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Author(s): Lara Croft
total rating:6.92 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cory 6 6 7 7
eRIC 7 8 8 7
eTux 7 6 8 7
Gerty 4 5 6 6
Jay 8 8 8 7
Jez 7 8 6 8
Jose 7 7 7 7
Kristina 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 8 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 8 8
Phil 8 7 8 7
Ryan 7 7 7 8
category averages
(12 reviews)
6.67 6.83 7.17 7.00

Reviewer's comments

"This isn't bad, although I felt that less could maybe have been more in this case. The first section comprises the most gameplay, at around 45 minutes, but there were a couple of tedious moments, such as the shimmy exercises and the pushable puzzle at the halfway point (which was admittedly well executed), and also that jeep ride was a tad precise. I quite enjoyed the gem searches and some of the textures. The second is simply a little add-on to tie up the storyline, ending with Lara jumping aboard a ship. Quite fun, but brace yourself for a few long- winded sections." - Ryan (15-Oct-2017)

"Another level where the builder had a clear idea in his head but for the player some of the puzzles and ways to go are rather obscure, so there is no natural flow here. A bit into the level I was up the so-called creek without a paddle. I didn't have the Laser Sight, so a lot of extra shimmying went into it to get that thing. Then the iron gates go through the floor levers, tsk.. As for the jeep, some might like it, me, I hate it. This is not a drive this is trial and error, especially over the bridge on your way to the second level. Then of course it is not at all obvious one has to get out of the jeep at the end of the first level and go by foot to the second level. Then there is a very nasty trial and error jumping in a lava room where you might get spiked. The pushing puzzle at the end is also very obscure and I pushed that thing almost on every (a bit different) tile in that room before I could leave the place. To add on injury, the fixed camera at certain point made me sick to my stomach. The conversations that should be going on had no sound at my end. A pity though. Then of course the enemies, can't see harpies being the right ones for this level, but hey that is me." - Gerty (22-Nov-2011)

"Der Gelbe Kristall-45 mins (6-6-7-6) The longer of the two levels with some nice gameplay moments and some awful gameplay moments, It starts with a nice flyby and then you're on your own. After you have found the two crystals you think there is only a small amount left to do but you are wrong. You go into a nice outdoor area with some good gameplay. Then you get a jeep, after you have shot all the guards you can start an incredibly complicated driving course over water, this can become annoying. You end up having to do a very tedious pushable block puzzle (yes, there is an item in the distance). Finish off with a nice jeep ride over water BUT make sure to get off the jeep before you get to the next level otherwise it will crash. Rettung mit Hagix-20 mins (6-6-7-8) A nicely textured level that is never too difficult other than the block puzzle which had a solution earlier on. In this level there might be a few too many harpies, I think i counted 8-10 of them. It ends with a nice flyby from the boat, a good end to the level and the game. Recommended for an hour or so of entertainment (Happy Anniversary Hagix!)" - Cory (19-Apr-2008)

"This is one of those adventures which shoot themselves in the foot just as they're becoming enjoyable.If it isn't a string of tedious block-pushing puzzles,it's a dull shimmying labyrinth or a decidedly buggy jeep ride which (to add insult to injury) kept crashing my PC.This is a shame as the adventure on the whole was rather well-made and absorbing,with an abundance of good ideas.The first of the two levels contained most of the gameplaying meat but was also quite a fine achievement technically,with some neat outdoor areas (particularly the rolling bridge)and a decent atmosphere.This latter category was even more prominent in the second level which nonetheless failed to match up to the challenge of the first due to its comparative brevity.A couple of pointless 'non-puzzles',some unfair spike traps and a quite unwelcome re-appearance of the push-block puzzle (replete with obscure solution)and it was all over. Not bad overall,but (should you decide to take on the challenge) brace yourself with a stiff drink or two in order to blunt the aggravation you'll undoubtedly experience." - Orbit Dream (19-Apr-2008)

"Surprising that this adventure has remained such a long time in the wishlist as it is a good adventure with both pleasant textures and lighting and entertaining gameplay. There is not much difficulty in it, only for driving the jeep in two narrow passages, and some elaborate movable objects puzzles, one combined with raising blocks to bring the objects at the upper floor of a building. Just make sure to start the game with the editor original exe and not the patched one that is provided otherwise you will see nothing, and leave the jeep before entering the 2nd level. I had a good time playing for 1h15." - eRIC (22-Dec-2007)

"Despite the level including a patched exe, you can, and actually *should* use the one you got with the level editor instead, as using the one provided by the author made my whole screen appear brownish/black when starting to play. But as said - the original exe file will offer a brighter view on life and the level and when it does, you'll see it's a pretty decent adventure. There's nothing terribly complicated here - just gathering the objects you need - some puzzles with movable tables - a jeep ride, and battling the few opponents you get along the way till you can escape with the yacht - as the bastard who brought you here with the helicopter for some reason left just as you picked up what you came here for without giving Lara the much needed ride (or is it flight?) home. Of course the scenic and more fun route is not the worst option either - though the long time needed to climb/shimmy around those pilars in the lava and those movable table puzzles did drag the pace down. Sometimes, like in the room with the big board, even to a full halt till you figured out how it works. What was worse, is that I did get stuck for good on a couple of occasions (like the door opposite the gorge never opening for me on my first try) and that made me replay the game to get things right - but since it's a fairly short game - just approximately an hour to finish this double-feature, it wasn't all to problematic either. A fairly simple level that can be played by everyone, give it a try." - eTux (27-Jul-2007)

"I certainly got more here than I expected. This starts out a little easy and conventional but then gives you two levels ('Das Gelbe Kristal, 45 min. and 'Rettung mit Hagix', 20 min.) with quite a few interesting puzzles to solve and some serious Jeep riding to do. Progression does remain smooth all the way though and only an occasional well hidden jump switch might stop your for a little bit. Some of the textures outside look really nice and others are then applied in a rather sloppy way, but this level is mainly about the fun of making it through, so enjoy it for some not so hard raiding." - MichaelP (25-Mar-2007)

"It's a strange level divided in two parts. I don't get why all those SAS guys were placed at the water area when you have a jeep to drive as well so it's easy to kill them. Also there are no interesting puzzles, just moving pieces and levers that raise and lower blocks. Don't try to drive the jeep at the end of the first level because the game crashes, just do the level jump on foot. The second one is not greater than the first. You have gates to open, switches to use, a puzzle piece and again pieces to move. Even the ship at the end which I supposed was meant for a nice closure has problems, well actually the sea around it so very small so you can see where it ends. It looks more like a demo than a full level." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)

"Not a great level, but enjoyable. Lineal gameplay with some original puzzles; no tricky tasks. At the end I couldn't understand the clues in the high niches (in roman numbers "IIX" don't exist) but the cameras helped me to open the final door. I suffered two bugs, in the first I was lucky to keep an old savegame before pulling the moveable pieces, but if it wasn't so I should have to abandone the game; the bug changing the level (crash) was easy to solve dismounting. Secrets are easy to find, and human and animal enemies are correct. As I said, cameras will help you during all the game; well the changes of background music, but poor sound effects. All the places are bright, so you'll don't need many flares. A level easy to play." - Jose (07-Mar-2007)

"This is a nice bright level set in a desert castle. Gameplay is mostly linear and not too difficult with a couple of nice puzzles. There are a couple of bugs - a jump switch that does not work if you don't pull it before doing a puzzle and a crash to desktop if you drive between levels, instead of getting out and walking - both of these could have been avoided by the author. Also you are presented with a crowbar although you would not have got to that point if you didn't already have one! There is a great and challenging jeep assault course to test your driving skills. The enemies are harpies, who attack in swarms, dogs and a couple of SAS. The atmosphere is good and bright with no dark corners although you have to use binoculars to spot a hidden clue, which is a nice touch. The atmos is spoilt though by the music which is more in keeping with a national patriotic ceremony than an adventure in the desert. All in all I enjoyed this level and will look out for the author's future projects." - Jez (04-Mar-2007)

"This starts off in caves with some exploring to do, involving shimmying round the walls of a lava pit, swimming with crocodiles, suffering some undoubtedly very clever but undeniably very annoying camera angles and being bombarded with extremely intrusive looped music. Yes, I was feeling a bit cranky at this stage. Luckily I was put in a much better mood by a fun jeep ride with lots of guards to run over. I was completely mystified as to why I picked up a crowbar immediately upon entering an area I could not possibly have accessed if I hadn't already got a crowbar, but what the hell, two crowbars are better than one, right? I had mixed feelings about this level - loved some of it, other bits not so much, but overall it's definitely worth playing and I do wish the Hagix site a very happy tenth anniversary." - Jay (07-Feb-2007)

"I'm not sure why there are no posted reviews for this double-level more than two weeks after its release, even after I prematurely posted a walkthrough to encourage more people to play it. Maybe it's the BtB competition that's now nearing an end as I write this. In any event, although there's nothing really memorable here with the exception of an elaborate lever-block puzzle and a fairly tough (but brief) Jeep ride, I enjoyed myself for the hour and a half it took me to get through. The environs aren't snazzy, but they're well lit, and that's always a plus in my book. I didn't bother installing the special sound files, because the walkthrough warned me that much of it was dialog that was either in another language or was too indistinct to be understood. I apparently didn't miss anything important, because I got through the levels fine with the walkthrough's assistance. I don't think this will earn any awards, but it's a pleasant enough gaming experience." - Phil (27-Jan-2007)
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