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Author(s): Lukasz Croft
total rating:6.14 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 5 6 6 7
Catherin 5 6 6 6
eRIC 5 6 6 5
Gerty 6 6 6 6
Jay 6 6 7 6
Jose 6 7 6 6
Kristina 6 6 6 6
MichaelP 5 6 6 6
Moonpooka 8 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 6
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 6 6 6 6
Sash 6 6 7 6
Treeble 6 6 6 6
category averages
(14 reviews)
5.86 6.21 6.36 6.14

Reviewer's comments

"This level is much more visually appealing than the last Lukasz Croft level I played (Return to Scotland), and it's more fun to play. It's also shorter at about 25 minutes, and it has a finish trigger instead of having you crash to the desktop when it's all over. There's revolver ammo to be found, but no revolver unless it's one of the two secrets that Harry Laudie (and I) missed when he prepared the walkthrough. It's all pretty straightforward, and there's nothing particularly memorable to note, just a solid Egyptian raid to enjoy while you're waiting for more new levels to be released." - Phil (17-Aug-2017)

"A short, pleasant enough, but rather unremarkable Egyptian level. It's hard to fit too extensive gameplay into 23 minutes of playtime and you simply get some spike traps, a short torch puzzle and some levers, one was halfway up a wall and seemed pointless. This was all rather easygoing for a Lukasz level." - Ryan (18-Jun-2017)

"In this easy Egyptian level the builder has done a nice job to make this short raid an entertaining experience. It is fast paced without any puzzles, very straightforward and uncomplicated. Lara encounters 2 bulls to avoid and also a few jackals, ninjas, mummies, harpies and a crocodile. All were easy to deal with or to avoid, unlike one would normally expect from a Lukasz Croft level. There were plenty of pots to shoot, and some revealed ammo and Medipack pickups. The atmosphere was pleasant and texturing and lighting was well done and very colorful. While nothing spectacular and pretty old school in design, it was a fun raid and definitely something to look into when searching to play something quick and in between. (23 min, 1 secret found)" - Blue43 (03-Mar-2011)

"This Egyptian level is not very long, but well worth playing if you're searching for a pleasant and rather easy level with not too many enemies, which are not much of a threat anyway. Texturing is mostly from the Burial chambers level. A relaxing level from Lukasz Croft that I enjoyed playing." - eRIC (04-Apr-2009)

"One of Lukasz' earlier levels. It's pretty much a common Egyptian level (heavily influenced by the guardian wad), nothing in it stands out unlike his more recent releases. A number of the sound effects has been replaced with TRC ones. Also, texturing seems rather patchy at times and at least one flipmap seems to have a random trigger placement. 20 minutes, 1 secret. 01/09" - Treeble (06-Jan-2009)

"A really nice, 23 minute lasting level from Lukasz although I know he can do better. I liked the textures and the atmosphere although the lighting was a tad too dark for me. You've got to pull some switches and face some well chosen and various enemies. As Jay already mentioned: "short, uncomplicated and pleasant"." - Catherin (02-Aug-2006)

"Like everybody else I wondered why that lever was mounted on the wall. It has to be deliberate just to see if people were paying attention IMO. For the rest it is rather a straight and pretty fast past level. The use of the Torch is quite nice for a secret though. There are quite some bizarre enemies to slay but just play it as it is fun." - Gerty (17-Apr-2006)

"It's a typical Egyptian level and very dark. There are dogs and ninjas to kill plus a few mummies around. You get two hands to use and the Amulet at the end. I found one secret and I can't say I enjoyed this." - Kristina (15-Apr-2006)

"A short level very very dark with no much history to tell. I've find a couple of bugs: in the room where you get the stars, first time I entered in the small room, I shooted the vases and find nothing (I had to reload). After I got the two stars, I couldn't return to the room up 'cause the ramp didn't turn in stairs. The swing with the rope near the end was quite difficult, the opening was too much far. A level with no much interest." - Jose (21-Feb-2006)

"What was that floor lever doing half way up a wall? How odd. Lukasz's levels have a certain charm - they're short, uncomplicated and pleasant. This is a settomb based level, with various artefacts to find, lots of jackals, a couple of harpies and ninjas to kill and two bulls to run away from, before escaping with the amulet (straight down the throat of a crocodile if you're not careful). A good little 'filler' level." - Jay (14-Feb-2006)

"Been a while since I had played in a Settomb environment, but not actually much to do here with rather linear progression and about 20 minutes playtime. I still wonder what that floorlever mounted on a wall was for and what actually cause the steps to appear where the slope was. Nice use of a torch for the secret and apart from that two hands to find and a scion and of course the amulet. The array of enemies if kind of bizarre with blue harpies, dogs, ninjas, two bulls, mummys, crocodiles, scorpions and bats - none of them posing a great threat though." - MichaelP (25-Jan-2006)

"I really enjoyed this short escapade and I wish it had been longer because there were some nice rooms and the atmosphere was creepy down in them there tombs. Lara goes in search of the Amulet of Horus and will encounter many enemies along the way; such as dogs, bats, harpies, scorpions, Ninjas, two rams' mummies and a huge crocodile at the end. Items to collect are two hands of Sirius and an item that shows up as the Ba Cartouche. The torch will be used briefly and there's also a rope swing to do which will prove difficult if you don't know how to swing Lara high, so what I do is to let her climb the rope a bit then slide her down and hit the swing key immediately to give her that extra boost. This is mostly an exploration game with a few levers to use; some spike and blade traps litter the way but there's nothing too taxing. I had one strange encounter and that was a floor lever on a wall and it was a little dark for me but there are plenty of flares along the way. I found one secret and recommend this if you fancy a short but sweet little game." - Moonpooka (18-Jan-2006)

"It seems a while since I've found myself in a settomb setting and frankly that has been a good thing as I'm not too fond of them. However this 25 minute one was quite a pleasant little adventure with some nice atmosphere helped along by the moody lighting. There does seem to be a slight lack of real gaming here and I found no real hiccup in getting to the end, although I'm not quite sure if I was supposed to shimmy past this one spike floor loosing some health or find a way to despikify it beforehand. The level ended very suddenly after a short swim and a nip from a very unfriendly croc and as I hadn't found either of the 2 secrets at this stage I went back and found one of them with the help of a torch puzzle but the other still eluded me. So if you're looking for a short brooding level with a sprinkling of very mixed enemies, blue harpies, ninjas, bulls, beetles, mummies, this will fit the bill but I'll be quite contented now if it's a while before I next traipse through a settomb environment as after a while these levels can become a little claustrophobic for my liking." - Sash (12-Jan-2006)

"Good to see Lukasz Inc.continuing to mass-produce short (25 minute) fast-moving levels,although this one (despite having perfectly decent atmosphere)is a slight step down from Lukasz' last. The texturing shows all the hallmarks of someone in a hurry,while a key sequence of the gameplay (the rope swing) relies on the players knowledge of the rope-swing bug,which is a little unfair. I also had a save-game problem involving a flipped room not triggering;but otherwise this was a short and swift level,with quite a good choice of enemies and music and a fast-flowing gameplay. It's a Lukasz level,in other words. No surprises there." - Orbit Dream (10-Jan-2006)
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