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Author(s): Razyel
total rating:5.44 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
christayc 6 4 7 6
Daffy 6 6 6 7
eRIC 4 5 3 6
Gerty 6 6 7 6
Jay 5 4 6 6
Jose 4 5 4 6
Kristina 4 4 4 5
MichaelP 6 5 7 7
Orbit Dream 4 5 6 6
Ryan 5 5 5 6
Sash 4 4 6 6
Scottie 8 7 6 6
Selene 5 4 6 6
category averages
(13 reviews)
5.15 4.92 5.62 6.08

Reviewer's comments

"This is about as classic as they come by today's standards and despite the fact that it was pleasant to look at and that the gameplay flows very smoothly in a sort of linear fashion, I was left feeling a little underwhelmed by this one. The gameplay isn't too engaging, simply involving pulling many floor levers and dashing through a few passages while avoiding a few not too challenging traps, to eventually reach the finish trigger after around fifteen minutes. The surroundings are quite pleasant if a little psychedelic in places and there were quite a few sound issues in my download, causing only the background sound to be present. A valiant effort, but not the most exciting level out there." - Ryan (20-Mar-2018)

"Ordinarily one would have to visit this level builder personally and give him a thick ear! How can he build only thus a great silent movie level? You think, this is a contradiction in itself? How should a level be great if one hears nothing? Indeed, this is only apparently a contradiction. Well, which one hears nothing, is very unfortunate. Indeed, nevertheless, it is not so bad, actually. It would be more badly if one heard only partly nothing. And it puts the question to itself what is worse. Completely without playing tone, or seeing all possible colours. I tend rather to the second variation. Since though the auditory canals are spared, but from the colours one gets eye cancer. This reminded me anyhow of Psychedelic Angkor Wat. But if one disregards sometimes tone and the coloured colours, one must ascertain which was built the level really well. Hopefully Razyel built the other level as well. Then, however, please a little less colour and a little bit more sound. Well, we will see (and hear)." - Scottie (02-Apr-2010)

"Here is a return in Egypt which I appreciated well, the decoration of this level is very coloured but the author does not have use too shrill and annoying colours for eyes, this returns level nice to visit, the building is made well. The gameplay is simple with some good ideas of change of position of levers. A level which I recommend." - Daffy (08-Sep-2009)

"20 minutes in this straightforward raid in Egypt, which is not without reminding the Burial chambers level in The last Revelation (without being a remake). There are levers to push , a couple of artefacts to pick up, dogs and mummies. What was strange is that there is NO sfx sounds through the whole game , there is only the audio files : that explains why the TR4 file is so small. A relaxing level , very user-friendly , where I have appreciated the use of some objects and some diagonal walls." - eRIC (17-Feb-2008)

"I don't know if only happens in my PC, but I couldn't hear any sound effect (steps, switches,...). A level very easy to play, the only tasks you'll have to do are pull floor switches and place some objects. Enemies are only hound dogs and mummies, and I didn't find secrets. The only sound I could hear was the background music, and lights and textures are only correct. A level without pain or glory." - Jose (10-Jul-2006)

"It lasted about fifteen minutes and has nothing special to offer really. In a typical Tomb of Seth setting with a few levers to use, a hand, a talisman and dogs to shoot. The traps are dead easy to pass and with all those weapons available so are the enemies. This isn't my kind of level and I'd like to see something different for the next level." - Kristina (30-May-2006)

"Lara has returned to Egypt and the tomb of Seth, but it must have been long since the last time because now it has more or less collapsed and there are uneven hallways and slopes everywhere. This is the sort of level you couldn't get lost in even if you tried(if you did actually get lost you must have tried extremely hard). A straight forward run, with only some jackals and mummies to kill(which was a piece of cake considering that both the crossbow and ammo was more than plentiful). With all those weapons and pickups I was halfway expecting some major boss fight at the end, but no.....what you see along the entire level is what you get until the very end. If there were any secrets at all the greatest puzzle must have been to find them, because I most certainly couldn't. A small array of the usual traps you find in tombs and a linear and almost too easy level with lots of switches to pull that lasted about 20-30 minutes. Some stretched textures and glitches, but that can easily be fixed for the next adventure. A thoroughly enjoyable adventure that will bring you a bit of fun during the lunch break." - Selene (24-May-2006)

"A quick 25 minute run through level in a tomb environment is what this level holds. For the first half or so you just move from room to room pulling levers but the last half, although still a lever pull, puts a little twist on the theme with one area seeming to rotate a couple of times as you come back to it and a deep room with walkways and blades to manouver till you get to the bottom. For a debut this is solidly built but it is way too linear and by far does not have enough thrills or chills. No secrets." - Sash (21-May-2006)

"I confess I groaned a bit when I saw the title of this one and I was expecting it to be dire. Admittedly, the gameplay is somewhat predictable and linear and some audio files appear to be missing, but the level itself is not badly constructed for a first time offering and could well appeal to anybody wanting a short, easy stroll through an Egyptian level. You get oodles of guns and ammo but since all you need to kill are jackals and a mummy you won't actually need it. Well, okay I started using the grenade gun on the jackals after a while, but I'm allowed to be silly - I'm at a funny age." - Jay (18-May-2006)

"Linear and fast paced this will be over after 20 minutes and even though it has too many levers, unnecessary pickups and dogs it is actually a pleasing little raid due to the colourful surroundings and there are at least two small puzzles near the end that while not being difficult still show some original thinking on behalf of the builder." - MichaelP (16-May-2006)

"This is a little gem and a very fast paste as well. As this is a first I would say the story is there, he know how to use the LE, it does need some fine tuning now as there are stretched textures and the lightning could use some subtlety. I liked the use of the flip maps. I would encourage this builder to continue as I had great fun." - Gerty (12-May-2006)

"Nice level, its very straight-forward level so if your looking for a relaxing level then pick this one. I saw a few paper-thin walls and no stretched textures, more like compressed textures. Basically your just going door through door following the creator, the one thing i didnt understand was all the ammo, i got through the entire level fine with just the pistols, maybe there for the continue on of this level, i hope so. Very good level, please keep building." - christayc (05-May-2006)

"Although full of interesting construction flourishes (have a look at the 'underfloor-lava' room;the curved portals between several chambers;the pillar of fire) this adventure is pretty much a 'no-brainer',as you basically run from one room to the next at a rate of knots without ever wondering what to do next.The impressive room with the metal walkways seems to be shortcutted easily,simply by hang-dropping to the walkways beneath (although I obediently followed the path the builder intended),and many of the textures (although creatively and decoratively applied) were often unnactractively stretched. The biggest fault for me were the massive shafts of piercing sunlight (some of them quite blinding to look at) which seemed to come shooting out of nowhere and drenched the Tomb in unfeasable brightness,killing much of the atmosphere in the process. Beams of light are attractive in themselves,but this builder seemed to have an unhealthy obsession toward them which rather distracted me from the merits of the level. Anyway,after 25 minutes,it all comes to a quite arbitrary end with no real harm done. Interesting to look at,and a promising start (assuming it to be a first level),but not one that will feature prominently in a 'Stuck' Forum." - Orbit Dream (04-May-2006)
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