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Author(s): Revelation
total rating:2.55 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 2 2 3 1
EssGee 4 4 4 3
eTux 2 2 1 2
Gerty 2 3 3 2
Jay 4 3 3 3
Jose 2 2 3 3
Kristina 2 2 2 2
MichaelP 4 3 4 3
Mulf 2 2 2 3
Orbit Dream 2 2 1 2
Ryan 3 3 3 2
Samu 3 4 4 4
Spike 2 2 2 2
Treeble 2 2 2 2
category averages
(14 reviews)
2.57 2.57 2.64 2.43

Reviewer's comments

"Hindu god Shiva threatens the destruction of the world, that old curmudgeon. What’s a girl to do? Why, the obvious thing, of course: go to Egypt and find the tomb of Odin. And that’s about as coherent as it gets. All the molto importante pickups have been graced with fancy new names but are still the same old same old; textures have been picked with all the judiciousness of a blind rabid squirrel; gameplay consists to a large extent of trial-and-error exercises, the wrong choices getting you permanently stuck. Valuable as an object lesson in how not to do it; otherwise merely another instance of that all too common phenomenon, the discrepancy between a lofty (if not entirely sound) concept conveyed in textual form, and its not-even-half-arsed realisation in the form of a ‘demo’, mostly irritating, rarely amusing, thankfully short." - Mulf (06-Feb-2018)

"A demo intended to be a taster of a larger project which never came about. That said, I wasn't entirely pleased with this one. The flare bug occurs due to the overuse of flames around, making navigating dark corridors a pain. There are walkthrough walls everywhere, missing sounds for levers and rudimentary gameplay. Took me 15 minutes." - Ryan (05-Jan-2017)

"To read the Builders notes,this was clearly intended to be the start of one of those epic multi-level adventures featuring different playable characters in a variety of spectacular locations.You know,the sort of ambitious project which always seems to be announced proudly and portentously on one Forum or another.The sort of project which produces one scrappy,quickly built and poorly thought-through Demo;before the builder quietly disappears back to wherever it was they came,never to be heard from again.The reason being(of course)that while these sorts of projects are ever so simple to announce to the easily impressed,they are innordinately difficult to actually construct;and require patience and hard work over very long periods of time.Hence the reason that,eight years later,this Demo is all that remains of this builders weighty ambitions." - Orbit Dream (06-Feb-2014)

"Sort of final countdown indeed. Glad I always safe before using a lever, if not I would be starving now. This is a first attempt and all the boxes of beginner mistakes are ticked in here. Texture, lighting, flare bug and paperthin walls. Lots of levers but most of them are traps, walkthrough walls, but a fliproom that works. Found I think 3 secrets." - Gerty (21-Jul-2013)

"There is a locked door and you can do nothing with. Technical explanation: Room 49 is a direct copy of room 66, and the portals are also copied. There is a portal to room 51 behind the locked door, but that room 51 exists in completely different place (as that fire passage you find the key behind). So as a result, the door you can see at the end of the corridor lead to nothing. There's also no trigger for it and that's why you can't go through. Instead, you can go up the unmarked ladder to climb on the cornice through the invisible floor. In another place, if you touch any wrong switch or enter some of the wrong alcoves, you're doomed! Also, you can follow one of the walls to find 2 packs of flares, but when using them, You need to drop the lights to see anything. Launching the binocular torch will crash the game, so don't try it. Another horror: you pull the lever switch in the revealed alcove. You hear the door open, so you go back to the portal that let you in, assuming it lets you out. And you see it locked. So you start to panic, reload the game, pull the lever one more time and try to do a non-existing timed run to reach the exit before it shuts. The true is that another door opens, located behind the walkthrough wall, so you can't see it. And after you find it, you exit the following passage through another walkthrough wall... Arrrggghh.... SUMMARY: Definitely not for players not used to construction mistakes frequently commited in debut levels." - DJ Full (28-Oct-2010)

"A more fitting title for this level would be "fire everywhere!!11!". Jokes aside, what you get here really is a bunch of rooms that don't seem to connect to each other so well filled with flame emitters (I'd say there's about one flame emitter for every megabyte in this download, but that would seem to be unfair, because there probably are way more flame emitters in the game). Couple that with missing sound effects, wafer thin walls and floors, walkthrough walls, untextured spots and unmarked climbable walls, not to mention that all those flame emitters would undoubtedly trigger the flare bug and, what do you know, 1 minute into the level you already hit said bug. The dogs would also always attack in massive packs, amounts that the editor can't handle properly. Some of the levers don't need to be pushed to open the doors and there's a star receptacle that seems to be in such an odd position. Not to mention the sudden flip effect that floods one room but not the others so you swim into invisible barriers. I know it's just a demo, but still, needs a lot more work before it becomes something worthwhile. Sorry. 15 minutes, 2 secrets. 11/08" - Treeble (01-Nov-2008)

"Dogs that keep on disappearing, paper-thin walls, unmarked climbable walls, walk-through walls, terrible texturing, flare bugs, bad lighting...I could go on. Basically, what I am trying to say is that this Demo needs some serious work doing to it before the full version is released. Both the gameplay and the visuals were extremely poor, and there is nothing that I can do to recommend this in it's current state. And a tip for next time...don't include unecessary audio files that everybody already has, especially if they are not needed within the level itself." - Spike (20-Jul-2007)

"A huge download for a below 20 minute level, that basically is a gallery of beginner's mistakes and all things you shouldn't do when building a level. Is anyone *really* surprised this level is still in the wishlist, even though it was released way back in June '06? The fact that this is supposed to be a demo, doesn't exactly redeem it too. The highlight for me was the flipmap where you get the final artifact for the level. For the rest - I just suggest the author to go back to the very beginning (or at least what should be) of level building - namely the manual and tutorial level. Given that there even are more variations of those nowadays, if you consider the original to not be very user-friendly, there's really no excuse to not do this. But then again - if the author enjoys his levels as they are - it's cool with me, I suppose he just has to deal with the fact that they might not be very popular among the players." - eTux (21-Apr-2007)

"That was awful, unfortunately. I am sorry to say that this demo shows many bugs and mistakes that it is almost unplayable. There are missing and stretched textures, doors that open without the items needed and walkthrough walls that should be solid. The dogs kept disappearing on me and I even though Lara kept shooting at them they wouldn't die or they were so many that I thought so. I found two secrets that could have easily been the usual pick ups. I just hope the builder will bin this and start over before the release of the actual game." - Kristina (09-Apr-2007)

"Ok first point of business. Please DON'T include standard audio and default Title level in your downloads. It's not required, everyone has those files in the audio folder and it makes the download unnecessarily large. Only include custom audio or ones that have been renumbered. Instead of a 75 Mb download this could have been a 10 Mb package. This first time effort at least qualifies as a bona fide demo. There is some substance to the gameplay. There is use of flip rooms and camera flybys, which shows that the author has come to grips with the main design tools of the editor. In its current state this is still very much a demo though. It is full of dead end traps, paper thin walls. no sound on levers, the Flare bug is present for much of the level due to the excessive use of flame emitters. There are some strange portal connections, badly lit rooms and a fair quota of stretched and squashed textures, unmarked climbing surfaces and secret passages that are accessed by fake walkthrough brick walls. Well at least there's a clue to their existence with some seemingly strange doors to nowhere. I had to laugh when I quickly exited the last dog pound instead of battling these rabid canines. Suddenly those mutts were dog paddling in deep water and impervious to drowning underwater. Keep the gameplay, fix all the paper thin walls and add some atmosphere through more consistent lighting, remove some unnnecessary flames and you've got the makings of decent level. Still needs lots of work though." - EssGee (17-Mar-2007)

"We'll expect that this author solve all the problems that this demo presents: missed sounds, wafer thin walls and floors, door opening without the key, the flare bug, alcoves where you can't enter (invisible walls), Lara trespassing solid walls not for a secret, enemies appearing and disappearing, bad applied textures, etc. I don't understand how this demo has so many audio tracks. Put rare or original names to the items is not suficient to make a good level. It seems that the author needs a lot of work and a lot to learn to offer us a decent level." - Jose (03-Aug-2006)

"Demo - it's another of those doom-laden words isn't it? Yes, I know we have had some excellent demos over the years, but own up, they really have been the exception. I'm afraid this doesn't fall into that exalted category. It's very much an apprentice piece - a very simple Egyptian level with lots of flames about the place, which is probably why the flare bug is operating, thin walls, missing textures, missing audio etc. There are glimmers of potential here and there, but I have to say I'm not overwhelmingly excited at the thought of a finished level along these lines. In its favour I'll just say that for a debut level I've seen far worse." - Jay (02-Jul-2006)

"Unfortunately there aren't many good things to mention about this level. This level is constructed quite badly and all you have to do is to shoot some dogs, activate couple of switches and just run around rooms. Lighting and textures are both very bad and especially the way of using textures is very careless. There are also couple of rooms where you might not be able to get back, so if you're going to play this level don't save always on a same savegame slot. There are still some nice and surprising things in this level like nice gun which Lara holds with a one hand. When Lara makes a running jump normally she grabs with her both hands but in this level she grabs only with one hand. There aren't many other things to experience in this level and there's a lot to improve to make the second part better but I believe that it's really possible." - Samu (29-Jun-2006)

"I always wished I could rate these debut levels higher, but this one has all the classic beginner mistakes packed into only something like 20 minutes of gameplay and I still wonder what all these audio files were for that blow up the download size of this to 70+ MB. The included title is actually the good old known one, with only a few audios mixed together nicely. The level itself starts linear and easy and then manages to show a bit of originality in terms of the ideas of going round in circles and using flipmaps, but the technical execution is rather poorly done. So, expect thin walls, missing textures, walkthrough walls (for two of the four secrets I found), the flare bug, a massive dog battle with so many dogs that they flicker in and out of sight and even an unmarked climb. Long way to go for this demo to become a proper level." - MichaelP (28-Jun-2006)
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