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Author(s): Robert
total rating:2.50 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ampersand 3 3 2 2
Ceamonks890 2 2 2 2
DJ Full 4 1 3 4
EssGee 3 3 3 3
eTux 2 1 3 2
Gerty 2 2 2 2
Jay 3 3 2 2
JesseG 2 2 2 2
Jose 2 2 4 3
Kristina 2 2 2 2
MichaelP 3 2 2 2
Orbit Dream 2 1 1 2
Oxy 3 4 7 4
Ryan 2 3 3 2
Torry 3 3 5 5
Treeble 2 1 2 1
category averages
(16 reviews)
2.50 2.19 2.81 2.50

Reviewer's comments

"The bike ride was fun but once you abandon it the level quickly goes downhill and the end trigger is not where you expect it to be. Five minutes tops for this one." - Torry (24-Jul-2018)

"This was fairly entertaining while it lasted. The bike ride at least presented a challenge as did the few guards. The wafer thin walls and sloppy texturing somewhat let things down, but it provided a fast and furious 10 minutes." - Ryan (20-May-2016)

"The concept of this game is really nice: run for life along a path curving through pseudo-surreo-dystopian landscape. What slows it down is author's unclear intentions, a bit of useless pickups and a great dose of imagination needed to figure out how to end the game. Some enemies we're supposed to run over activate too late so Lara gets backstabbed, not to mention they appear from thin air. Texturing could be better, the underwater swim could be shorter and the audio should definitely be more varied. SUMMARY: Severely unfinished but still bearable, with unusual conclusion worth to see." - DJ Full (30-Jan-2016)

"Just an all-round badly designed city level(with a brief motorbike ride serving as the sole highlight), including all the debut builder issues that you'd expect present and accounted for(generally poor texturing, dull level design, boring gameplay, lack of a proper finish trigger... the list goes on.) So overall, not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (18-Jul-2015)

"A five minute romp on a bike (or not) through an almost maze-like level to greet some enemies, find some switches, then reach the end of the universe with no finish trigger. The level becomes more and more chaotic as you watch baddies appear behind your back, bump into invisible "windows", and witness walls disappear at the throw of a switch. Quite a few textures were missing on the walls and on some water surfaces. Besides that the textures are usually very repetitive and sometimes oddly placed. No camera cues were used to tell you what the switches were accomplishing. Lighting shows some effort sometimes with different colors used, but these seem to be just the ambient settings so actual lightbulbs should be used. Sun bulbs would also help the level look better. Anyway there's not much to hope for in this level unless you're a motorbike enthusiast." - SSJ6Wolf (25-Aug-2009)

"Since the author doesn't want this to be compared to Lara in a Box, I'll use another example. Have you ever played that level called "Young Driver"? If Lara were an adult back then this could be the outcome, except here the editor had some skills to tuck in some enemies, levers and flipmaps. End of the world within reach, some missing textures and at least one invisible wall (was it meant to be a window, I wonder?). Boost your review count with this one. ;) 5 minutes. 04/08" - Treeble (06-Apr-2008)

"Only thing I did really like in this level that one could choose to do the bike ride or (as in my case) try to do the level by foot. As almost every one knows I hate vehicles so this was a nice solution for me. Texture wise it could use improvement also those paper-thin walls (have a look at the manual, page 19). This was a short and not so sweet level." - Gerty (03-Jun-2007)

"There is an improvement since Lara in the Box but only in the sense that you can actually play something in this level. It's still not good but I guess we can't expect much so soon. There are SAS guys that you have to shoot at them in order to 'wake up' otherwise they just keep ignoring Lara. There is a fun motorbike run and sentry gun shooting at Lara until she gets out of sight. I hope next time we will also have some puzzles to solve and the level won't last only five minutes." - Kristina (09-Apr-2007)

"Clearly a beginner's attempt, this level does at least make an effort to try some interesting ideas, but falls short in carrying them out effectively. You can take two paths to the 'Harbour of No Finish Triggers'. One with bike or one without, that makes the inclusion of the bike redundant. Go by foot and you'll get about ten minutes of easy game play if you choose to explore all areas. By bike it's probably a 5 minute journey. Good points - a fun gauntlet for the bike to run through barricades and explosive cannisters. Reasonable use of lighting that adds some atmosphere to the level. Bad points - a mish-mash of patchy, poorly applied or missed textures surrounded by acres of paperthin walls and end of world views. Classic first-timer mistakes like soldiers materialising before your very eyes and ones that are only on guard so Lara can ignore them, and a flip room that flips whilst in view. The level shows some potential but much homework is required in future outings." - EssGee (17-Mar-2007)

"The level hasn't much interest. Only a short ride with the bike fightened for some sentry guns and a second dive part where you had to pull 3 switches to reach the empty harbour. No puzzles to solve. Very few objects to pick up, human enemies don't shoot Lara, I didn't want to explore the areas for secrets. There are some fixed cameras, but many missed and bad applied textures. At the end I supposed the game finishes in the harbour 'cause there was nothing there and I couldn't find a finish trigger." - Jose (07-Mar-2007)

"Well, this level certainly delivers on the promise in the readme that it is better than "Lara in a Box", but it saddens to see that the author's expectations for his own work are set so low. I can completely relate to the feeling of wanting to get out the first half-decent thing you've made, but as it is now, it feels very rushed with the sloppy appliance of textures and short and extremely simplistic gameplay (even with a shortcut, which I'm not entirely sure if I took or not, because I dived into the water the first opportunity I had after eluding the gun for a bit). Paper-thin walls, ends of the world and missing textures galore, the grenade gun, which I found to be useless as the guards were pretty indifferent about Lara's activities here and the surprising lack of a finish trigger (surprising because the author seemed to handle ones for switches and flipmaps, which in my humble opinion are somewhat more complicated to set up, quite well) would be the main flaws as such for this level, and if you'd ask for a good point - then I'd say the atmosphere was decent, though that doesn't mean that there's no place for improvement. Only having the title track loop throughout the whole episode spoiled it for one, not to mention the track's use not being very effective, but since the level is so short you might or might not be affected by it much. If you're looking for a quick play with some bike action, then this is a fitting choice, though you could find better levels out there." - eTux (25-Feb-2007)

"The textures are a bit like a patchwork quilt in places, but you'll probably be racing past them too quickly to care. This is a very short level, but if you like bike riding it's quite exhilarating as you speed past sentry guns and baddies. It's a debut level so it's only fair to cut it a bit of slack and it does show some promise." - Jay (07-Feb-2007)

"Despite the readme's promise of this being a good level actually worth playing, I remain unconvinced. The title neatly sums things up: there's a bike, some guns to be driven past, and unfortunately not much else to do besides flip some switches and kill a few baddies. The texture use (or lack of) is mystifying, as is the level design, but overall the author seems to be on the right track and can only get better. Ten minutes and no secrets found." - Ampersand (20-Jan-2007)

"Lara's task is to escape from the sentry guns and reach the harbour, where she awaits for the ship (here also the game ends). Game has no enemies except the sentry guns. Friendly guards are covering the last area. The lights are very well placed, especially in room with motorbike. Motorbike drive was nice task with loosing some health and also the atmosphere with green-yellow colours, which fills the empty space of the heart. The colours of the pool into the harbour are excellent and also the atmosphere in harbour is silently peaceful, very well done. I would give 9 for atmospehere, but there are not any sounds and cameras. Lovely level to explore, 15 minutes of game play. I didn't find any secrets, keys and puzzles and also the placement of some textures could be improved." - Oxy (16-Jan-2007)

"Drive that Bike! Admire those wafer-thin walls and missing textures! Astound your friends with your ability to drastically shortcut an already very brief level! Gasp in awe at those magically appearing baddies and chortle at the ones who stand around with one hand effiminately on their hips,just waiting to be shot! Ponder awhile at the bizarre flipped rooms! Contemplate that door which remained closed! Search in vain for the Finish Trigger! Play another Level! (Note to the builder: excuse the cynicism. There were some good ideas in here.Keep building and enjoy the experience)" - Orbit Dream (12-Jan-2007)

"Here we have another little debut attempt and while it shows many of the typical beginner mistakes (especially many missing textures), it does provide a few moments of fun with the bike, at least if you do not shortcut the ride and jump into the water too early. Three levers and a few guards to kill and its over in 5 minutes or so, but at least there is already the use of two flipmaps near the end, so if the author continues to work with the editor, we may see much better work from him in the future." - MichaelP (10-Jan-2007)
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