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Author(s): tomb gamer
total rating:6.68 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 8 8 7 7
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jerry 8 7 7 6
Jose 6 7 7 6
Kristina 6 6 6 6
Magnus 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 7 8 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 4 4 6
Phil 8 8 8 7
Samu 8 7 8 7
category averages
(11 reviews)
6.91 6.73 6.64 6.45

Reviewer's comments

"It seems that if a builder wants to ensure that his level garners a decent score, all he needs to do is stick the word "Anubis" somewhere in its title. Indeed, one of these has made it to the Hall of Fame, and The Amulet of Anubis deserves to be rated higher than it is. Much of the discontent voiced in the reviews deals with the situation near the end where doing things in the wrong order will cause a pair of skeletons not to appear and thus prevent you from completing the game. I suppose that's why the average scores are lower, but I also suppose that's why we have walkthroughs, and Harry Laudie has given us clear instructions on how to avoid that unfortunate situation. He has also alerted us to the fact that mummies and skeletons can be killed with conventional weapons in this level, which I never would have suspected otherwise. The level is much too dark for me, especially near the end, but plenty of flares are provided. The puzzles have been well thought out, and even using the walkthrough you can expect to spend more than an hour here. Give it a try; I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Recommended." - Phil (30-Sep-2016)

"Here is a classic example of why you should never,ever,be the only person who tests your level! The game-stopping bug (caused by defective triggering) which terminates this adventure five minutes prematurely is quite infuriating;and could so easily have been avoided.It's a bit of a pity,as the gameplay had been reasonably enjoyable up to that point;and the level design had shown a degree of ingenuity.Textures and lighting were something of a rushed job,while enemies were more of an afterthought(most could be killed from a safe distance).If you want to take the time to get hold of a save-game (as mentioned in the other reviews)in order to bypass the triggering problem,all well and good;but a level really ought to be completeable fairly-and-squarely,without the aid of an essential cheat." - Orbit Dream (15-May-2016)

"The look of this level is not what I would call such a highlight, texturing is a bit monotonous and lighting mostly a bit too dark. But gameplay-wise there are many things to do that keep the player busy. It's all standard tasks like jumping, pushing, traps and such, but I found the whole game quite entertaining, the more so as skeletons are shootable with the shotgun. So the only thing I have to moan about is the timeless sands bug which occured to me, so I had to reload an earlier savegame and replay a certein part of the game. But this aside I enjoyed playing this level." - Jerry (04-Jul-2009)

"I quite enjoyed this level as I still like the Tomb of Seth textures. There is a good mix of puzzles and action in this 1 hour level , with various enemies. The best part was some acrobatics in a big cave. Also, the killable skeletons with a different head are pretty cool. There are different puzzles with a movable object , one with raising blocks , another one with trapdoors. And the final enemy is great , I mean tall. You must see this guy. A good level in my opinion , too bad that near the end there is this possible bug with the skeletons carrying the timeless sands , as they can not show up according to what you have done just before. Just read the walkthrough to know what to do here and you will be fine." - eRIC (02-Sep-2007)

"Itís a dark level with caves and many dogs, scorpions, I donít like Egyptian like levels, I am tired of them because weíve played so many when the editor came out so this one is no exception. You are searching for cartouche, a serpent item and the small clepsydras. There are also a few moving objects around that you have to lower blocks to move onto the necessary tiles. I had the same problem many had and if it werenít for the builderís reply in the forum I wouldnít be able to finish it. The skeletons that are supposed to leave two items didnít appear because the trigger was not good and could be bypassed. I found one secret. If you like Egyptian levels youíll like this too." - Kristina (12-Apr-2007)

"This level really surprised me because in the beginning I thought this must be a very bad level because the environment looked very simple. Usually If the level has bad looking environment it has also bad gameplay. However, both of them are pretty good in this level. Visually this level gets better and better during the game excluding the final area. Areas like it could fit in dream level or other strange level but not in Egypt. Most of the areas are still very nice including dark lighting and pretty nice textures. I liked very much the dark caves where you have to face some giant scorpions. I think that those scorpions fit very well in the caves and make them even more exiting. The gameplay and puzzles are the best thing in this level. Especially few of the pushable block puzzles are very tricky which is good. My opinion is that this level is neither especiall nor bad but it's still entertaining enough to keep player happy. I'm sure this author can make even better work and I'm looking forward other levels from him." - Samu (14-Jan-2007)

"Another level from scratch based in the "Tomb of Seth" features. Too many dark areas, hound dogs, mummies,... and the same well-known textures, but this time there's not a guide. There are some interesting puzzles, but some bugs too. Near the end, I climb a wall to move two towers with a mummie at the top, but when I tried to descend the same wall was not climbable and Lara had to take some damage. Once in the ground I moved another towers and went through a door to a place full of sand, but there was nothing in it and I had to read the walkthrough (aaaarg!), and in fact, there was a bug with that room and the towers. The level is playable, but I don't like levels with all the rooms so dark and the bug which takes you totally stucked must be solved." - Josť (26-Jul-2006)

"It is sweltering hot outside so what better way to stay out the heat is to stay indoors and play a level or two. This is a nice one to try and although it is a straightforward level youíll be surprised. In here you get in a roundabout way a hint what you need to find. Once inside the caves it is rather dark because of the textures that are used. I had the faulty download as well so I used the saved game Eva provided. Enemies are placed quite well and there are a variety of them in here." - Gerty (16-Jul-2006)

"This was another level I wasnít sure about initially but soon warmed to. Itís pretty good for a debut level actually Ė a settomb style adventure with plenty of enjoyable climbing and exploring in caves, push object and torch puzzles and jackals, scorpions, skellies, mummies etc., as enemies. The enemies arenít too stress making until the boss ending, then youíll have to jump about a bit. Not a difficult level, but thereís enough going on to make for a satisfying raid. The only slight drawback is that itís rather dark in places so you might want to play in a darkened room and not as I did on a sunny day with light streaming into the room. Does that sound like a good excuse for not finding any secrets? I hope so, because I didnít." - Jay (14-Jul-2006)

"Riddle me this, Batman: why would someone remove the flares in Lara's inventory when the first item she comes across in the level is a pack of flares? My guess is it's to annoy people who, knowing they always start with flares (ha!), didn't bother picking them up. The only important thing the patch is used for is making skeletons and mummies killable. Unfortunately, that's hardly worth alienating Mac players for, since another enemy could easily have been used instead. Other than that, this is one of those levels that don't really do anything wrong, but unfortunately don't offer anything very interesting, either. Thirty minutes of killing enemies, pushing things around and surviving easy traps. Nothing to write home about, in other words. But, as far as first attempts go, this level isn't half bad. While being linear for the most part, the level does show signs of the author planning ahead - this is especially evident in an early room in which Lara has to make her way to the top to reach a lever. So don't expect to run from one huge room with stretched textures to another. That said, the texturing could use some work. The textures are mixed together in a sometimes weird fashion, and sometimes rooms are wallpapered - the last room is a great example of this. Still, I could buy that this is a tomb in a cave, even with the bare-bones story and the dark lighting. The one time I got stuck it was because I had to enter a dead-end to trigger a couple of skeletons in another area. That's bad gameplay, in my opinion. At the end of the day, though, this is a perfectly okay level, which is happy not doing anything new. Considering how many bad first levels there are out there, you could do a lot worse than this one." - Magnus (07-Jul-2006)

"After having played a few not so good debut levels recently, this one stands out as a rather solid first adventure that will keep you busy for an hour or so in a darkish settomb environment searching for the Amulet. It has actually a fairly linear flow that does not quite feel like it because you get to do a few short backtracks every now and then. I thought the enemies were well positioned throughout for maximum effect. You get scorpions (big and small), bats, dogs, wasps and then a battle with skeletons and ahmets and a boss ending (oversized demigod). I found only one secret. Gameplay has some diversity with nice climbing/jumping around the caves, push objects, a torch, but is also a little slow at times. In my game, I also had the problem that the skeletons which drop the timeless sands never made an appearance, so I had to finish the level using a savegame from Eva (Thank you!). Nevertheless a good game, if a little on the dark side and looking forward to seeing more from this builder." - MichaelP (01-Jul-2006)
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