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Author(s): christayc
total rating:1.01 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfield 3 0 1 3
Catherin 1 1 3 2
Ceamonks890 0 0 1 3
Cory 2 1 1 1
DJ Full 2 0 1 5
dya1403 1 1 1 1
eRIC 0 0 2 3
eTux 0 0 0 1
Gerty 1 1 1 1
Jay 1 1 1 1
Jose 1 1 1 1
Kristina 1 1 1 1
Magnus 0 0 0 0
manarch2 0 0 1 2
MichaelP 1 1 1 1
Orbit Dream 0 0 1 1
Oxy 2 1 3 5
Ryan 0 0 1 1
Sash 1 1 1 1
Selene 0 1 0 0
TombRaiderFan 0 0 0 1
category averages
(21 reviews)
0.81 0.52 1.05 1.67

Reviewer's comments

"Another joke level and it's another failed effort, I'm afraid. Not much to do here and you should easily finish the level before the Spice Girls finish their song..." - Ryan (28-Dec-2017)

"Another pointless Egyptian style release where you're offered very little to do in the gameplay department, with the lack of an actual finish trigger serving as the final nail in the coffin, in terms of any potential interest that I once had. The texturing and ambiance choice from the builder's personal music collection aren't too shabby though. Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (09-Dec-2014)

"This level has at least mostly decent texturing, but even right at the beginning there is a missing one and the end is completely untextured. The rooms between made this level feel like it could have been good, but after finding the two eye pieces and placing them in a black wall, this level ends too soon, and without a finish trigger. The only enemy here - a scorpion - appears out of thin air and apart from the pieces where one is too easily missed without an opportunity to return, the only objects are two empty vases. Even I know how to place objects, so this is no real effort and thus the second category doesn't get awarded with any points. The shadows used were unreal, in a brightly lit room. Not recommended." - manarch2 (27-Nov-2011)

"Lighting & textures are surprisingly good, not like in most of joke levels. The rest is just not enough. When I read the description of this level, I got convinced it's a real trap or impassable wall what blocks Lara's way out of the tomb. So when it appeared it's lack of finish trigger only what does it, I got disappointed. SUMMARY: If you wanna find your way out and then lose your satisfaction only because of being blocked by missing finish trigger - download and play this level." - DJ Full (11-Oct-2010)

"A level that should not have been released as it is unfinished, adn does not make sense, there is almost nothing to do, and no finish trigger. The looks were rather good for a first effort , and the pop music played is not too bad either." - eRIC (15-Aug-2009)

"This isn't a joke level. There is a grave, I think it's from a mother and Lara confesses that she loved her. Then she opens the door of the tomb and goes home. End of story. 10 minutes of game-play." - Oxy (06-Apr-2009)

"A one and a half minute level with no finish trigger, at least when the builder did the crystal house 1 they put one in. You pick up the eye of horus and jump into a pool of water, insert the eye of horus and run around in a very badly made room." - Cory (15-Oct-2007)

"Imagine playing this level right after LAZARUS CURSE. How bitter can this be??" - dya1403 (23-Nov-2006)

"It was extremely short, but it was nice level. But I am sure the author can do better than that. Ok.... the way out is really tooooo easy. And when you get out, there is nothing to see.... I mean: you see some sky, and lots of nothingness. I recommend this level, even though I gave it a low score. That because this level is 'short and to the point'. And what's the story about that song?" - Bigfield (20-Oct-2006)

"A level you can't get out of? By golly, that's never been done before! Certainly not with a Spice Girls song playing in the background, so it must be all good then? Well, it makes it more distinctive than the other levels like this, but it has more problems than the Spice Girls had with their reunions. Though the rooms actually look somewhat ok, thus the 1 point in the looks department, they still bear all the signs of a beginner's level - paper-thin walls, missing or badly applied textures and the list goes on. My best guess is that the author just got bored with the project before he got anywhere, so decided to release as it is. But then again - that's not really that important at this point anyway - if the download size doesn't bother you and you want to see how the tutorial level mixes with a soppy pop song, this is your best chance at experiencing it!" - eTux (03-Aug-2006)

"The gameplay hardly exists, you just combine a puzzle item, place it and exit the tomb. The atmosphere is ok but the song by the Spice Girls is not to my liking and doesn't fit. There are some faults concerning the textures and paperthin walls, the lighting is too dark in the alcoves." - Catherin (02-Aug-2006)

"This level is indeed over before the song finishes. In fact, despite starting up the song in the background before I had even begun installing the level and despite the fact that I fell to my death a few times in the second room, I still finished the level before the Spice Girls had stopped singing. Not that I was expecting a joke level to take a while to finish - that would just be crazy. There's really not a lot to do in this level, either. The second room looks like it was supposed to be much more than it ended up being, but as it is now, all you have to do is jump into the water and you have no reason to climb up again. This isn't so much a joke level as it is a bad level. I guess the joke is on the players." - Magnus (24-Jul-2006)

"Uf! Another "joke" level? It seems that the author builded this level only to show everybody the song he/she likes; but no more. Only a waste of time for me." - Jose (26-Jun-2006)

"This is the shortest level I've ever played with more than one room in it. Where the joke in it was is something that completely escapes my comprehension, I certainly didn't find it amusing. I shot two empty urns, pulled one lever, found and used two eye pieces(thus the 1 in score), swam a bit and ended up in a flat room with an equally flat horizon and no walls. In fact when I turned around I couldn't even see the building I came from at all. The level is a glitch in itself and that nausea-inducing Spice Girls tune does NOT make it any better. To be avoided....unfortunately." - Selene (01-Jun-2006)

"It lasted two minutes and there's an Eye to get and use, a ninja or two to kill and there's no finishing trigger. Don't bother." - Kristina (19-May-2006)

"Warning. Back slowly away from this level. That is all." - Jay (02-May-2006)

"I know this is a joke level but I just don't get it on more than one level. There is firstly the premise of Lara having confessed something to her mother (who is, as we all know, dead), but what is it she is confessing to, and if she is confessing to her mother what is she doing in an Egyptian tomb, maybe her mum is a mummy. Then on Lara's confessional jaunt through this small tomb she comes across 3 halves of an Eye, now I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but from second grade maths memory 3 halves don't maketh a whole. And just to add another little bit of mystery, I found while swimming near the end that Lara could swim through a wall with a hidden underwater tunnel behind it but this neither went anywhere nor held anything. Maybe her confession was that she hired a really shonky architect. This is not worth the download, the 10Mb is because of a Spice Girls song, as it lasted only 3 minutes and ended without a finish trigger." - Sash (01-May-2006)

"Spice girls, need I say more. First thing I saw was a missing texture. There are more but that is at the end. You can make the game last bit longer if you want to descend all the ledges instead of jumping straight into the water, so at least you can battle two ninja's." - Gerty (17-Apr-2006)

"Nah no real point in downloading this. lol" - TombRaiderFan (13-Apr-2006)

"A 90 second Tut1 wad with no Finish Trigger.The 10 MB download is for the audio file - an irrelevant and nauseatingly cloying pop song which,by its very inclusion,seems to preclude this level from fitting conveniently into the 'joke' category. Which means,therefore,that it's a waste of time and not worth bothering with." - Orbit Dream (09-Apr-2006)

"Ah well, another young author wanting to get into the listing it seems. A few rooms in Tut1 style, an eye to pick up and use and you should easily have explored the whole 'level' before the song comes to an end. One for the review count..." - MichaelP (08-Apr-2006)
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