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Author(s): Bag
total rating:6.50 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dya1403 8 9 9 7
eTux 4 5 4 4
Gerty 6 7 6 5
Gill 8 7 8 7
Jay 7 7 7 6
Jose 7 8 8 5
Kristina 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 7 8 6 6
Obig 7 8 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 6 4 3
Phil 8 7 7 7
Ruediger 7 8 6 3
Ryan 7 7 6 5
Sash 6 7 8 7
Selene 8 7 9 6
category averages
(15 reviews)
6.73 7.07 6.67 5.53

Reviewer's comments

"This quite long level actually has a rather inspired storyline and there are some really neat ideas present including some stealth attacks and a couple of enjoyable jumping sequences. It's a shame that the rather stark and repetitive surroundings don't do the atmosphere and looks any favours and I'm sure that this could have been a wonderful visual experience if more effort had been put into that department. A couple of the custom Jurassic Park textures were a nice touch. There is a finish trigger after the Jeep if you find the paper that the guard dropped. A fun adventure that's somewhat lacking on the visual front." - Ryan (04-Feb-2018)

"The surroundings are rather crude, but there are some good gameplay concepts presented here. I liked the idea of sneaking up on enemies and poking at their guts with a knife. That trip across a room booby-trapped with mines and flame tiles was rather invigorating. There was a native guarding a spike-trapped bridge who was remarkably difficult to kill. I did it by back-flipping to safety periodically and then jumping back down to resume fire. The T-Rex was a breeze by comparison. There's no finish trigger, so I quit after a brief ride on the Jeep. About 50 minutes. Unremarkable but fun." - Phil (08-Nov-2016)

"I needed quite a lot of medipacks for the walk through Dino Island which was packed with enemies, not only dinos, but also heavily armed soldiers. Even though there is a lot of action going on in this 1 hour adventure and the creator used some advanced level building techniques (Lara's knife attack, the base elevator, helpful flybys), the oversized square rooms and sloppy, stretched textures ruin the look of the level. Also the traps aren't always fair, for example unmarked squares may contain spikes or deadly fire. Mostly it was fun to play, but I had mixed feelings. I ought to mention the dramatic, good ending with some thrilling jeep driving." - Ruediger (13-Feb-2008)

"Now, I don't want to give away my weaknesses, but having the words "island" and "dino" in your title is probably the ultimate way of getting my attention (well, I suppose there are other ways, but let's not go there...), and having "welcome" in it doesn't hurt either! While I liked this better than Bag's previous offering, I can't say it gets in the better half of the almost 600 levels I've played and reviewed up to date. As for most, the biggest party-killer was the bug (insufficient planning from the author's side, rather) that prevents you from slitting the second guard's throat, because a dead body of another one was in the way, and of course, for some strange reason this prevents you from continuing legally, which was a pity since by the time this kicks in you're about half-way through the level if not more. Apart from adding diversity, I didn't really see much point in the mentioned stealth attacks, but, apart from still being a bit bitter about the bug, I can't say I really mind these glorified extras so much. Now that that's out of way, the only other thing I didn't like was the minefield, or mine-room, or however you wish to call it, which I think didn't make much sense either, but when concentrating on the good parts - the author did well on adding some diversity here, with having waterfalls, villages, lava rooms, coastlines, bases and caves here as far as the environments go - each giving you a certain feel of its own - for example the caves having Shiva's while the outside areas concentrate on raptors, natives and soldiers. As in the previous level of the author, my favourite part here probably was the jeep chase, which was quite thrilling till the level crashed when finally reaching the jeep Lara chased back on the shore where the level started. Overall - still quite a way to go for the builder, but his improvement here shows he's on the right track." - eTux (19-Jul-2006)

"This level is not bad at all. First impression is not good 'cause the simply architecture and bad applied textures, but once you advance through the level you notice that it's entertained and you'll find some good features. There are a lot of enemies to shoot and I noticed an effort with musics and cameras. I missed one of the secrets (using the sight?) but the other were not difficult to find. I think the rooms are too much huge, and geometry and textures could be much better, but the level is playable (except for the "bug" killing the thug with the knife)." - Jose (12-Jul-2006)

"45 minutes spent in a Jungle / Base setting that actually feel longer. Starting in the GMac outfit on a beach with a nice horizon, Lara has quite some battling to do here (raptors, natives, TRex, Shivas and soldiers) - I counted more than 30 enemies in total. The level is actually rather linear as you collect gems, keys, cards and a plug, but still fun to make it through. The explosion effects are well designed, but the need to kill the two bad guys with the knife from behind is not obvious and if you fail to do that you are stuck for good. Crossing the spiked bridge with a T Rex roaming around was a nice little challenge to master and the elevator and the lava/jump room was fun too, as was the nice finale with the Jeep chase." - MichaelP (10-Jun-2006)

"This is a good adventure. There are many good ideas. We start at the coast, then comes a little jungle, we adventure on the tree-tops a litle bit. After that some bases, rivers, waterfalls, volcanic rooms, then we get back to the beginning of the level by driving the jeep. In the meantime we can get three secrets too, each is a separate task. We may suspect bugs at some places, but they are only good ideas that we have to solve the case not with guns. But there is a small bug at a certain place though. Not every dead bodies have to be pulled, because one of them on one of the bases will be an obstacle later. The enemies are raptors, gumen, some savages, T-Rexes, and many slow, sluggish Shivas. For one of the secrets you will also need the Laser Sight; when we get back to the village. The textures are average, but they suit the level. There are added sounds too. It was a good adventure; keep it up, Bag! :) English walkthrough, savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (07-Jun-2006)

"Well, the title of this level says it all, so if you're up for shooting many dinos/raptors and the good old T-Rex, then this adventure is surely for you to enjoy and explore. Starting of at a seemingly secluded island and as you wonder off to explore this little beach setting, it won't be too long before you encounter your first raptor attack. Then its off through a small cave to make your way high above some tree tops to collect a few important items, to continue on with your journey. After which, you then reach the quaint little village of the natives and by all accounts, they are not too happy to see you either, as they have adopted T-Rex as their pet guard, to keep all unwanted visitors out of their territory and abode. After a huge battle in the village, by eliminating all the natives and including good old T-Rex and raptors, it's off to deal with another battle of a different sort; Shiva's have appeared and are now blocking your path. After disposing of them and as this adventure continues, at a fairly and easy pace, you reach and enter the camp and the Head Quarters of where all those SAS guards are residing, keeping watch of all unwanted and uninvited guests to this desolate and remote island that your are trying to explore. I did enjoy the sequence whereby you collected the knife and proceeded a little bit further and then came across the next guard, only to find me pistols had disappeared, this took me a while to figure out, for the reason in picking up the knife in the first place, which had to be used by sneaking up on that particular guard and stab him death with it, a nice touch, I enjoyed that. After a few more battles and collecting some keys, this little adventure soon comes to end, that's if you do not move that dead body or you will be stuck on this little island forever. In general, this is a nicely laid out adventure, with some good textures applied and with the right kind of lighting, gave this little adventure a good atmosphere and some nice game play. So if you are up for some battles, then this little adventure is for you." - Gill (06-Jun-2006)

"This one has a lot of dinos and a couple of T-Rex but also SAS guards. There are key cards to find, a nasty bug which is described in the readme file and a deadly sea. The blocks you raise help you to proceed in the level and it is about forty minutes long. The stealth move from TRC is used here. I am not fond of levels like this but do give it a try anyway for an easy raid. I found two secrets." - Kristina (30-May-2006)

"If you're a fan of shooters, this one's quite decent actually. As the title suggests, you certainly won't be short changed in the dinosaur department and there are natives, guards and Shivas out to get you as well; don't miss the shotgun early on in the proceedings or you won't be able to kill the T-Rex. The island has some nice areas to explore - sea shore, treetops, native villages, encampments etc. and the game moves along at a fast, albeit easy, pace, with one or two really nice touches, especially the novel use of the knife, so it's not purely mindless mayhem." - Jay (29-May-2006)

"Raptors, they still give me the creeps and there are quite a lot out there in this game. Of course someone is experimenting with them and of course there are guards. And to top it off there is a major bug in this game so one needs to read the walkthrough or else get stuck forever (it has to do with not moving one dead body). There is however a nice new move to kill some guards. The area, where this entire level takes place can use some work, as everything is rather boxed shaped. I am not in all favor of the Shiva?s in this game and I even got the jeep into the Shiva room, so some serious beta testing wouldn?t go amiss. But if you are trigger happy, give this level a shot (no pun intended). The ending for me in this game is when I was out on the beach again I got out, shot the guard and picked up a piece of paper that he dropped." - Gerty (28-May-2006)

"This is a brave attempt to create a thrilling adventure story and the builder almost pulls it off,but unfortunately falls victim to an enemy more fearsome even than a big growling Dinosaur...the poorly placed texture! In this instance the outdoor environments are flatly lit and walpapered with (often stretched) textures which do their best to kill the potentially intriguing and tense atmosphere. This is a pity,as the level has some occasionally very smart moments (the sneaky stealth killings,in particular) and maintains a good momentum throughout. The physical course is rather predictable,though,and you know something has gone rather wrong when the human enemies are harder to kill than the Dino's.Indeed the poor old T-Rex's can be felled with but a brace of shots from Lara's trusty Shotgun and the assorted giant shiva's tumble with equal facility.The 'running from key to door to key again' scenario seems to be a level-prolonguing excercise,but the interior scenes are tense and occasionally good fun (the aforementioned stealth sequence;the mined warehouse;the elevator) while the adventure builds to a ripping Finale with a chase in a Jeep. A fine and occasionaly inspired storyline,then;spoiled by a rushed execution." - Orbit Dream (25-May-2006)

"The game is great because it doesn't get on your nerves at all. That dues to the fact that it is a game suited to all players. It has some nice ideas- I liked the new method of sneaking behind an enemy and using a Knife found in the kitcken, instread of the "old-fashion" pistols. The atmosphere is vrey realistic, also the enemies and they keep on coming. don't bother to shoot at the T-Rex, it won,t die. The game is not too hard because the fly-bys offer all the clues you need to know what's going on. The only flaw is a bug that doesn,t alow you to continue if you move a certain dead body. so make sure you have a save-game just in case and good luck!!!!" - dya1403 (21-May-2006)

"Well it is an island and there sure are some dinos on it, but I really didn?t feel too welcome here. Lara starts this adventure at the edge of the island where she must first take a dip in the surrounding ocean, from here on in though the calmness of that refreshing swim is quickly replaced by a constant onslaught of enemy attacks till finally she can secure a jeep and make it back to where she first began on the trail of an enemy jeep. I always find for me that there is an instant appeal in the whole lost island full of prehistoric beasts scenario and this 45 minute level somewhat gratified that feeling, especially the moment you slide into the little village where the T-Rex is stomping around followed by some smaller raptors and villagers, but there were also times where I thought that areas were used in a silly way and for an example the first time you meet the Shivas in an underground room comes to mind, it just felt like that area didn?t belong in this adventure at all probably because the inclusion of Shivas as an enemy didn?t feel right here. But for the most part this level came across as a good shooter based game that I?m sure many will enjoy. 3 secrets." - Sash (21-May-2006)

"This is Bag's second level and a major improvement. Lara goes to an island where dinos roam around freely and where Sophia's men have set up a base to explore the island and in addition obtained a secret map leading to The Stone of Power. Although dinos are usually among my least favourite enemies(together with yetis and sharks) I must say I quite enjoyed this adventure. The gameplay is fluent and well composed, straight-forward and not too hard. There are a lot of good ideas here and although there are no puzzles, only killing, getting past a few traps and finding gems and keys to open doors, it is still good fun. I was very pleased with the enemies(consisting of raptors, savages, Sophia's men, Shiva statues and of course the inevitable T-Rex)...they provided a good challenge as some of them come in packs and were extremely well placed. They were a bit easy to kill, but located in all the right places, without becoming neither too few nor too many at a time. You'll find a lot of weapons though and enough ammo, so nothing should be too difficult. I found three secrets that were pretty well hidden. The atmosphere was good and the knowledge of what species inhabit the island gave a good thrill. I was extremely pleased with the sound, I must say the builder really knows where to use the right pieces and what music to put in for a perfect atmosphere. The lighting was overall good and no places were too dark(apart from in one cave), but unfortunately the textures didn't quite live up to it. The indoor scenery was very good, but the outdoors contained an immense amount of repetetive textures and they were badly stretched as well plus some of them were blinking too. A better variety in the texturing and splitting them up to avoid them getting stretched would do this level(and the author's upcoming works) a world of good. There is no actual ending to the level either, the games just shuts down and I would have loved to see it a bit more elaborate and complete. It's in overall a very good level and thoroughly enjoyable. As it's quite easy it is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced players." - Selene (18-May-2006)
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