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Author(s): tombraiderluka
total rating:5.83 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 6 6 6 7
eRIC 4 4 5 4
eTux 4 5 6 6
Gerty 6 6 7 7
Jay 6 6 7 6
Jose 5 6 6 6
Kitkat 6 6 7 7
Kristina 4 5 6 6
MichaelP 6 6 6 6
Orbit Dream 3 6 7 7
Ryan 5 6 6 6
Selene 6 6 7 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
5.08 5.67 6.33 6.25

Reviewer's comments

"A short and incredibly straightforward level lasting around half an hour. It's possibly too easy and I became slightly bored by the proceedings. However, the good news is that Luka's improvement is crystal clear. Some mild blade traps, spiked balls and breakable tiles present a mild challenge as do harpies, ahmets and one crocodile in a room with waist deep water. One tricky jump is the extent of the challenge you'll find here. Keep it up though." - Ryan (08-Apr-2017)

"A straightforward raid through a setting predominantly of the South American caves persuasion. The simple setting is solidly made, the lighting has been worked on although not always consistent. Strange was the fact you can climb a ladder leading to nothing interesting, the pit you can go down but you can't climb back, or the 5 levers with no hint to indicate the right one. There is a high room to climb with fixed cameras , a few traps, and some enemies. Nothing too taxing, and a couple of puzzling moments." - eRIC (27-Jun-2010)

"It's been a while since I played Luka's first three levels, but from what I can recall of those they were rather miserable in terms of quality. The Key of Temple of Darkness on the other hand was actually really enjoyable. A massive improvement can be seen on all accounts. The gameplay is much more fluent, although a bit on the slow side at times and occasionally I did get the feeling that some of the rooms were much larger than they should have been. The enemies were generally well-placed, with the exception of one harpy that would only approach Lara while the latter was hanging off a ledge(making it somewhat tricky to get back to safe grounds without being poisoned and stung to death). Most of the enemies could be picked off from a safe distance, so it wasn't exactly enough to make me sweat. The few traps scattered around were for most parts easily avoided, but the room with the pillars, blade/dart traps and collapsible tiles made for an enjoyable challenge. Textures and lights were nicely applied in an Egypt-meets-Peru blend and the musical score added a lot to a generally good atmosphere. I found six pairs of broken glasses, but only five of them registered as secrets. In overall this was a fun little adventure for those who have an hour or so to spare for some unpretentious, straight-forward raiding. I would have given it higher scores if it had been a bit less linear, but all in all I had a good time and have no problem recommending it to others." - Selene (25-Oct-2009)

"Nicely placed enemies as well as a nicely disguised shimmy slope and a jump switch that opens a way to escape a spike ball spice up this rather short adventure. The lighting, from the first moment, caught my eye because it was well done. Some sounds did not work and the secret sound works only some of the time. I got caught through some blue slats into what could have been a water trap but I think was a bug, not a design feature. There is one of those collapsible tile puzzles where you have to figure out beforehand that there is no way back if all are used. The fixed cameras that some builders seem 'fixated' upon are usually an irritant, which it was in this case and overall, I think more beta testing was necessary. Despite all that, I enjoyed this and I think it plays better than it reviews. Try it if you are in the mood for a short, entertaining level with a few surprises." - Bene (12-Nov-2008)

"With an odd mix of TR1 Peru and Egypt's settings, I guess this is the author's 'best of' for him from that game. What reinforces the thought more was that there was at least one room hosting some Greece textures as well, and I half expected to see something from Atlantis, when approaching the end of this 30 minute adventure, but for good or bad that never happened. It's a straightforward adventure with nothing much of interest than going on, finding a scroll, flicking some switches, shooting some of this tomb's or temple's inhabitants till you reach the end. Among the more interesting things to do here is the timed run - which you actually might not even register as such, as simple as it is, and a short, yet exciting enough run over a pit involving slashing blades and collapsible tiles. You can get stuck for good in this place among others, which just indicates the lacking beta-testing of the level, as do a couple of other moments, like the lacking animations for Lara prying the golden star loose for example. Bar these weaknesses it's not really a bad level to play , but I found that nothing either gameplay-wise or atmosphere-wise captured my interest, and I frankly was pretty bored through most of the time here, and finished it, so I could retire the level from its presence in the wishlist. Having already played Luka's follow up to this one, I know it improves at least in one of the categories, so I suppose it's redundant to add any comments about that. Play it if you're a die-hard TR1 fan, not sure if others will find anything they haven't seen before elsewhere, but if you want a simple straightforward level that won't keep you puzzled for a long time, then this fits that category as well." - eTux (09-Aug-2007)

"This is a short, fairly easy level - there are one or two points that raise it above 'very easy'. But, as I have said before, there is nothing wrong with easy levels. There are lots to keep you occupied gameplay wise: harpies, ahmets and lions as well as rolling balls, pushables and flame trapped switches among other things. This level is an interesting mix of Peru/Egypt textures that almost work together. The camera work is great, we get to see Lara from lots of unusual angles but no camera shots of doors opening unfortunately. The lighting is also very good. I thought the custom audios really added something to the level; they were lovely to listen to and were triggered in just the right places. Unfortunately there are a couple of places that Lara can get stuck without dying, forcing you to reload. Plus the"wrong" Lara animation for the golden star looked really odd. espite those two things this is an enjoyable level. It carries you along quite nicely from beginning to end. This is the first one of Luka's levels I have played and I am looking forward to playing the next one." - Kitkat (21-Jul-2007)

"This one is what we call a thirty minute standard and easy level. Unfortunately there are problems like two dead ends that prevent the player from continuing and one wrong animation that even though it's in the readme it doesn't make it ok. In two areas if Lara drops down she can't get back up again and continue and the star animation is wrong plus when you place it, you place a butt and the receptacle disappears. Then there are bats, wolf like creatures and harpies to shoot as well as doors and switches. I have the feeling that even though I got all the secrets which are broken glasses, in some places I didn't hear the secret music so they didn't register." - Kristina (23-Mar-2007)

"It seems that this level wasn't tested for anybody, missed sounds, missed textures, wrong Lara's animations,... Lineal gameplay, there are some places where you can't go back and have to reload. Not interesting puzzles, only pull switches to open doors; there's only a difficult task: grab the edge of the high ledge in the dark room near the corridor with the flames. Secrets aren't hidden and all broken glasses. There are several fixed cameras which aren't bad, few sounds and architecture is simply. The level is not bad, but could be better some more work." - Jose (07-Feb-2007)

"I still like the looks of the caves in TR1 and so I was merry on my way. This is a very linear level going from one lever to another but with some traps thrown in. You have to get some artefacts and finally getting the Golden Star Lara has the wrong animation when she pries it of the wall. There are also some invisible doors, and only one might prevent you from going any further as you can get stuck for good. The textures are solid although a bit of a mishmash at times and the lightning was good. The best trap was the one with the knives and collapsible tiles, great idea. Found 3 secrets of the 6 that are in the readme" - Gerty (19-Jan-2007)

"There are plenty of enemies in this level - harpies, ahmets, lions, bats, crocodile etc., but you can shoot most of them quite safely from above. This is a short, easy level that gets a little more challenging as it progresses, but (apart from one particular jump which does take absolute precision) there's nothing to deter anybody from having a go. There are one or two evidences of the inexperienced builder, but overall it has a certain charm and is definitely Luka's best offering to date." - Jay (15-Jan-2007)

"I enjoy linear levels as much as the next player,but in this case the way forward is always so completely obvious that you inevitably find yourself hoping that the next room will either contain an elaborate mind-bending puzzle or the Finish Trigger.Excepting the Final Room,it will contain neither. However,progression was halted for me on two occasions.The first,in a room involving what appeared to be an absolutely pixel-precise standing jump to a higher ledge that I must have attempted at least fifty times before resorting to DOZY;and a final blade/collapsing tiles gauntlet that,while fun,entailed the player having to leave one collapsible tile standing on the outward journey in order to be able to make it back again. Coupled with numerous other places where you could either get irreversably stuck (usually steep slopes) or acrobatics which were unecessary (one particular wall was climbable all the way to the top without having to perform the expected platform jumps)and this level betrayed all the hallmarks of an untested effort. Having said all that,the lighting and textures were quite pleasing as was the occasional design flourish and effective use of cameras.Coupled with a well-chosen and striking use of music and a location which I always find effective,it's quite possible for a player to overlook the weaknesses and simply enjoy this adventure for what it upretentious,straightforward romp." - Orbit Dream (18-Dec-2006)

"Luka is getting there. This level is clearly his best to date. It starts in TR1 style and later a few cleopal elements are thrown in for good measure. Enemies are harpies, ahmets, lions, bats and a crocodile and you spend about half an hour making your way through this fairly linear adventure in search of the respective next switch. Rooms are a bit boxy and empty at times and texturing rather repetitive but quite some work went into lighting and a few camera angles spice things up too. Make sure you save often as there are a few places where you can get stuck without dying. I liked the trap room with blades, darts and collapsible tiles and found three secrets only." - MichaelP (16-Dec-2006)
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