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Author(s): Rezaffiro
total rating:7.40 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andzia9 9 9 9 9
Bene 7 8 8 9
Catherin 7 8 8 8
Gerty 7 7 8 9
Jay 7 7 9 9
Jose 5 8 8 9
Kristina 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 7 7 8 9
Orbit Dream 4 6 7 8
Phil 8 7 7 8
Ryan 7 7 8 9
Sash 6 7 6 7
Selene 7 7 8 8
category averages
(13 reviews)
6.62 7.15 7.62 8.23

Reviewer's comments

"At least in the current download available on this site, you cannot get past the first section without resorting to cheating. I also encountered the invisible wall bug on the first pushable object part, so I had to perform swan dives through that particular coffin that would otherwise move out your way to continue. However, no further glitches occurred for me (no others on the numbered square board either) and so I was able to get through the rest of the level without any problems in about 45 minutes. Apart from those oddities, it's enjoyable, sneaky and good to look at with some wonderful and majestic music choices and charming lighting and texturing, although shooting the inanimate objects would probably have escaped my notice if it weren't for the walkthrough. The flybys were also a bit too long-winded." - Ryan (21-Mar-2019)

"This level cannot be played legally, although this must not have been the case when it was first released (as there's no mention in the reviews of this problem). About 10 minutes into the game, you reach a pushpiece room with numbered tiles on the floor. The first target tile is blocked by an invisible force field, so at that point you're irretrievably stuck. However, thanks to Ryan's tip in the stuck thread, I found that you can take a swan dive into the left side of the W sarcophagus (the one that's supposed to move aside when the block is placed correctly) and reach a staircase where you can then progress normally. There are additional anomalies to come (two pushpieces don't respond to the action key, another force field prevents placing the piecepiece to open the central trap door, etc.), but if you follow Harry Laudie's walkthrough from the beginning and use the route apparently intended by the builder, you can finish the level. (The area accessed by the trap door can also be reached by using a staircase at another corner of the room.) For me it took about an hour, and aside from the glitches it's really a good level, bright and colorful and fun to play. Too bad the builder released only one more level after this one." - Phil (20-May-2017)

"This is one of those levels which,at first glance,appears to be structured around a series of clever logic puzzles;but which quickly degenerates into a tedious succession of utterly obscure pushable object sequences and occasionally downright unfair puzzle solutions - pride of place going to a numerical board containing lettered objects,whose solution was (wait for it!) ...simply to shoot them. What irritated me most was the fact that the builder clearly knew what he was doing from a technical perspective,as the construction was generally rather admirable.The texturing was interesting and appropriate;the lighting was often beautiful;and the selection of music,atmospheric and relaxing (lush orchestral soundtracks;some Mozart;oh,here's Enya!) At other times,however,he repeatedly shot himself in the foot;viz.the awful fly-by's;the stupidly placed switch that doesn't look like anything at all;some objects being shootable when all the others are not;the possibility to enter an important room way too early and shortcut 90% of the level (perhaps a good thing,in retrospect). It eventually becomes a little more fluent,but comes to a baffling conclusion.There are very few foe's to battle;although boredom may be the greatest enemy." - Orbit Dream (19-Nov-2014)

"We are in Paradise. This place should be very pleasant. And it is. Nice furnitures, objects. Even cells are cosy rooms. Only few enemies to fight, but we have a little help from beautiful angel." - Andzia9 (22-Aug-2010)

"A red-headed Lara on a mission to release an imprisoned angel in this, the last of the series. The colors and music are sometimes stunning - a little Mozart and a moving 'Angel' song. Not a lot of enemies and the bulk of the level seems to revolve around a large square to push lettered objects. Dizzying flybys are meant to help with hints but are a bit too long and disorienting. There's a switch that doesn't look like one...not sure what it resembles...something broken, I think. The crowbar/hammer is easy to overlook and the binocular bug is there towards the end. There's an ark reminding me of the Ark of the Covenant....smaller, of course. Once again, there is no picking up when finding the secrets. The Angel song is towards the end and stopped me in my tracks. If gameplay had stopped there, it would have been a 'haunting', memorable ending but there is a bit more. Nice download and a good ending to this series." - Bene (08-Nov-2008)

"I didn't like this level much. There are some unusual enemies and objects but the puzzles are pretty standard, shoot something and push an object on a tile. It has angels-like creatures and the moveable objects have letters on them. there is a problem in the room with the tightrope, if you don't get the laser-sight or shoot the vases the first time around then the tightrope doesn't work anymore so your only choice is to go through the spikes. Somehow I don't think that was intended. I found one secret in about half an hour of gaming." - Kristina (30-Apr-2006)

"Well if paradise is any inclination of the Angels you find in here I certainly reached it. I liked this level although it had me scratching my head a couple of times as some objects were pretty hard to shoot and a lever eluded me for quite a while. Rezeaffiro choice of music always does bring a certain mood in the levels and in this download I really liked his choice. The puzzle with the numbers was puzzling indeed. The last fly by could use some fine tuning though." - Gerty (17-Apr-2006)

"What a nice outfit Lara's wearing. There's some intriguing puzzles to solve, with the aid of some very nicely placed clues, the music is fabulous and the surroundings look beautiful. It's an interesting and mystical level and a really good end to this series, which I felt just got better as it went along. I sincerely hope we get more from this builder in future." - Jay (24-Mar-2006)

"A level very atypical; best of the level are the objects and the ambience, but it has some details wich hurts the gameplay. Flybies are too much long. In the music room you can't imagine that you have to shoot the small objects from the distance. The shootable bowls with fire are difficult to shoot too, you can't imagine that you have to jump. Is difficult imagine that the broken lamp on the floor is a switch. Once you open the blue trapdoor and descend the ladder you can't use the binocs with light 'cause the game crashes (flare bug). In this room with the "gel" piece, what's the hint to know where to put the piece? In the pit with the monkey swing near the end, you can drop at the bottom and you can't return up. So I couldn't find interesting puzzles to solve, only pull switches and try to discover how to use the new objects the builder have implemented. The only puzzle I found was to put the pieces over the reverse numbers. This is not the kind of levels I like, but perhaps another players love this kind of levels (?)." - Jose (20-Mar-2006)

"There are quite a few enigmatic moments in this level, the last in the"Door' series. Although I like to think and not be led through a level I also like there to also be a sense of logic, and frankly right from the start this felt anything but logical. You find yourself in a castle like building where a poor angel has gotten herself imprisoned, now to free her you have to solve a series of small adventures that all stem from a large numbered grid with movable worded cubes. My first meeting with obtuse puzzling came when you have to move the first of the 4 cubes on this grid, there seems to be a hint to it's positioning in another room with a smaller grid but I can not for the life of me see where the hint lies especially as a similar breakable cube sits on a different number than the solution number, so this led to the random moving of the cube till it triggered something. After this the level moved on smoothly until I found myself stuck in a small room where I had shot some fire urns only to read that to get out of this room there is a lever to push that does not look like a lever and even if I would have clicked to this being a lever it seems the logical direction to push it from is not the direction. At this point I got a little tired of it all and found I wasn't surprised when I came across another movable with no obvious trigger positioning so it was back to randomly moving it till something opened. The ending was the most perplexing as the whole level had a religious bad against evil theme with priests, white angels, black fallen angels, and when I happened upon the final room I found myself in the midst of what I can only describe as a cult demonic beckoning in progress, with the priest watching on, and Lara had to jump into the middle of all this as though she were a sacrifice. Very disconcerting I must say. As you can see this wasn't really my kind of level although it had it's moments and I do like an author who tries new things. This played at 55 minutes with 2 blue flowers secrets to come across." - Sash (14-Mar-2006)

"I only barely tried The Purgatory and it didn't really appeal to me that much. However I was pleasantly surprised with this one, which I dare presume is the best of the four parts. Lara looks absolutely gorgeous as a redhead and the outfit is lovely too. I really liked the idea that she has to free an angel that will help her and the dark angels looked really neat too(maybe apart from the fact that I found it a bit funny to see angels with guns). The fly-by's were too long for most parts and the puzzle with the numbers was a bit confusing at first, although very original. The room where you first encounter the priest was lovely and the music was an absolute pleasure to listen to...especially the track by Enya and "Angel" is one of my favourite songs by Sarah MacLachlan!!! Brightly lit rooms and lovely design, although most of the puzzles(apart from the main puzzle) consisted almost entirely of pulling switches and opening gates. Very few traps and in general not many obstacles could get in your way. I found two secrets, flowers which Lara strangely enough couldn't pick up, and all in all I had a lovely experience which lasted about 50 minutes. Highly recommendable to everyone." - Selene (24-Feb-2006)

"A very nice ending to this series which stands out through its rather accomplished atmosphere with nice textures, nice colours and fabulous choice of music throughout. It also has an interesting set of puzzles with pushable objects, numbered textures and when in doubt try to shoot something in order to progress further. The secrets are a bit odd as you cannot pick up the flowers. Also a nice little storyline with the angel that you are freeing. What I did not like so much were the rather long and sometimes dizzy flybys and the fact that you can get stuck in a few places and shortcut part of the game if you manage to drop through the tombs before you actually opened them properly. Still, just under an hour of good fun and definitely worth a look." - MichaelP (23-Feb-2006)

"A really nice little (one hour) level with wonderful music. Especially at the end I had to stop before going on, just in order to listen to the music. The objects are also very well chosen: a very nice redheaded Lara in a beautiful outfit, very good or rather scary looking enemies and many more interesting things. The hints for each puzzle are also very well thought of. (Just play with open eyes. ;-) ) Though the flyby cameras are a tad too long, especially the last flyby was not to my liking (long and dizzy). I enjoyed this level very much as it is different from other TR levels. Have a go at it, it's worth it!" - Tinka (23-Feb-2006)
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