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Author(s): Cloudbusting
total rating:1.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bedazzled 2 2 2 1
Catherin 2 2 1 1
Ceamonks890 1 1 0 0
christayc 3 4 3 2
Cory 3 2 2 1
DJ Full 1 2 0 1
Dutchy 1 1 1 0
eTux 1 2 1 1
Gerty 1 1 1 1
Jay 1 1 2 1
Jose 1 1 1 1
Kristina 1 2 2 2
Magnus 0 0 0 0
MichaelP 2 2 2 1
Orbit Dream 2 1 0 0
Oxy 2 3 2 3
Ryan 1 2 0 0
Sash 1 1 1 1
Selene 0 0 0 1
category averages
(19 reviews)
1.37 1.58 1.11 0.95

Reviewer's comments

"It's beyond me why young Lara is carrying guns (maybe she just lools like it). There's rudimentary gameplay here, with a brief slope jump sequence, a few tigers to gun down (or let live, whatever you prefer, and a quick jaunt on the quad bike here. The scenery is unappealing to say the least, with blatant missing textures, stretched textures and a lack of sounds destroying the atmosphere. Only for completists." - Ryan (18-Nov-2016)

"Not much of an improvement from the builder's debut, with a lot of the same issues from before still present and accounted for, with the use of the quadbike and the inclusion of some decorative objects(as repeated as they are), being the only real sort of tweaks. So overall, not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (11-Jul-2015)

"Only one kind of level is worse than a bad level: a bad level which is long enough to save the game. This is one of them - a rare case when I dreamed for a game to end as soon as possible, and those 10 minutes still seemed too long. As I ca(i)n get the point of evil genious capable of turning bad into good, then in case when the builder of a poor level treats his work seriously and is definitely proud of it is totally beyond my imagination. The floor tiles aren't stretched just because it's technically impossible - if they required manual grid division like the walls do, I have no doubt it would be missing here. (I don't know how it's in the unofficial editor but possibly that one grids the walls by default, for I've never seen them stretched in the older types of levels.) Instead faith is put in placing a bike, possibly because driving is fun so it will work. No, it will not. If a producer has eyes and ears to make such thing, he definitely can notice the difference between what he made and a fine level he surely played and based his work on. SUMMARY: I don't know which is worse, the level or the readme. I hope the author eventually changed his approach but not to abandon the editor completely. I know years have passed but who knows. It would be a pity if we were supposed to saw nothing more from him, even though this particular level cannot be recommended at all." - DJ Full (28-Apr-2015)

"A nice level with an okay quadbike ride and very simple gameplay, awful texturing and they didn't even seemed to have partioned the walls, a finish trigger that gets you back to the start and you can start again with the quadbike which is quite nice." - Cory (22-Oct-2007)

"Very minor improvement from the author's first level. Young Lara with guns, a few tigers, a few jumps, a rope swing and a quad bike ride. Oh and a finish trigger. All that sums up the highlights of this short level in the jungle. It does feel much more fast paced, but overall it's still pretty much "Return of the Demigod" in a jungle coat. Probably not really worth your time." - eTux (22-Oct-2007)

"There is actually gameplay in here, but don't get your hopes up too much as this is yet another 'wallpaper textures and wafer-thin walls' level. A few fun jump sequences and the use of the Quadbike elevate it ever so slightly above others of its ilk, but it's still scraping the bottom of the Barrel. Ah well;the things I do to increase my review count!" - Orbit Dream (21-Oct-2007)

"The author attempts to add gameplay this time, resulting in a level that only lasts for three minutes. To be fair, they are slightly more entertaining than the six minutes I spent in his previous level, but... I'm still not impressed. Everything's rather boring, from the gameplay to the enemy placements to the texturing, and it's the kind of level you'd expect from someone who only released one level back in 2001 and was then never heard from again. And honestly, we've had enough of those levels. I see no point in playing this level, as there are tons of better jungle escapades out there. There are tons of better levels out there, period." - Magnus (16-Sep-2006)

"This one is no better than the first. There are missing and stretched textures, huge empty areas and nothing to do. You also see some tigers that appear suddenly and a quad bike that's used to jump two gaps plus a rope you don't need because you can make the jump without it. That's all and it lasts about five to ten minutes. Not worth the trouble." - Kristina (15-Apr-2006)

"A short, nice quad bike ride, some slides + jumps to do and some nice TR3 tigers to see, (also liked the palms) but other than that not much to do in this level. The textures were not to my liking (stretched, sometimes not applied) and the wafer thin walls should be avoided the next time." - Tinka (23-Mar-2006)

"This still looks like a first try, so get your running shoes on as there is quite a distance you have to cover. There is however a quad bike later that makes it a bit easier. Not much to do really.." - Gerty (08-Mar-2006)

"How can young Lara use guns and flares? First rope isn't necessary. Textures are a disaster, very elongated and missed in some places. Wafer thin walls, places where you can't go back, no sounds, no puzzles, no cameras, square rooms,... and when you finish with the quad you return to the beginning! Perhaps the author pretends to torture us again! A level to forget." - Jose (23-Feb-2006)

"Right, im not going to waste my time by writing a big review on this level, so im going to say 5 simple words: boring, pointless, annoying, easy, short." - christayc (15-Feb-2006)

"For one ghastly minute, I thought this was a young Lara level, but mercifully she just looks that way. I don't think I could have survived a young Lara level from this particular builder. Pretty much all my comments concerning his first level still apply here. I'm giving it slightly better markings in the atmosphere department, mainly because I've always liked the coastal wads audio, but really there's not a lot to recommend. There is a slight improvement from the first level, so I suppose that is at least a step in the right direction, but I fear it may be a long journey." - Jay (13-Feb-2006)

"Well a level with nothing to do and the worldrecord of stretching textures was certainly broken in this one, re the pits and there were plenty of textures missing too. I had a grand total of 2 saves for this level. Although I copied all sound files into the Audio, the converter didn't find some and there were several sounds missing like Shotgun, Tigers, Lara falling and the Quad. I'll give a few points for the effort, but hope you'll do better next time" - Dutchy (11-Feb-2006)

"Lara visits The Caves of Sharma. This is the level from beginner builder. Game play is linear, approximately 10 minutes of game play. I met few tigers, found shotgun and some grenade gun ammo, with motorbike jumped over two pits and ended in the beginning of the level. :-)" - Oxy (26-Jan-2006)

"Second attempt by this author in quick succession and though small, some progress can be seen. This time there are doors, a rope, even a slide/jump that is a little tricky and towards the end of the quick five minute run through the jungle a short quad bike ride. Still, literally no work went into lighting and textures (many missing, all stretched) and don't jump down into the tiger den to kill them, as you will be stuck there forever." - MichaelP (13-Jan-2006)

"I'm sorry to say this really doesn't have anything that anyone will find interesting. It's a run through of 9 minutes going from one blocky room to another until you reach a quadbike for a couple of jumps and a sudden ending. There are about 3 tigers that attack at one place and that is it for the thrills. The author needs to soften the looks of room's architecture, add objects, include puzzles, pretty much everything that makes a game good." - Sash (12-Jan-2006)

"I really regret not being able to give this level a better rating, as I do want to encourage the builder to continue trying. This time Lara is in the jungle....well, sort of. The green grassy tiles covering the floor and ceiling, the tree textured walls, the temple-like stone ledges and a few scattered palm trees gave me the idea, but never the feeling of a real jungle. You're playing as young Lara this time(with guns though) and gameplaywise it's almost like a jungleversion of the builders previous level. Lara runs around in a square maze of rooms, climb ledges and run through doorways to go to the next room. There are no puzzles at all, no switches or levers to pull and no strategy, only a short ride on the quad bike(which I was very happy to see again, although I couldn't find any way of getting Lara to back up while driving it). There were no secrets to find either and unlike the previous level, which crawled with pickups, I only found about two items in this one near the start. No need for plentiful pickups though, I only encountered six tigers and four of them could be killed from safety above. There was one ropeswing though, which was a nice feature although the level itself could have been built out and made better. Contains the same stretched textures and the same empty rooms that marked the first level and ends in a surprisingly anti-climax as Lara slides enters a temple-like building after 10 minutes of gameplay and the level ends." - Selene (12-Jan-2006)

"I don't wish to appear cruel, but I'm afraid in some ways this is more of the same from this author. Stretched and missing textures.And now we have two poles which the young lara won't climb and appear to serve no purpose at all. Also there is still the crashing to desktop if lara dies problem. If only the author would take peoples advice about building the tutorial level,and ask in the forum if he's unsure about something.I'm sure he would produce a level worth playing if only he would take the time to learn how to walk, before he tries to run. Please David at least learn how to segment walls to avoid those awfull streched textures." - Bedazzled (10-Jan-2006)
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