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Author(s): B. Howaito
total rating:2.48 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blacksheep 1 2 2 2
Catherin 2 3 2 3
DJ Full 3 2 4 7
eTux 1 2 0 2
Gerty 1 4 3 2
Jay 2 4 2 3
Jose 3 6 3 5
Kristina 3 3 3 5
Magnus 0 1 0 1
manarch2 2 4 2 3
MichaelP 2 5 2 4
Orbit Dream 1 2 5 5
Ryan 2 2 3 4
Sash 1 3 2 2
Selene 2 2 1 1
Treeble 1 1 1 2
category averages
(16 reviews)
1.69 2.88 2.19 3.19

Reviewer's comments

"A return to the cartoonish world of custom textures, bright colours and a weird assortment of enemies to fight. I actually found this slightly more enjoyable than the original Cartoon World, if only for the mismatched enemy sounds and the writing scattered over the walls. Overall it is a matter of taste, but it is certainly quirky." - Ryan (30-Jan-2017)

"This constructor has one of the greatest things a levelbuilder can have - an open mind. Shame he treated levelbuilding only as occasional hobby when he was working on this project. I have a feeling if Benjamin finished this level and added some more customization, it would have been rated much better. On the one hand, texturing is like any other, on the other - lighting lowers my rating. In one moment we face a well-modelled enemy, in the next we hear the misplaced sound... Why, Benjamin? Have one extra point for the feeling of being slowly immersed into the Cartoon World while passing the corridor full of doors, and for the writings on the walls. SUMMARY: I don't know why I like this guy, but I admire his levels so much that one of the jumpers in my copy of Deluxe Ski Jumping 2.1 is named B.Howaito. I hope someday I will be able to give him 4 x 10 with clear conscience, because I really want to. For now, even if I can't do this, I still find this level very good and I recommend it for everyone looking for something completely different." - DJ Full (25-Oct-2010)

"What is this for a level? Even the car ride didn't make fun because it was straight along the street. The architecture of the mansion was not bad, I think, but there was nothing to do but the never-ending lever-searching. Some nice enemies here, but the four(?) big legless monsters at the end from TR1 made things worse again." - manarch2 (23-Oct-2010)

"Hmm, did someone complain about the author's previous levels being dark? At least I can't figure out any other reason for the plethora of flare pickups in this level. Sure, there are some dark spots here and there, but a pack or 2 would've sufficed. That said - darkness is not really the level's biggest problem. I felt just like a number of other reviewers did - in the way that I liked the first cartoon level better than this one. It had some nice flair of unpretentious innocence to it, while paradoxically the gameplay (which was pretty much absent in that level) consisting of driving down the street, pushing numerous buttons and killing some transvestite bad gals took that away from the initial concept. The simplistic textures in the cartoon part, the door bugs and the reality check jump at the end don't really enhance the experience, but I suppose you can give it a go if you don't mind an odd shooter and button-pusher level." - eTux (30-Oct-2007)

"Where does the line between a joke level and a normal level go? The first Cartoon World is listed as a joke level, but this one is listed as 'not classified', which I take it means it's supposed to be more than a joke level. The thing is, it's really not. The gameplay isn't more challenging than pressing buttons to open doors. There are also some enemies and a few levers are in the next room, rather than right next to the doors they open. I found the first level more entertaining. Granted, it was just a linear run through a bad level, but in this level, the linear gameplay is hindered by the player having to press buttons every five seconds. The cartoon texturing also isn't used as much or as effectively as in the previous level, which I found disappointing. The first Cartoon World isn't going to win any awards for its texturing, but it was still easier on the eye than this level, which mostly takes place in a dark mansion. The level ends after five minutes, and there's nothing here that makes it worth playing. If the author ever decides to make a third Cartoon World, it'd be great if he would actually put some effort into it." - Magnus (16-Oct-2006)

"This takes a little longer than the first Cartoon World, and it's very different. You start off in a nice ride till you reach a really weird house - there are a lot of fridge doors here. A linear progression of buttons will take you down into a cartoonish area again where you'll be pitted against four atlantean humongous. You should have plenty of revolver ammo, so it's rather simple to survive and then work your way down safely to jump down to death - ie the end of level. 10 minutes. 10/06" - Treeble (08-Oct-2006)

"This short sequel is a bit better than the previous "Cartoon World". Architecture is still very simply, only with squares and rectangles, psychedelic textures too, some new objects as the modern car or the woman-enemie is nice but with a man voice, no musics, no cameras, no puzzles,... Once you kill the three TR1 monsters I suppose that there's no more to do and have to descend and suicide in the red hole or wait till you are old (?)." - Jose (26-Jun-2006)

"This is a little better than the builder's previous level 'Cartoon World' but not much I am afraid. There are the usual cartoon textures in the last room, a mansion that isn't built very well and a few buttons to push. The female enemies are interesting and inside the last room we get to fight monsters. The level ends when Lara falls inside a big hole and dies. I am still waiting for a proper level to play from this builder." - Kristina (12-May-2006)

"This is more of a mansion level than anything else, although the cartoon aspect did appear a bit at the end (and I'd rather have had it sooner). Lara's schoolgirl outfit looks positively kinky - love the socks. The enemies are a strange mix of homicidal ladies and big boss baddies from Atlantis and the whole thing is over in about ten minutes, via a suicide jump into a bottomless pit (or at least I assume that was the end since I couldn't find anything else to do). A definite oddity of a level." - Jay (27-Apr-2006)

"Yeah... a car and lets see, where are the keys, yeah... on the floor. For a person who doesn't like vehicles, this drive I didn't mind at all. Then the part that the enemies are all female with pretty heavy voices made me wonder if they were on steroids. Anyway the wake up call came with the four mutants all banging away on that platform. There is no finishing trigger as such, like in the first Cartoon level, it ends when Lara dies. 01-04-2006" - Gerty (17-Apr-2006)

"This was slightly better than its prequel. Lara is running around in a cheesy sort of school-girl costume(that I thought didn't really fit in), exploring a cartoonish, mansion-style place where she gets to drive a car for a little bit and shoot at testosterone-ridden females with dark male voices. There is quite a bit of looking around in this place and eventually you will end up in a basement with some Atlantis monsters and a deep hole for Lara to plunge into at the end, just like in the infamous level Cartoon World. The extra points are given because there was actually something to do in this level. But all in all, it does take more than this to convince me. Save it for a rainy day, if you can be bothered to take the time to download it." - Selene (11-Apr-2006)

"I have no words about this level. But I like that enemies! Are they male? And I remembered the TR1 last enemie. At the end of playing, I had only no way without laughing. Yes, It's just like cartoon!" - Blacksheep (05-Apr-2006)

"Actually I expected a tad more than this. I think Cartoon World was better, especially the atmosphere and the textures. Here in this level are also too many dark areas in my opinion but the author provided us with enough flares. It's nice to see all these '' textures. ;-) Some good objects were added like the car and interesting enemies. (After reading the other 3 reviews, I just realized I wasn't supposed to simply jump over the mutants, ah well, I won't replay it.) To end the level, jump into the red hole. This adventure ends like the last one: Lara falls down and screams..." - Tinka (31-Mar-2006)

"Played in the stone cold sober hard light of day,most people will undoubtedly find this a waste of time. However,taken in the proper spirit this is actually a fun little level.The car ride is as simple as it could possibly be;Lara's schoolgirl outfit is tacky and in awful taste;the elegant female villains with male voices are utterly bizarre;the amount of flares are astounding;and the ending is quite mad and undoubtedly the product of a deranged mind. I enjoyed it." - Orbit Dream (28-Mar-2006)

"Well, they keep growing...this time you get Lara in a school girl outfit, a custom car (nice), some custom enemies (a handful of female shooters with rather male voices), a passage in a kind of Lara's Home environment and then of course some rooms with the cartoonish textures, with at least one nice surprise and a fun battle to win. After 1o minutes it's over and again without a finish trigger." - MichaelP (26-Mar-2006)

"Although we've returned to the cartoon world, this time in the basement of a house that uses the mansion textures, I felt that this one was not as good as the first as it all looked a bit chaotically built. There are also some technical issues such as invisible blocks, missing textures, thin walls, and as we are all getting used to with Mr. Howaito, no end trigger...but this wasn't built to be a masterpiece. For 10 minutes Lara dressed in what looks like a mini skirted pilgrim's outfit has to find her way into the basement, along the way fending off disgruntled girls with severe bobs and boobs and pushing buttons. Once into the basement you are in for a rude awakening, 4 of those huge crawling mutants are waiting. When they are taken care of all you need to do is get to the hole in the floor, jump in and die. The end!" - Sash (26-Mar-2006)
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