubiquitous flaming gauntlets. Even with the help of one of Dutchy's early walkthroughs it took me just under an hour to finish, and it was time well spent. There's some crude sameness about the textures here and there, but for the most part it's a well-put-together raid that will provide a decent challenge for most of us. Recommended." - Phil (23-Sep-2015)

"This is one of those blasted levels where activating the wrong lever (out of many)in the wrong sequence leads to an eventual impasse somewhere way down the line. In my case (and without any proper camera clues as to where to go and what to sequentially do)I traipsed my way through this for the best part of an hour only to come to a complete and unavoidable halt;on reading the walkthrough I discovered that,in order to get it right and hit the finish trigger,I would have needed to go all the way back to the first few minutes of the level in order to rectify the 'error' and play it all over again. As my late Father used to say,..."sod that for a game of soldiers!" (Approximate translation: "you must be kidding").On reading the reviews I notice that at least one other player was caught out by this same Gameplay weakness,and I can therefore only advise playing this with constant recourse to the walthrough,which may be a fine compromise for some but I would imagine most of us would like to be given at least a fair chance of getting through on our own without fear of coming an (unavoidable)cropper. For this reason I would ordinarily forfeit the Gameplay severely, but enough good ideas could nonetheless be seen for me to give the level the benefit of the doubt and to award it three points for ingenuity. Elsewhere it all looks a little bland and dark and is certainly not to everyone's aesthetic tastes. By all means give it a go,but follow the Walkthrough step by step...or be prepared to pay the price!" - Orbit Dream (19-Jan-2008)

"Well that was one weird level. It is quite dark at places and most the time I was confused as where to go next. There are a lot of switches to find and that is the main goal of the level but strangely I found it interesting. The high room with the jumps and skeletons was nicely done though, so was the area with the staircase and spike balls coming down but from that point after I needed help to proceed, even though the cameras were enough in my opinion. It's certainly a different kind of level but give it a try." - Kristina (25-Feb-2006)

"One of those DARK levels, but you do have sufficient flares etc, but there is one point up top of a ladder where flares don't work and trying to use the bins crashes the level. Also in the high small room, the bins again go ape, when you get half way up. The level starts running round corridors with lots of fiery tiles, some of which you need to extinguish particularly the ones giving access to switches. Lots of jumping and climbing and you get to a huge room with lots to do and skellies to kill (the only enemy). After many devious routes, no out and out puzzles, you finally get to the object of the level, the trident. Pity Lara does not actually ger her sticky little mits on it. The textures are often hidden by darkness and therefore give the impression of being samey. However a sombre atmosphere is set up." - Whistle (21-Feb-2006)

"A level that starts in some fiery passages and it was a nice puzzle to figure out how to get through that one, that high dark cave was also something special, nice jumping around and then came the Spike balls in sloped passages and before you found out what to do you certainly got squashed a couple of times. Then a timed run to a double set of doors where some players encountered a bug as I understand and finally some jumping/climbing through a high shaft to get to the reward of the level, the Trident" - Dutchy (06-Feb-2006)

"A very gloomy level. I don't like this kind of very dark and unreal levels, but can be good for another players. Simply architecture, pull a switch, another switch, and another,... There are some interesting movements but no more. Enemies are a bit disoriented, they don't attack Lara very much. Only a pack of flares for a level so dark isn't good. I've not found secrets. Near the end I push the block in the recess near the fire tile and I couldn't take it back out so I get stucked. It's not a bad level but it's not the kind of levels I like." - Jose (14-Dec-2005)

"A long lost and now finally fixed level thanks to the efforts of Henk at Lara's Mansion. This just over 30 minutes adventure plays in kind of two sections. The first in catacomb style with indeed lots of fire around (and put to clever use too) and a few trickier jumps to master. The fixed cams are interesting, but thankfully can be turned off with the look key. The second section plays in and around a huge cave which looks a bit too boxy. You get to blast skeletons and wasps and need to be on the lookout for some rather sneakily hidden levers, avoid spikeballs and push a few blocks around. Not sure I liked the lever where Lara is set on fire and some of the flybys are a bit unconventional, but it is still a fun little adventure until you (almost) reach the trident." - MichaelP (12-Dec-2005)

"It's a well named level this one - fire is a constant theme and trying to determine your route whilst preferably not getting set alight can be quite challenging at times. It's quite a dark level at times, despite all the cheerful flames around the place (and unfortunately the flare bug does occur at one point, which is always irritating) but I enjoyed the atmosphere and the gameplay. Not a particularly difficult level as long as you keep your eyes well open, but definitely entertaining." - Jay (28-Nov-2005)

"As you can read in the readme, this level has been dormant for a while and thanks to Henk and Turbo we can play it. You are in for a surprise as I thought this was a little gem. Better have your thinking cap on as it isn't that clear enough in the beginning what to do. It is a lever galore but one of the better kind. Finding your way through this small place to en up in a huge cave and even then figuring out where the levers are you have to use. The flare bug is present in some places that is a Bummer. I have to say I had a great time but I am glad there aren't that many out there as sometimes it is also great to play without putting your thinking cap on. 09-11-2005" - Gerty (20-Nov-2005)

"I had a really fun time in this dark tomb/cave level. The author has ingeniously set up at the beginning a really cool area with loads of fire and levers and you have to try and work out how to reach the levers by turning off some of the flames or just circumventing some, some places you can actually jump some flames if you gingerly make safe jumps in between flames but there are always easier ways to get around so just take a good look at walls and ceilings. The second part set in a larger darker area followed the same flame/lever deal but not as intertwined as before, and I felt like I didn't do as much here, although setting myself on fire purposely at one point wasn't pretty but it was necessary. And ending the level was a nicely circular timed run to a couple of levers that opened a door, however in my game there seemed to be an invisible block in front of the timed door even though I got there in plenty of time but when I came at the door from a different height (the door is one of the long tall ones) I didn't encounter the interference. For the 40 minutes this played out I had a really enjoyable time and there was also a nice element of challenge in parts, but I still don't know what one burning lever in the middle of the level did as I never used it but still managed to finish, maybe it was a red herring or maybe it turned off a flame so I didn't have to set myself on fire at that one point, who knows. Sadly I found no secrets and don't think there were any anyway." - Sash (15-Nov-2005)

"A catacomb style level, but "next generation". It's still fun to blow the half-invisible skeletons off the platforms, but the whole construction of the underground area - with countless firetraps to avoid - is quite a brainteaser. Always look for gaps near the ceiling to climb into, is my advice. Later on I once thought I did it all wrong when I touched a switch and set Lara on fire - but that is intended, the water to cool her down is just two steps away. The flare bug may occur in the huge dark cave, not surprising after so many fires. The use of static cameras is good, the spikeballs are placed nastily. A bit more music should have supported the shock moments, it is a bit tame on the sound side. However, "Souls of the Fire" is strong in atmosphere and challenging enough in gameplay, recommendable for advanced players." - Ruediger (15-Nov-2005)
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