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Author(s): TimJ
total rating:7.70 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Akcy 10 9 10 10
Gerty 8 6 7 7
Gill 8 7 8 8
Jay 8 7 8 7
Jose 7 8 7 9
Kristina 6 6 7 7
MichaelP 8 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 9
Phil 8 7 8 8
Relic Hunter 8 7 7 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Samu 8 8 7 8
Sash 7 7 7 7
Selene 8 8 8 8
category averages
(14 reviews)
7.86 7.29 7.71 7.93

Reviewer's comments

"Although I'm not personally a fan of trap- focused gameplay, I'll admit to actually quite enjoying this one. You do have to be constantly on your feet, as you could be surprised by a trap at any given minute. There's also a few neat moments, such as the unique spike trap-cum-torch maze and the spikes surrounding the final artefact that require you to take an alternate route to remove them. Skeleton harpies and bats will be put to hinder you, and the lighting is a bit dark, but surroundings are very pleasing. A fun action packed raid that, depending on how adept you are at traps, may take you a short or long time to complete (40 minutes with a few reloads from me)." - Ryan (26-Oct-2017)

"Traps, traps, and if I haven't mentioned yet: traps. Oh, and there are traps too. Beautiful level, lighting and textures are perfect. Pretty dark though, but we are given enough flares, and for a good part of the journey the torch too. There were just a few enemies, some bats, a couple of skeletons, and nicely retextured flying bonies, but I didn't miss more, the level is interesting enough without much fighting. I wouldn't say it's difficult, but not too easy either, nicely balanced and captivating from start to finish. It brought to me that 'being there' feeling, with very good atmosphere, and well thought out and full of excitement gameplay. Sometimes I dropped the keyboard by fright, when a trap skewered poor Lara. My opinion is best explained by the phrase: it got to me. No one should miss this great adventure." - Akcy (31-Jan-2007)

"A temple full of dangerous traps as in classic TR games. There are no much enemies and secrets are not hard to find. Level is quite dark, so be prepared to light much flares 'cause there are some hidden switches to find if you want advance through the game. There's no much sounds and in some switches not cameras too. Not very difficult tasks, so it's a playable level for everybody. Separating the darkness there was only one detail I didn't like: you need the sight to end the level, and if you miss it, when you arrive to the place where you have to use it, you'll have to get a long way back and look for this item through a very huge part of the level loosing a lot of time, so I think that the author shouldn't let the players continue playing without this item." - Jose (10-Jul-2006)

"This is quite short adventure and playing it takes about less than an hour. There are some well hidden switches to find and plenty of traps in the level but there aren't many puzzles in the level and it might have been nice to solve more puzzles. On the other hand puzzles aren't very needed because traps and few other things makes this level quite satisfying. Rooms in this level are mainly quite small and they are built quite well but I think that if there were more big areas in this level this level could be more memorable. Of course I don't mean that big areas are always needed to make memorable and good level but levels which include big and well constructed areas are often very good. Usually levels which include only corridors and simple small rooms aren't very interesting but I don't mean that this level would be that kind of level. However, I liked this level quite much and I can recommend it for everyone." - Samu (05-Jul-2006)

"What an amazing and adventurous level this was to be in. I really enjoyed my little romp in this one, it certainly kept me on my toes all throughout this little adventure. You will be encountering enemies such as bats, skellies and an added flying skellie too. Lots of traps await you during your quest here, which only adds spice and some really good challenges as you got on with your tasks which were laid out ahead of you, and are in search of those missing guardian keys. Keep a lookout for those hidden jump switches which are in some very dark corners as this did have me back-tracking from time to time, but this certainly didn't damper or hinder my game-play. After pushing many buttons and throwing some switches and dealing with your task with the torch in that maze type environment, this fine little adventure soon comes to an end. The textures, layouts and lighting of this one, was very well thought out, which gave you an excellent feel and added the appropriate atmosphere for this type of setting and game-play. Thanks TimJ, I enjoyed playing this challenging level of yours" - Gill (09-Jun-2006)

"That was a typical kind of Egyptian level with simple puzzles and about forty minutes long. There are jump switches and buttons to use, spikes to avoid, rooms with deadly water and very few enemies. Most of the level is dark but the builder gave us enough flares to get by. It's a nice level although there's nothing special about it. The last bit needs some skill because you have to pass by the spikes to get the artefact on the pedestal and make the finishing trigger appear. I found three secrets that were pick ups and artefacts." - Kristina (30-May-2006)

"This is fun, fast and furious. The place is full of traps, but not too difficult, although I always have trouble with those knee-high knives in passageways. Enemies are sparse and easily dealt with, but do try not to miss any flares as this level is quite dark in parts. There?s a rather nicely thought out maze with wall sconces to light and spike traps to trigger ? in fact the gameplay in general seemed well devised to me. An excellent one to play if want something lively to keep you entertained for under an hour." - Jay (24-May-2006)

"Now this was a pleasant surprise. I've always loved temple levels and this was no exception. You can expect traps galore(as always is the case in old decrepit temples)and of all kinds too: spikes, blades, boulders, spiked walls/ceiling, lava pools etc. A wonderfully pleasant experience though for trap-freaks like myself:) The level itself wasn't very difficult, but at one point I took a wrong turn and got completely confused so I started all over again. Plenty of buttons to push and switches to pull and some of them are stashed away in very dark corners so they're easy to miss if you don't keep your eyes peeled. Quite few enemies, mainly skeletons(both the regular kind and the winged ones) and bats....those that were present were put in all the right places though. I found three secrets(well hidden ones too) that looked absolutely lovely to me. They actually looked like items you could use in the gameplay, but that was not the case. There was also a clever puzzle where a torch was needed and a few other key items to pick up as well. Lovely temple atmosphere, good use of cameras and in overall good texturing although the sound was lacking a bit and some areas were just way too dark. There were however plenty of flares to pick up to make up for that. Absolutely an enjoyable adventure and although it might be a bit difficult for complete beginners I would recommend it to anyone." - Selene (24-May-2006)

"As others have said, this is chock full of traps, it also seems as though the gaming environment is actually quite small so that you can return to most places within minutes and this made for a fast paced and intriguing little level. In the 35 minutes it took to get to the end you are given one smart puzzle or move to make after the other and this for the most part made for a really good game, there is though quite a few levers and switches to pull and as this is a slightly dark level you can easily miss some, when I successfully made it to the end I found out I did actually miss one but as it opened a gate to the scope and you can target shoot a ball with the shotgun this one switch can be taken or left. This in the end is a quick fun level that I?m sure most people will enjoy." - Sash (21-May-2006)

"Short and sweet - you get just over half an hour of net gameplay here but it is action packed with plenty (and I mean plenty) of traps, only a few bats and skeletons as enemies, and a clever, if sometimes confusing, room design as you seem to go in circles at times. It is also a rather dark level, helped sometimes by the torch and by enough flares spread throughout. Several buttons to push, two guardian keys to find, oh and did I mention there were traps - and plenty of them? Found 3 secrets with artefacts. Not sure why this level did not end up as a part of the big tro-online project, but also on its own it provides a fun time." - MichaelP (19-May-2006)

"As far as I remember this is the first level I've played by this builder. I did so for the purpose of writing the walkthrough, but I had an enjoyable and challenging time while doing so. The reviews and stuck thread were helpful in warning me about some of the quirks one encounters throughout this level, and TC14 (who beta-tested the level) was of great help whenever I found myself stuck. The setting was darker than I like, but since pretty scenery isn't really a factor here I didn't find the darkness too distracting. There's a nice maze where you have to trigger spike traps one by one in order to progress, and the retextured harpies (flying skeletons) were well done. There was one section of the jungle-like area where I felt more tasks needed to be done, but whatever those might have been didn't stop you from completing the level. The lack of cut scenes after pushing buttons, throwing switches or lighting torches made me wonder whether all of that was necessary, but I assume they all had a purpose of some kind. On the other hand, it has been demonstrated that you don't need the laser sight in order to reach the final section of the level (although the builder obviously intended that you use it). Anyway, this is a good level to test your skills without requiring you to invest hours of your time." - Phil (18-May-2006)

"This is a very smart little adventure. 45 minutes of edge-of-the-seat Gameplay (barely a room or passageway exists which does NOT contain a suprise) and rather intelligent ideas make for a fun and constantly entertaining quest.Indeed,more Gameplay is crammed into this than in many a multi-leveled adventure,proving that quality is far to be prefered over quantity. The maze concept was finally given a new and logical twist,the traps were well placed and the overall construction was accomplished.If it's an atmospheric and gripping little challenge you're after,this will definately do the trick." - Orbit Dream (17-May-2006)

"A fun, fast paced level that should take around an hour to finish. The author of the level tries to intensify the gameplay through using various traps, like some rooms with spikes coming from the ceiling or the walls at you. This one takes place in a kind of jungle type environment, and it then turns more Egyptian by the end. I don't know about everyone else, but I did like the nice fog effects, and the spiraling portal at the end of the level. It's not that fascinating of a level, but it was fun for me to play. Nice for a quick raid." - Relic Hunter (17-May-2006)

"Well that was quite a surprise. This level is a trap galore but don't be afraid, it isn't that deadly as some of the other levels. This is however a level you do need to play with your eyes wide open. Cleverly hidden switches and especially in dark corners. You might think that you can open a passage with an artefact you found, wrong. At least you also need a lever or a switch or else you still are wondering around and end up like one of those skeletons that are lying around. Nice use of the torch I might add and there aren't really that much enemies that will jump at you from a dark corner to make you jump in your chair. Although this place begs to have that sort of enemies that jump at Lara when she least expect it." - Gerty (12-May-2006)
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