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Author(s): Pedro
total rating:7.44 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 7 8 8
eRIC 7 8 8 7
Gerty 7 7 8 7
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 6 6 7 8
Kristina 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 5 7 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ruediger 7 7 8 7
Ryan 7 7 7 8
Samu 7 7 8 8
Shady Croft 8 8 9 9
category averages
(13 reviews)
6.92 7.15 7.92 7.77

Reviewer's comments

"This is a rather well executed level for a first time build. It's a fairly enjoyable jungle level that has a few twists and turns, not to mention devious traps along the way. You'll encounter spikes, rolling boulders, natives, crocodiles and small green compys on your quest to locate two Canopic Jars (although the level ends with a flyby before Lara can lay her hands on it). There was a gate that I couldn't figure out how to open above an impassable slope that I assumed led to something of fair importance, probably a secret, but I managed to finish the level regardless which was fairly strange." - Ryan (28-Jun-2017)

"This is a well-done jungle level that will occupy your playing skills for the better part of an hour. Too bad the builder didn't go on with later releases, because he could easily have joined the elite corps given time and experience. Tasks were challenging in spots but certainly within the reach of the average player, and lighting was good throughout. The reliable Harry Laudie has provided a well-documented walkthrough. There's what appears to be a crowbar door atop an inaccessible slope, that you encounter quite early in the level. I assumed this was the exit portal that required converting the slope into steps, but the level ended without anything happening in that area. There's a neat ending flyby where a frustrated Zip keeps yelling for Lara to hurry up and board the escape helicopter he's apparently flying. Good stuff, and lots of fun." - Phil (19-May-2014)

"This a beautifully designed jungle level with excellent atmosphere and camera work. Lara's goal is to progress through several rooms and end up in a treasure room, which triggers a helicopter cut scene. I found the game play fairly relaxing, as there are no really hard jumps or runs. There are a few crocs, an angry native, a couple mini dinos, bats and zombies. A few spike traps and rolling boulders spice up the level, but everything is easily avoided. I mainly enjoyed the level because of the great jungle atmosphere with the trees from TR3. This one is definitely worth the download and also a great debut level. Unfortunately the builder didn't submit any more levels after this one..." - Blue43 (31-May-2010)

"My favourite moment in "Roaming the Jungle" was when Lara stars walking through the mud. The camera shows her quite distant in the background, while in the foreground, you suddenly see the back of a crocodile sliding into the mud. Now the beast will approach without being seen in the mud - scary! A great cinematographic shot. Mostly, Pedro doesn't like to hide things. He would put an item you need to pick up on a pedestal, put a bright light onto it and point with a big arrow in the direction ;-). Not hard to play therefore and really good fun. The lights were a bit too colourful for my taste, I liked the gloomier areas better. Music and atmosphere were fitting, plus a not as repetitive choice of enemies as seen in many other games. Occasionally a bit confusing (why does Lara start to burn in normal looking water, and what was the door into nowhere for?), but nevertheless recommendable for an evening hour after work." - Ruediger (29-Jul-2009)

"An interesting 45 minutes jungle level with a good setting and a rather low pace , because exploration is needed with a bit of thinking and observation ; sometimes Lara needs to be on her toes , (who knows if there is not a trap on her path or what is lurking in the corners ?) and in a couple of circumstances she needs to act quickly. There is nothing difficult here, but I reckon to have been stuck a few times but not for too long. There is the possibility to be stuck for good by a rolling stone if you don't act fast enough though and there is the major drawback of the total absence of flares. I really liked very much the jungle atmosphere which was well conveyed and some good ideas along the way. The level ends in a nice treasure room with a well made final flyby." - eRIC (18-May-2008)

"The jungle setting is nicely done in this level and it has some nice waterfall areas. Lara will be searching through the jungle for a canopic jar, a vraeus and will have to fight crocodiles and natives. I spent forty minutes in the quest for the second canopic jar which is the final item to find although you can't pick it up. The helicopter comes just in time for the escape. I found four secrets and recommend this one." - Kristina (09-Apr-2007)

"This is not an excellent level, but another good debut. Lineal gameplay, I couldn't find interesting puzzles so only a level to explore areas and advance. There are very few enemies and, although you'll find all kind of weapons you'll almost not have the opportunity to use it. Secrets were easy for me. Correct sounds and cameras, well lightened and textured, but it's a pain that you can't dispose of some flares for the dark areas." - Jose (17-Feb-2007)

"Another level where even I can't possibly miss the crowbar. Thank you. Now if I could just figure out what that chap was doing sitting on those steps...... This is a short, simple level with a bit of a mish mash of enemies and objects for a jungle setting, but it's well made and attractive. If you like jungle levels but you don't want to spend hours running around one, then this could be for you. Certainly it's a very creditable first time build and well worth a look at." - Jay (20-Jan-2007)

"It is always nice to see new levels and especially one from a fellow countryman. This is his first and I would say Peter does know how to use the LE. It is more a Temple area where Lara is set loose to hunt for some artefacts like the Canopic Jar and a Vraeus. There are few enemies in here and there is enough ammo and hardware to find to take care of them. There are some traps but not so hard to figure them out. Gameplay it a bit easy but Peter has some nice ideas. Looking forward to a next one though. Found 2 secrets" - Gerty (20-Jan-2007)

"This is a very solid debut level and we should all be looking forward to more from this author. You spend 45 minutes in a very green and unfortunately in many places also rather dark jungle setting - a few more flares would have not gone amiss here. Progression is rather smooth and structured, as you make your way from one lever to the next, picking up several artefacts and using them in sequence. Each area features a few enemies as well, but nothing too challenging. I missed one of the four secrets, probably in the first swamp area." - MichaelP (07-Jan-2007)

"This was pretty nice work if considering that this is author's first level. The environment is one of the best things in this level and it consists of good looking jungle areas and temples. I think that textures could have been used and chosen still more creatively to make areas look more unique because they look quite ordinary. However, the environment looks good to my taste. Objects are used well to spice up the level but some of them are a bit out of setting like horus statues in the end of the level. Gameplay and puzzles are neither special nor bad but they are still the worst thing in this level. Puzzles were very easy to figure out and there's nothing hard in this level if not counting two places which might be a bit hard to find. I hope I haven't written too negative review because I really liked this level quite much and hopefully the author of this level is not about to quit level building. I tell once again that this is very good work for a first level." - Samu (27-Dec-2006)

"I love jungle levels,all green trees and wonderful wide areas and beautiful waterfalls and this level had it all. It was more about trying to find your way,going here and there then ending up in familiar places without having any idea how you got there until at the end you get to a tresure room to get your prize (the artefact),no unordinary puzzles, however, I was amazed at how this author was able to make it fun without alot of them. The jungle is very beautiful,well textured (the author used a combination of Angkor wat and India which I thought was really cool), temples and small ancient buildings blend in and create a great scene. I loved some of the secrest as well..really smart, and afew rooms reminded me alot of TR3's India level. There are afew enemies, a tiger,bats,crocodiles,fire wraiths and some zombies which are worth checking out." - Shady Croft (24-Dec-2006)

"Kudos to the builder for assembling a technically very fine first level. The jungle ambience has been captured extremely well and pulls you effortlessly into the story. The texturing has clearly been applied with great care,and objects have been well placed. However,the Gameplay leaves rather a lot to be desired.One watery area close to the start can easily be traversed without using the monkeyswing and (this being so)after the completion of various challenges I found myself without an obvious means of return. There's a monkey-swing corridor (over spikes)which aggravated greatly,as the chances are that you can't get back on the monkeyswing should you let go over one of the many safe tiles. Many details were puzzling or superfluous:a chap squatting next to an electrically sparking video casette;an important-seeming unopened door,above an unclimable slope,at the end of a corridor;water which set you on fire in some places,or otherwise behaved in ways which defied the laws of nature;mud which inexplicably killed you;a room with a fixed camera which contained invisible crocodiles. It all ended in a pleasent Treasure Room with a charming little denouement,but I nonetheless felt that I had unavoidably mis-understood whatever it was that the Builder was trying to convey with this particular adventure.Very strange." - Orbit Dream (23-Dec-2006)
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