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Author(s): Stitch
total rating:7.54 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gerty 8 6 7 7
Jay 7 6 7 8
Jose 6 6 6 8
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Magnus 6 5 6 6
MichaelP 7 9 7 7
Moonpooka 10 9 10 9
Phil 8 9 8 7
Ravenwen 9 8 9 8
Ryan 7 8 8 7
Sakusha 8 7 7 6
TimJ 8 8 8 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
7.67 7.42 7.67 7.42

Reviewer's comments

"This is an unusually complex adventure that took me over two hours to complete. My overall impression is generally positive, so I might as well get the negatives out of the way first. The backtracking segments were a bit too tedious for my liking, the brownish cave textures were rather boring to the eyes (thankfully the surroundings improve later on), lighting is a bit too dark in spots and the enemy attacks were too numerous and overwhelming at times. I also wasn't a fan of the maze near the end, alongside a boring pushable puzzle. But, this is often a rewarding game in many ways due to many secrets and Stitch statues that are scattered around (I managed to obtain 30 in total, but I could never accomplish the one where you had to drop from a monkeyswing to grab a slope. The walkthrough says it is 'quite tricky' but I found it impossible after repeated tries. Maybe there was something I missed but no one else mentions this problem.). The gameplay is also entertaining and engaging in spots, especially the traps and the athletic sequences. Music is also well used. This is quite a well put together effort, with a few annoyances, but recommended if you're in the mood." - Ryan (25-Apr-2018)

"This is a lengthy two-part adventure that took me right at three hours to complete. The two levels are as different as night and day. The first one takes place underground and involves the exploration of several different cave areas. The second leg provides an Egyptian setting with a greater variety of colors and scenery. The overall difficulty is fairly high due to the complexity of gameplay and the frequent backtracking that's required. Others have noted the tedious pushblock exercise near the end, made more difficult by the darkness of the area, but half the tedium is devoted to acquiring the final secret. Moonpooka has mapped out an exhaustive walkthrough that lets the player know what's happening at every stage and why. I couldn't have done without it. Somehow this one falls just short of greatness, but it's still a fun and rewarding raid. Recommended." - Phil (20-Mar-2014)

"Translation of my review for TRO-Online : These two levels are the first Stitch offers to the Tomb Raider community and for a beginning they are quite good ! The levels are relatively well built with an interessant gameplay. The scenery isn't perfect but nice and original. Both levels have a lot of personalized textures which are very fun. Another original detail is the second secret mode that Stitch has made. They are three secrets per levels but it isn't all. They are many statuette the player must find. Some can be found quite easily but getting them all won't be as simple as it may seem. The Prehistoric Cave In the first level, the first thing we see are the textures. Stitch has made a lot of beautiful textures from photos of real prehistoric caves. The wall are covered with prehistoric paintings, giving the level a yet unseen aspect. Textures are excellent, but texturing could be better : there is still some stretched and badly placed textures. Lightings are quite good. Stitch has well placed the cameras and audio sounds in well choosen places. They are some hard parts with fire traps and the ennemies often attack in group. Sometimes we can escape the ennemies but sometimes they will attack when Lara can't move easily (near a big hole by example). However, Stitch gives the player enough medipacks and weapons to join the finish door without problems. A linear gameplay with some action makes a good level for a good raiding moment. Felinea Porticus The first level was linear but quite nice. The second one is a little bit more confusing but the scenery has less charm. Stitch placed still beautiful personalized textures and well retexturized objects but lighting is one of the principal flaws of the level, some rooms appear monotonous. Again, audio sounds and cameras are well used. In gameplay term, ennemies are a little bit less present but always in group. The difficulty is more technical. By example there are some parts with a rope and one is a timed-run. The author has also made a little surprise near the end of the level. Both levels take two hours, even more. Bref, these two levels aren't perfect, but they predict good things for the continuation. Stitch has just to work : with a little bit of experience his levels shall improve." - TimJ (20-Jul-2007)

"That was a wonderful and full level. It has many puzzles and challenging jumps some of which are timed. The areas are well constructed in both levels and as for the secrets well they are not hard but not so easy either. The idea of having some cute statues as extra secrets was great even though most of the statues are obvious. The entire first level is full of caves and underwater areas near the end but there is one downside to it, you have to replay one part to go back after a secret and enter the last place you need to finish the level. The enemies are crocodiles, flying beetles, bats and a few skeletons. The second level could be classified as a 'maze' type one because there are many areas that can be confusing and you need to go back and forth in order to proceed or to search for missing levers and secrets. I found six secrets and seventeen bronze, eight silver and six golden statues. It is highly recommended." - Kristina (12-Apr-2007)

"This is an enjoying two-part adventure which, although it basically uses familiar texturing and settings in general, it manages to be original in its own way. It's based on challenging and clever gameplay, which is at the same time varied. In the first part, you mostly have to make numerous jumps around a series of cave areas with interesting prehistoric setting, so as to locate the entrance to the second part/temple. Some of these jumps are easy, others are tougher, others are rather inventive. Sometimes you have to backtrack a long way, after having moved a block out of a path, so that you can move on. All the caves look similar, but it doesn't get boring because of the moves you have to make in there, that keep you occupied and concentrated on your goal. You meet giant scorpions, nasty harpies, crocodiles and huge bugs, and you get to find several idols (bronze, golden and silver) that don't serve a purpose but are rather rewards of sorts (a-la TR-Legend). Some are there in front of your eyes, for others you have to search a bit. I found several of them, although I guess I must have missed some. In the second part, you arrive at the temple (Egyptian-looking setting) which is split in two main areas. In the first one, you again follow the jumps pattern so as to find two items that you need to combine in order to open a main gate; but in the second area things change, as the gameplay gets enriched with more elements (jumpswitches, ropes etc); as for the enemies, you have to deal with huge bugs, leopards and fire wraiths. And of course, more idols/rewards wait for you here. Several times, as you move along, you get camera views of crucial areas or spots, so you know more or less where you are heading at. The atmosphere is very good, and the creepy music in the first section makes a nice, spooky effect. The puzzles are more or less easy to deal with, although some of them require some thought and are a tad time-consuming (the moveable pillar puzzle near the end)." - Ravenwen (31-Jan-2007)

"The Prehsitoric Cave (7/9/7/7, 60 min, 3 secrets, 10 Bronze, 4 Silver, 3 Gold Stitches): A busy level with good and bad things. The bad: very uniform colouring and texturing (you really get tired of the brown quickly), often huge and empty rooms with no apparent purpose and maybe a little overdone on the enemies: giant and small scorpions, red harpies, bats, crocs, wasps). The good: some great platform jumping in classic raiding style, nice prehistoric drawing textures, great concept with the stitches to find as a additional secrets and a few neat distant camera angles. Felinea Porticus (7/8/7/7, 60 min, 3 secrets, 7 Bronze, 4 Silver, 3 Gold Stitches): Luckily some colour, actually a lot of it added now, which makes this part look more friendly. On the other hand there are plenty of dark corners too and often things that are vital for gameplay are hidden in the dark, so you constantly run around lighting flares to not miss the next lever. Speaking of levers - there are plenty here, maybe too many. The overall concept works well though with the river that sweeps you away, the two halves of a cartouche to find and then a final area with an unfortunately very tedious pillar push exercise to open the final doors. Enemies here are dozens of wasps, leopards and a few fire wraiths. Overall a solid debut level, maybe a little too long for its own good. But if you bring a bit of patience a long this should provide you with plenty of entertainment." - MichaelP (31-Dec-2006)

"These are the author's first levels and what a great start he has offered us. There are two levels; the first begins with Lara making her way inside underground caves in hope of finally reaching a hidden temple. Prehistoric cave: Lara slides into the underground system of caves and can immediately start collecting the Stitch Idols that are hidden throughout the levels. There are 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 10 Bronze idols as well as 3 secrets. Moving on, Lara will enter large cave areas and will have to make her way up and around some amazing routes to the top of the caves, sometimes back tracking for secrets. Enemies are large and small scorpions, bats, bugs, crocodiles and harpies. The scenery is fabulous as the camera changes view at the highest points of the rooms and the wall textures look stunning throughout these areas. There are also some underwater tunnels to negotiate and a few boulder and fire traps will hinder Lara's way, but these caves are stunning and I really loved exploring them and finding my way to the temple doors. Felinea Porticus: Level two sees Lara arrive within the temple rooms, and its beautiful inside. The textures change to an Egyptian style and here we have to find the two halves of the Cartouche to open the way to the next areas. You will take two routes to find your items; one will lead you to a pool room where you will have to search for levers to open the gate to the half item. The other route is far trickier. Lara will be making her way around the temple rooms via slopes and jumps around a water passage below, and if she falls in she will have to start her journey again; so save often! Eventually Lara will grab her Cartouche pieces and open the way to the next areas. Inside there is a huge task ahead and you will be doing quite a variety of things, such as using hang levers, rope swings; one of which is timed, searching for two Hands. Eventually you will turn of the spikes to the entrance to the final areas, and then you will have a couple of rather sneaky puzzles to conquer to make you way out of the temple. Enemies are bugs, snow leopards, skeletons and wraiths, and again there are three secrets to find, plus more Stitch Idols. Summing up; these were the sort of levels I simply couldn't put down, and I found myself Raiding until the early hours of the morning wanting to know what happens next. They were perfectly fun play with beautifully decorated rooms and well thought out puzzles, traps and explorations. Recommended for more experienced Raiders, because some of the jumps and exploration areas are a tad tricky. It is also vital you keep your save game from the end of these levels because the author will be blessing us with a continuation; and quite frankly I can't wait! Finally, a big thanks to Stitch for a wonderful game!" - Moonpooka (06-Oct-2006)

"The levels are not bad at all, they are very long and you have to explore a lot but the tasks are not very tricky. Weapons and ammo were not enough for me because sometimes you have to shoot hard enemies like big scorpions or harpies only with your pistols. In the first level I realized that if I wanted to get a secret I had to return again a very very long way through the same places I had visited losing a lot of time, so I abandoned this posibility and reloaded an old savegame. In the second level was very tedious go over the same grated passages again and again several times in the room with the pool near the end. I found some interesting puzzles, but gameplay could be better. New textures were the best for me in those levels. A good debut anyway." - Jose (05-Oct-2006)

"It was interesting to see a prehistoric cave near a (note: the temple had a combination of Roman and Egyptian elements) feline temple. The mix of eras was intriguing. There was also quite some volcanic activity in the region, and the seismic activity is indicated by the presence of falling debris. I found this adventure pretty remarkable, especially the variety of the gameplay. I decided to play it a little bit at a time so that I can enjoy it to its maximum. However, even experienced players can be surprised by certain tight spots in this adventure. Some of the jumps were particularly challenging (especially the one in the lava area in the first part of the adventure), the timed run in the second level nearly killed Lara (after Lara used the jumpswitch, Lara landed on the timed trapdoor. Then, one second later, the trapdoor fell, and Lara nearly died), it took me a few tries to get through the underwater maze, and Lara had to economize her supplies in order to get through this adventure. Lara lost quite some energy because of certain perilous leaps and encounters with multiple enemies (the crocodiles, the wraiths and the gigantic scorpions weren't too difficult because one can pick them off from a distance, but the harpies, the numerous leopards and the bugs contributed to the adventure's difficulty. The harpies' poison made me use quite a few medipacks in the first level. ). The enemies (the poisonous harpies that cornered Lara on high ledges can make one have vertigo) certainly gave a shot of adrenaline to this level. There is quite some backtracking to do (especially if the player wants to obtain the Stitch statues, which reminded me of the dragon statues in Tomb Raider II), but since extra challenges (additional enemies to beat or jumps to do) seem to pop up every time the player goes off the beaten path for the sake of a Stitch statue, one can really feel rewarded after getting a statue. Even though both levels have their challenges, I found the second one easier than the first one. I felt like I was in a classic TR level because of the amount of research a player would need to do in order to find. The darkness was used to conceal certain elements of this level, but there enough flares at the player's disposal. For the boulder trap in the second level, I suggest the player to sprint up towards the slope in order to make things easier (instead of running down the slope and jumping towards the cat tile on the left). For the second level, I enjoyed the pushable pillar puzzle and the switch puzzle. Overall, I found 16 bronze statues of Stitch, 8 silver statues of Stitch and four golden statues of Stitch in this adventure. I am looking forward to seeing the author's next level." - Sakusha (24-Sep-2006)

"If you like jumping and exploring this might be the level for you. For me I have to admit I did have fun, apart from the great heights as my fear of heights did kick in (like it normally does), so it took me quite a while to finish this adventure. I must have been through this cave a thousand times as I lost my way completely. There is always a bonus for me in that, finding most of the"Stitches". This is for sure no walk in the park as the jumps one has to perform are challenging to say the least. There is an abundance of enemies, especially when Lara is in a tight spot. To be honest I had to add some medipacks, maybe I didn't found them all and also I couldn't be bothered to reload and do things neater. The second level was a bit easier, but still not too easy. I liked the textures used in here, but the lightning could use some more attention." - Gerty (24-Sep-2006)

"The Prehistoric Cave: Interesting textures and I loved the cave paintings. Perhaps if I hadn't been so busy admiring them, the giant scorpion wouldn't have come as such a surprise. There's an absolute beast of a jump early on in the proceedings that I just couldn't master and had to get my husband to do for me (I don't call him Smartarse for nothing). Yes I know, all these levels I've played and I still can't get it right, lol. The caves are full of scorpions great and small and harpies and firepower is initially somewhat limited so you'll need to leap about like a mad thing, which can be a hazard in itself as the ceilings have a tendency to cave in. There are bronze, silver and gold Stitches to collect (as in Lilo and Stitch), which I thought was a nice touch, but I could have done without the backtracking involved in getting them, especially as they don't follow you into the next level. Getting into the temple at the end took some doing and I can only assume that the deity involved wasn't too concerned about having lots of worshipers. Felinea Porticus: Nice looking areas and I liked the cat theme, even if it did occasionally involve the possibility of being eaten. There are fewer enemies and less backtracking in this section, plus some nice puzzles, a timed run, misdirection and red herrings, so I personally preferred it to the first part. Yet another pretty good debut level - I look forward to the continuation." - Jay (22-Sep-2006)

"I don't understand how or why levels become TRO-Online exclusive, but they obviously take their exclusivity very seriously, as it's stated no less than three times in the readme that the level is, in fact, exclusive to their website. At least we don't have to suffer through seeing the website address anywhere in the level. But that's a rant for another day. Someone complained about this level not having been reviewed a single time despite being released more than two weeks ago. The reason for that is simple - there's already a review of sorts in the readme. But in case you don't want to download the level to find out if it's worth playing, here's my review. The first level starts out rather promisingly, and I was immediately reminded of Coyote Creek, mostly because of the similar colour scheme. The textures look nice and are, for the most part, placed rather well. Not that there aren't any stretched textures, mind you, it's just that they aren't as prominent in this level as they are in a lot of first efforts. The biggest problem is that they're extremely repetitive, especially in the first level. The whole first level goes in pinkish/brownish tones, and I couldn't wait for it to end. Overall, the texturing is quite decent, though. The lighting, on the other hand, is very flat, making it hard to see ledges. The level is also quite dark in places (to be fair, though, it's been sunny today), and the author puts thick shadows in a lot of places, usually to hide levers or ladders. The author has been inspired by (read: ripped off) the secret system in Tomb Raider: Legend, and there are a lot of miniature Stitches (you know - from Disney's Lilo & Stitch) lying around in every corner of the two levels. If you liked the secret system in that game, you'll love trying to find all the Stitches, but personally, I never liked it. Finding them often just means looking in a corner or being forced to do something twice, and you often have to fight more enemies if you pick them up. The gameplay is bit of a mixed bag. There are some fun jumps and some clever ideas, but it's all drowned in a sea of frustratingness (let's pretend that's a word) due to the overuse of enemies. Imagine this: you enter a room and are forced to fight two giant scorpions and two harpies. You decide to go to the next room to pick up a Stitch, and are attacked by two regular and two giant scorpions. You exit the room and start ascending ledges and making your way to the top of the room, all the while triggering new harpies every twenty seconds. Rinse and repeat. The second level is a lot better in that respect (though suffers from being a bit confusing in some places instead), but the first level is a continuous battle with enemies. Unfortunately, that really spoils what could have been a much better level. All in all, this fifty-minute level suffers from some obvious drawbacks, but if you can look past its faults (or if you really like shooter-style levels), you're probably going to have a pretty good time." - Magnus (10-Sep-2006)
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