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Author(s): tombraiderluka
total rating:2.67 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 2 2 2
DJ Full 3 2 1 2
eTux 2 2 2 1
Gerty 3 3 3 3
Jay 3 3 3 2
Jose 3 2 4 3
Kristina 4 4 4 4
Magnus 2 1 1 1
MichaelP 2 3 3 2
Orbit Dream 3 2 2 2
Ryan 3 2 3 2
Sakusha 3 3 3 2
Sash 3 3 4 3
Selene 3 4 2 1
Whistle 3 4 5 5
category averages
(15 reviews)
2.87 2.67 2.80 2.33

Reviewer's comments

"There's a slight improvement over the original Temple of Darkness, although it's not a decent level as of yet. There's certainly more to do, and the trap sequences were a nice idea, but it is still too dark overall, there are still wafer thin walls about and the audio file, while placid, got kind of wearying after a while. Still, you're getting there." - Ryan (23-Feb-2017)

"While a slight step up in presentation from the original 'Temple of Darkness', the builder still has quite a long way to go here before he can make something truly high-quality at this point in time, with certain aspects such as texturing, lighting, atmosphere and level design definitely needing the most attention. But at the end of the day though, this is more or less an expanded version of the builder's debut, with a small number of improvements made to the overall design since then(but not necessarily enough to classify as good or ultimately worth bothering with). Only reviewers and/or completionists should check this one out." - Ceamonks890 (08-Dec-2014)

"Average gameplay, comprising of swimming, climbing platforms, swinging ropes and getting from one room to another. Puzzles exist, but are awfully thought - if you miss the first Cartouche Piece, you have to backtrack through 3/4 of the level, and one of the Eye Pieces is hidden behind a walkthrough wall. I don't like forcing extension of the playtime this way. The game has beautiful music, but it can be tiring to listen to it for 15 minutes (that's the approximate time of play). And there are some sounds fitting the situation. Nice secrets. Some pretty applied objects, but not too much of them. SUMMARY: If you have a musician's ear, you should play this level just to listen to the ambient music. I feel like a complete ignorant, because I know this piece, but I have no idea what movie it is from..." - DJ Full (29-Oct-2010)

"Well this is definitely a step up from the author's recent debut level, but they still have a long ways to go with their building skills. The rough wrap up of this 20 minute level is that it is set in a tomb, there are a handful of ninjas as enemies, and you have to locate a couple of necessary items usually under movable objects. Texturing and architecture are quite slipshod and this lent to the level not having much atmosphere, however overall I see advances in most areas from the debut level, but just not enough advances. I found 4 secrets." - Sash (01-Oct-2006)

"One of these levels which you don't need all the savegame slots to finish them. Another short egypt level with a bad design: very simply architecture, wafer thin walls, bad applied textures, not puzzles,... Secrets are too much easy to find. At the end the game crashes. The only decent thing I found were the sounds and the background music. Sorry for my criticism but for me the level was bad." - Jose (03-Aug-2006)

"Not a very long level (unless I had a bug) finishing after placing the 2nd Cartouche and running down the corridor. Enemies are Ninja and mummies and no puzzles to solve. The game play was rather straight forward and easy to follow, find a piece, or switch, place it open door being the main modus operandi. Secrets also easily found and some of the objects rather a waste of time. Lighting was Ok but the flare pickups could have been earlier. Sound was good with refreshing changes to the back ground musak, but the atmosphere was rather bland however. Textures were rather repeated to often and at time stretched. All in all I get the feeling this was supposed to be a much longer level." - Whistle (08-Jul-2006)

"I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I loaded up this one after having played the builder's last attempt, thinking that this would run down the same lane. It did, but only to a certain extent. The good thing about it is that we see a slight improvement, i.e. it's neither as short nor as pointless as the previous part. There is a little bit more of gameplay added, but nothing that will keep you mesmerized or even on your toes and you will most likely forget you ever played it once it's done. We have here some mummies to avoid and a few baddies and scorpions to shoot. There was even a baddie that had frozen on top of a block so I was halfway expecting him to come alive any minute. That never came to be though and apart from that + a relentless search for two eye pieces and some cartouches it was a rather uneventful experience that consisted so to say entirely of running around in seemingly never-ending hallways with textures stretched way into the unrecognizable. I know the title includes the word "darkness", but the poor lighting is so to say unbearable despite an increased amount of flares to be found in comparison to the former adventure. At times there is no light at all and other times it's almost too well-lit. Personally I prefer the latter. I found three secrets and to finish off my comments I'd say: A) NO more unmarked ladders and no more unmarked water B) If you want to put in some fire traps, make sure you disguise the tiles as something else than grass C) Shorten down the endless corridors(and swims)...A LOT D) Keep trying...they just get better and better:)" - Selene (05-Jul-2006)

"You know it's going to be a bad level when it manages to throw three overused words at you already in its title: 'Temple', 'Darkness' and '2' (okay, so calling '2' a word is a stretch, but still, that's one boring name for a sequel). If you played the author's first level, you can expect more of that, except slightly better. The gameplay is about twice as challenging (not that that says much), but unfortunately also twice as tedious. While the first level was boring, it only lasted three minutes. This one lasts just over three times as long, and during that time you will spend most of your time in huge, empty rooms or long hallways. There are a few traps, but those are easily avoided, as are most of the enemies. The four secrets I found were pretty much in plain sight, too. So not a very good level." - Magnus (03-Jul-2006)

"The size of the download is mainly due to the audio files (some come from TR2), but for a short level, the size is still staggering. This level is slightly longer and more interesting than the previous one, but there are still stretched textures, and I think there is room for improvement. There are also several paper-thin walls, some textures are misplaced, the fire death traps appear to be placed at random, the light contrasts enormously with the darkness, and the water is untextured. The player will need to pull a few statues in order to find Ba cartouches, there are a few levers, I found three secrets (the immobile ninja that was standing on top of the flash grenade ammo was peculiar, though), the mummies are easy to avoid, and there are enough medipacks and boxes of ammunition (there are two scorpions and three ninjas to defeat)." - Sakusha (25-Jun-2006)

"I'm assuming so many novice builders use the Tut1 wads because that's the easiest option (although this may be completely wrong as my ignorance of level building is almost encyclopaedic in its scope) and I do tend to wince when I see a Tut1 TR4 in a download. What can I say, - well, it's better than the previous offering from this builder, which has to be a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, it is only one small step, rather than a giant leap (heard that phrase before somewhere? - I'm not above plagiarism), and honestly this has to be viewed as a level purely for reviewers and/or rabid completists. Damn that OCD." - Jay (25-Jun-2006)

"This is an improvement on the first one. If you play with your eyes open you can sail through this one with no effort. Found 3 secrets and liked that idea of that motionless ninja. Now go and try another theme Luka and show us what you have learned from this experience." - Gerty (22-Jun-2006)

"It's a classic Egyptian level with a setting as simple as can be and empty big rooms. The walls and generally all the areas are textured with just a few tiles which makes it boring and there's nothing much to do except find cartouche pieces, the Eye of Horus and a hand. The enemies are few, some ninjas and a couple of scorpions. The one secret I found was in plain sight and weird. There was a ninja that was standing still on a block and between his feet was a big medipack which counted as a secret. Anyway, I found this level uninteresting." - Kristina (18-Jun-2006)

"Well, this is a minor improvement from the first level, but as minor as it is - it's a step in the right direction. It lasts longer than its predecessor, but still is quite short, about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how observant you are. Taking the duration as an example, and assuming you have played part 1, I can say that this is part 1, only more. There are still the same elements, like walkthrough walls, pickups, enemies, but this time the author complicates things a little with long tedious swims, items hidden underneath movable statues (check these thoroughly, if you don't want to backtrack by the end of the level), the boulder chase was a bit of a thrill, and there were some death tiles thrown in for good measure. You get lots of ammo and supplies, but as in the first part, I found the shotgun secret (after figuring out that there was an unmarked climbable wall guarding it, but I let this half fly by me, as it was for a secret) in the final area - so after all enemies that could be killed were disposed off, thus rendering it as useless as the rest of the ammo (picking up the grenade ammo through a walkthroughable ninja that stands still was interesting though to say the least). Same goes for flares - which you finally find only after all the dark bits, are actually over. Texturing is rather careless, darkness seemingly applied randomly (maybe one can let this slip as well, as this is the temple of darkness and all) and other beginners mistakes like paper-thin walls stick out of every place you could find them. The choice of music is interesting as well, and though I didn't find it to be fitting for the level, this wasn't entirely its worst point. The author still seems to be surrounded by the metaphorical darkness that accompanies him in his undoubtedly still first steps of making levels. Both of the levels I've played so far seem like experiments, where Luka seems to be just throwing in more stuff with each time he experiments, so I wonder if it actually is necessary to release them every time? Not to discourage the builder, as I've definitely seen worse, but maybe it's worth experimenting till he comes up with something more akin to a solid level with his own innovations and then see what the players response to it is?" - eTux (16-Jun-2006)

"I'm being generous with the Gameplay here,as I was actually kept rather busy searching for one half of a Cartouche;but that was almost certainly down to fatigue after a long Night-shift.As for the rest,it's a classic 'beginners Tut1'.Loads of the usual errors;I'll leave you to fill in the blanks for yourself(although at 20 MB I would have expected far,far more)." - Orbit Dream (16-Jun-2006)

"As said by others this is a step in the right direction for the debut level. A little over 15 minutes to spend here with the usual Tut1 enemies along the way, three fairly easy secrets to find, a hand and two cartouches to place. Not much out of the ordinary but the builder is beginning to get the hang of the editor, so we may see much better levels coming from him in the future." - MichaelP (16-Jun-2006)
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