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Author(s): tombraiderluka
total rating:3.58 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 2 3 2 2
eTux 4 3 3 3
Gerty 4 4 5 4
Jay 5 4 5 4
Jose 3 4 5 3
Kristina 2 2 2 2
Magnus 4 3 5 4
MichaelP 5 4 5 4
Orbit Dream 3 4 3 4
Ruediger 3 4 3 1
Ryan 4 3 4 4
Selene 5 4 5 4
category averages
(12 reviews)
3.67 3.50 3.92 3.25

Reviewer's comments

"You are greeted with the end of the world as soon as you begin, and it crops up later, but this wasn't too bad otherwise, and is an improvement over some of this builder's other efforts. A nice variety of music used throughout from different TR games, rather straightforward progression with gems and a Pharos Knot to find as well as some incredibly easy secrets, ripe for the picking. A bit of a rushed effort, but you should have fun here if you're not too inclined to criticise." - Ryan (23-May-2017)

"I did not mind that much the"end of the world" views at the beginning , but had to quickly stop playing to change the Audio 105 , a very boring folk tune which reminds me some audios that came with some levels from the LLB community back in the middle of the trle history. The classic official Coastal ruins instead fits fine as background atmosphere. Once inside the Costal buildings , the level is more pleasing although spoiled by many minor mistakes and useless fixed cameras. The enemies do not all fit well here. The level is not all bad, but when finished you just wonder why you have played this one." - eRIC (27-Jun-2010)

"This is a vaguely coastal level, yet the textures seem to be applied randomly and so were the enemies (T Rex, ninjas, skelly...). Every possible mistake is here: end of the world, get stuck where you can't climb back up, Lara does the jig, paperthin walls, unmarked climbable wall... Still, it was not all bad. Towards the end (when Lara picks up the glider) there is a lot of action, you have to watch our for the gems and coins, and some placement of traps, cameras and music was nice, even though some cameras dwarfed Lara by long distance shots." - Ruediger (20-Oct-2007)

"This level has a coastal setting and many problems. The 'end of the world' bug is everywhere and the paper thin walls and empty rooms give a bad sight for a player. Unfortunately the level isn't interesting and has no original ideas. There are gems, a knot and of course the dagger to find plus skeletons, a female enemy and a crocodile to fight. The secret which was a token was hard to miss and I wonder why it was made a secret. You better find another level to play if you want a proper, entertaining game." - Kristina (12-Apr-2007)

"I've only played the author's two previous darkness temples before, so this came as a bit of surprise - yet definitely a pleasant one as the author has improved massively. The music was nice, but maybe would've fit a medieval level more, from my understanding? Not to undermine the effort of the author finding it in place of the same old, same old. The looks in this level definitely are worth a better glance than his previous efforts, though there's still a long way to go, because leaving all the end of the world kind of isolates you from the world the author wanted Lara's adventure to blend in and just makes him look outright lazy. The gameplay has improved the most though - the tasks are not as cryptic anymore and have an organized feel to them. Though there's still place for improvement, the author is on the right path! I do wonder though what Lara achieved by grabbing a 1 000 000 year old dagger that's about to explode and take the world with it (well, according to the story anyway)? Scary thought there." - eTux (05-Mar-2007)

"This is one of those levels that remain essentially incomplete,as the (young?) builder seems more concerned with getting his adventure on-line than putting any actual refinement into it.The beautiful and serene music that greets you at the beginning is almost completely undermined by the 'hits you in the face' end-of-the-world everywhere you look.The walls are paperthin and all the building exteriors chronically rushed. There IS Gameplay in here and it's not too bad either,but the lack of pollish in the visuals tends to distract your attention. Still,good camera angles and a bemusing variety of baddies to impede your progress. It's fun (sometimes unintentionally so) and altogether quite harmless." - Orbit Dream (02-Feb-2007)

"In my modest opinion I think that in levels like this the authors should take some time to place some slopes in the limits of the rooms to avoid that bad impression of Lara colliding with invisible walls. I've find some untextured tiles, wafer thin walls, ilegal slopes, bad applied textures and places you can go but you can't go back (reload). Dealing with a female-demigod only with your pistols or shotgun with few ammo isn't a good idea. In many rooms you will notice the darkness "bug" when moving Lara to looking in some directions. At the end the game crashes. Best of the level were sounds, cameras and some objects copied from another authors." - Jose (14-Sep-2006)

"Having played both parts of Temple Of Darkness I must say that Luka has improved. For once you don't stumble around in utter darkness with a massive lack of flares, this is actually a quite well lit up coastal type of level. There is a so to say constant end-of-the-world horizon following Lara around so most of the rooms feel very box-like. Some of the hallways are way too long and there are quite a few large and almost empty rooms. Some paperthin walls, missing textures and similar glitches can also be found. Otherwise it's not all that bad: I found four token secrets, a Pharos Knot and some gemstones and there was a nice assortment of enemies(including a lonely T-Rex). More than enough ammo for them though, so they didn't pose as too much of a threat. Very nice and well suitable choice of music. As a conclusion I have to say that this is a good effort and hopefully we'll get to see more improvements from Luka in the future." - Selene (23-Aug-2006)

"This has a really hastily cobbled together look and it's certainly no masterpiece but the good news is that it's better than Luka's first two levels, so he's getting there. There is some actual gameplay going on and it's occasionally quite entertaining with I though the ending was rather good. Also, great music - I think it's from one of the Harry Potter films. Much better Luka, .keep up the good work." - Jay (18-Jul-2006)

"What stands out is the"end of the world". You'll see what I mean when you start up this level. There are also some missing textures and paper-thin walls. But it doesn't prevent you from sailing through this one. The music is definitely an added bonus and the odd enemy here and there will add to the fun. The choice of enemy is also surprising and the re-textured demi god wasn't so much on steroids at my end. Although I have to say that the last couple of demi gods I encountered in the levels lately are shooting everywhere apart towards Lara. Is this a MAC thing? Mind you I am not complaining. :D" - Gerty (16-Jul-2006)

"This is a 30 minute adventure that is very linear and won't challenge you much but it has its moments and shows how Luka is further learning as a builder. I really liked the choice of music throughout. Gameplay is simple as you make your way forward collecting a series of gems by fighting a few fierce ladies, a T-Rex, panthers, ninjas, harpies, a croc and a skellie. I found three coin pickups as secrets and the dagger is cunningly disguised as a breast plate in your inventory when you pick it up and when you place the knot it magically turns into a pillar in the receptacle. There are many camera angles used, some of the good, some not so, but you can always escape from them with the look key. Traps are mostly very harmless, especially all the moving spikewalls can be easily avoided. The biggest issue of the level is probably all the 'end of the world' moments where Lara hits an invisble wall and stares into blackness. Not sure if the crowbar found near the end has any use. Maybe for a sequel?" - MichaelP (15-Jul-2006)

"This is an improvement over the author's previous two levels, but an instant classic, it is not. It is, on the other hand, a fifteen-minute linear run through averagely textured rooms. There are a lot of stretched textures, some odd choices and some textures that just shouldn't be used the way they are. The lighting is pretty non-existent, too. Some of the camera angles are pretty nice, but the overuse of them quickly killed my enthusiasm. The same can be said about the music, which was easily the best part of the level (until I got tired of it, anyway). Unfortunately, the readme file doesn't contain any information about where the music is from, instead only telling us why Lara has decided to find a dagger in a secret jungle. The challenges you face in this level range from very easy to... well, they're all very easy, really. The enemies surprised me - not because they were placed cleverly, but rather because there were so many different kinds. They're usually easily taken care of, though, and only the strangely-dressed women were hard to defeat - not because they were dangerous, but because they had so much health. Other than that, gameplay mostly consisted of running from one room to the next, occasionally pulling a lever or picking up an item (though I was tempted to leave the dagger). Nothing special, but not horrible, either. Secrets were once again not so much hidden as they were lying in plain sight. Of course, the most pressing question is, why is this jungle so secret? The answer? Because it's at the end of the world." - Magnus (15-Jul-2006)
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